Thursday, September 9, 2010

Political Solution

Greetings good citizen,

It’s all about employment and the lie that capitalists love to perpetuate, that the unemployed ‘choose’ to not work.

What is the most common conservative bromide being repeated even in times like these, when there are six applicants for EVERY open position?

“There’s a job out there if you WANT TO WORK!”

Sadly, this is ‘par for the course’ with conservatives, there’s reality and then there is the conservative worldview, which is so utterly disconnected from reality that even they have no clue where they get their ideas/beliefs from…

Like the ‘flat earther’s of old, could the answer be as ridiculous as ‘My grandpappy always said…’

But I digress, it is counter productive to rage over moronic mindsets. Stupid is as stupid does…

Which brings us to the latest political ‘wrangling’ out of Washington…which is to say what they (the elite) WANT to do about our employment problem and what actually needs to be fixed (what has to be done to yield results!)

The Presidink is proposing ‘tax cuts’ to employers as an incentive toward hiring…but guess what, W. cut their taxes to the point where the wealthy now pay less tax than the average employee does…and it did NOTHING to stimulate ‘investment’.

They aren’t going to invest in the expensive ‘here’ and it’s become pointless to invest in the cheaper ‘there’ because there are no customers!

Every mother lovin’ swinging dick out there is carrying too much debt! And the few that aren’t are not purchasing enough to ‘carry’ the (rest of the) economy.

Bizarrely, what ‘needs’ to be done is to return the local economies to health.

Up go the trade barriers! People matter more than profits!

For all of this nitwit talk of the wonders of a globalized economy, reality tells us, indeed, it is being demonstrated in real time right here and now, that ALL ECONOMIES ARE LOCAL!

YOU cannot live in an ECONOMIC DESERT! Nobody can!

Um, considering how ‘entrenched’ the selfish and the greedy are in our current social hierarchy, what do you suppose the chances are that they will ‘see the light’ and shift the global race to the bottom into reverse?

Slim to none?

Yeah, that egg has been cracked and those who have been given 'a taste’ of what life could be aren’t going to be too anxious to go back to living on dirt.

Understand that the flipside of the ‘expensive here’ vs. the cheaper there’ argument is the very mistaken notion that US workers are ‘overpaid’.

Poverty here in the ‘Promised Land’ is only marginally lower than it is in the typical third world cesspool! 40 million households (out of 117 million) on food stamps (with this being the only form of assistance many of them can get) does not, despite rhetoric to the contrary, make this 'the most desirable nation in the world!'

[Food assistance is NOT issued on an ‘individual’ basis…although the fucktards in the MSM would like you to think so. The picture, as you know from your own experience, is much worse than it appears.]

Ten minutes of what passes for the news around here is more than enough to convince a person of average intelligence that they have entered the ‘twilight zone’. NONE of this shit makes sense.

Anyone (not working on Wall Street) feeling ‘overpaid’? If you are, don’t let your boss find out or they will only too happy to ‘fix’ the problem and quickly!

Perhaps more disturbing is how Wall Street was (initially) ‘up’ today on ‘positive sentiment’ regarding the employment situation.

Which is to say somebody pointed out yesterday that the ‘tax incentives’ given to employers would be used to further automate production, adding fuel to an already out of control fire!


How confident are you that our politicians have a desperate situation ‘under control’?


Are these people REALLY the best we can do?


Oh shit, oh fuck, oh no!

Ready or not, here it come!

(And most of us isn’t ready.)

What am I trying to say?

It ain’t gonna get ‘fixed’ until WE fix it.

And it’s not the kind of job you can ‘half-ass’.

You’ve GOTTA understand, THEY like things just the way they are.

They want you to be a ‘captive audience’ for their imports (and if you can’t afford them, it’s okay, the people who took your job can! That’s what the ‘win-win’ of globalization really means!

ALL Money is FUNNY and YOU are the FUCKEE!

Just something to think about (although they’d really prefer you didn’t…)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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