Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Employee Appreciation

Greetings good citizen,

As we return to our (rapidly decaying) economic environment we are long on woes and short on solutions.

Today’s NY Times advises us that future job openings will be the domain of the ‘highly skilled’.

We can only wonder if this isn’t code for ‘well-connected’.

Because the truth of the matter is, good citizen, that ALL jobs provide a ‘break-in’ so they can teach you how to do the job ‘their way’.

Despite the illusion above, no matter how ‘highly skilled’ you prove to be, you didn’t get hired to do the job ‘your way’; they hired you to do it their fucking way!

It’s enough to make you scream…but hey, if you want to distract the general public from the real solutions at hand, it’s best to be as ‘opaque’ as possible.

Now, oddly enough, the stock markets are ‘reflecting’ this latest round of, er, ‘disappointing news’.

You’d think Wall Street would be pleased with the latest, er, ‘stimulus proposal’ from the White House…after all, these ‘infrastructure improvements’ will ensure the smooth flow of imported goods throughout the nation!

Which is to ask…are YOU being played for a CHUMP?

You bet your sweet ass you are!

Notice that the latest ‘New Deal’ is really a ‘Raw Deal’ for US workers. President Obama is proposing to spend the same amount President Roosevelt spent (60 years ago), ignoring the fact that the new funds have only one thousandth of the purchasing power!

As Mr. Krugman points out, Mr. Roosevelt’s expenditure proved ‘insufficient’, this doesn’t bode well for Mr. Obama’s proposal.

Since our economic model is based primarily on ‘private employment’, the government has very little control over the employment situation…a circumstance that has been allowed to persist ‘so a few could be rich’.

What is the ‘solution’ to our employment woes?

Doesn’t everybody ‘need’ to work? (Excluding those who were ‘born rich’.)

Since a majority of us aren’t born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’, the answer to the rhetorical question is a resounding ‘yes’.

So shouldn’t it be a ‘good thing’ that there are more people to divide what work there is amongst?

Logically one would think so, sadly, this is not (currently) the case.

Why, you might ask?

Because the rich become that way by ‘winning’ the difference between what they pay you and what they sell the product of your labor for.

It is not in THEIR interest to employ a single additional employee than they absolutely need. Worse, it IS in their interest to wring as much work as they can out of as few employees as possible.

In this respect, ‘productivity’ is an ‘economy killer’. Great for the capitalist but it sucks for everybody else!

If we back up a step and consider that all money is ‘funny’, this situation really becomes a ‘self-inflicted wound’.

We have been tricked into letting those who control the value of money (which is ever and always zero) into dictating the conditions of our material well-being.

This is where we encounter the ‘crux’ of the problem.

We suffer by allowing the ‘self-interested’ to ‘decide’ (which literally translates into dictating) the laws we all must live under without ever consulting any of us.

Your ‘vote’ is meaningless.

The ballot box does absolutely zero for you…and more importantly, yours.

As you can see, we will be unable to ‘solve’ the unemployment problem until we rectify the ‘exploitation crisis’.

We desperately require a blanket ban on any human making their income from the sweat of any other human’s brow, EVEN INDIRECTLY! (In your face Slumlords!)

With easily twice as many workers than there are jobs, this is looking really good for most of us. It means the ‘work week can be cut in half!’

Can you get by on half your pay?

Sure, so long as your expenses fall (and they will! It’s all there in A Simple Plan.)

What some of you balk at is the idea of how the currently privileged will, er, ‘react’ to these changes.

Let’s start of with the fact that they are perfectly cool with your misery/death at their expense (you live like an animal so they have ‘enough and to spare’.)

And their response to these untenable circumstances has been and will remain ‘if you don’t like it, tough!

So why should you give a crap if they ‘don’t like’ having their easy income stream extinguished so we all can enjoy fair prices?

You shouldn’t.

No irony should be lost on the fact that the only people who ‘object’ to this new, fair way of doing things are themselves, employers (Who often falsely believe THEY create the jobs that they provide! They don’t, often the need for what they did ‘evaporates’ then the jobs disappear…you don’t see stupid taking ‘credit’ for that turn of events, do you?)

If ‘civilization’ is to survive (and hopefully thrive) all members have to be guaranteed ‘a place at the table.’

A job is your right, you shouldn’t be denied employment because somebody can’t put a buck in their pocket at your expense!

If you’re not working now it is because ‘somebody’ decided THEY could make more for THEMSELVES if they shipped your job to the cheaper there!

What should we do with such, er, unappreciative assholes?

What will we run out of first, rope or utility poles?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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