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It’s all related, which is why today’s offering is loaded with links. The first three links are from Alternet and the final link is from Some Assembly required.

Loosely, all of the stories have a political aspect to them.

Our first link poses the troubling question of just how large the disconnect is between ‘party leadership’ and the people it supposedly represents?

Democrats Continue to Lash Out At Their Own Base

Apparently, it fell to our less than loquacious Vice President to task grumbling minions for their ‘over-elevated expectations.’

It seems the Republicans aren’t alone in consistently ‘mis-reading’ the mood of the public.

The amazing part is both parties continue to get away with it!

So concludes installment one in our exploration of our badly broken political system…

Next up we have ‘the facts’ as to why normal people Never vote Republican! from the aptly titled:

Crony Capitalism: Wall Street’s Favorite Politicians

Curiously, you are more likely to find a Republican who ran as a Democrat down South than up North, make out of that what you will…

However, ‘the stones’ land in both directions. Equally as perplexing is how a decided minority has successfully blocked ALL attempts at reform, we could only wish that the people of this nation were as united!

If we ask the question of ‘who votes for these assholes?’ the moronic Republican’s seem to think the ‘libruls’ did! This is why the ‘Party of No’ is expecting to win big in this November’s mid-term elections.

What will be truly disturbing is if they indeed do! [Nobody’s THAT stupid…so it really proves that the ballot box has been hijacked by the corporate MSM!]

The next link provides evidence of just how much the economy shrank during the eight year reign of W.

The piece is inappropriately titled:

How the Bush Tax Cuts Made Us Poorer

When the information tells us the ‘booming economy’ experienced during the Bush years was in fact a ‘delusion’. Only the top one percent increased their ‘take’ while the overall economy shrank by almost 3 trillion dollars. That’s ‘Trillion with a ‘T’ or a thousand billion…which is a thousand million…so what we’re really saying is three hundred thousand million that the Bush administration PAID its contributors to ship overseas!

Unfortunately, if you are a Republican, you aren’t reading this…hell, chances are good if you’re a Democrat you aren’t hanging out here either. Only other sane people are reading this. Small comfort that it is…

Last up we have this article which adds more fuel to the already raging bonfire the mentally challenged Republican’s have built around their ‘base’…

Seriously good citizen, who ‘in their right mind’ would vote Republican (Tea Party or no) after witnessing what voting for Republicans produces?

As I have asked many times before, if we are ‘all in this together', who the fuck is the ‘opposition’?

And the answer is…the god damned rapacious rich who would skin you alive if there was a dime in it for them, never thinking that their own skin was just as worthless.

This is why government exists and why it is so disastrous when government ceases to work.

That has ALWAYS been the challenge good citizen. Your civilization will only survive as long as the government stays ‘on task’. Once it’s been ‘co-opted/corrupted’ it must be swept aside and replaced COMPLETELY (because the ‘mechanism’ itself has failed. Merely replacing the people is worthless, the ‘corruption’ will remain.)

Today we find ourselves faced with precisely that unhappy situation. What passes for ‘our’ government is gone. It is now ‘their’ government, they being the criminals who would exploit society for their own personal gain.

These people are not any better than the slavers of old, hell, truth be told, slavers FOUNDED this country! For that reason alone we can’t be too surprised at the outcome.

However, we don’t have to live with the mistakes of the past.

We CAN build something much better…but we’re going to have to ‘purge’ the opponents to a ‘free and fair’ society from our midst.

A tall order but it can be done!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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