Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Question

Greetings good citizen,

The question without a good answer remains whether or not a significant segment of the population is really that stupid?

What does it say for our nation when one of the two main political parties can keep winning votes by parroting the same ineffective campaign promises for decades?

Sure, it’s what (stupid) people want to hear but are we really THAT stupid?

Naturally, we’re asking the wrong question.

This is not proof that a majority of our society suffers from a terminally low IQ, the problem is ‘gullibility’.

We are only too ready to believe that there is indeed ‘a majority’ of stupid people.

This is how elections get ‘stolen’…because we are also too ready to believe ‘the worst’ about our fellow citizens, that they would act ‘irresponsibly’ in the voting booth.

Sure, you don’t have to look too hard to find a ‘bonehead’ who actually believes that cutting taxes (more than they already have) will, er, ‘stimulate investment’.

BOTH political parties have SLASHED taxes (mostly for the very rich) and what passes for our economy has continued its 'death spiral' throughout this timeframe.

While you can still find a couple of clueless morons (who back-off immediately if you cross examine their, er, ‘implanted beliefs.’) They only parrot these stupid beliefs because, surprise, surprise, they’re gullible too! They’re too weak-minded to figure out that Rush Limbaugh is full of shit all by themselves.

You don’t really believe all of those people voted for a second rate movie actor TWICE, do you?

I didn’t then and I still don’t today.

Sadly, it is your willingness to believe it that has made it so.

Imagine what might have happened if someone (and we have no idea just who, which SHOULD scare you because in the end there isn’t anyone in a position to do so) ‘contested’ the outcome of the 1980 presidential election.

We all know how ‘trustworthy’ the corporate owned MSM is…they would NEVER keep a scandal like that to themselves…(unless their jobs depended on it.)

I know what you’re thinking…if something like that DID happen they’d never be able to keep it quiet…and you’d be right, IF a lot of people were in on it.

The smaller the number, the easier something like this is to pull off.

In fact, it works so well that they’re still doing it today!

G.O.P. Cites Tax Cuts and Health Care as Main Focus

We can only marvel that the GOP is campaigning against what is essentially ‘Romney Care’ or how they can demonize a healthcare plan that is virtually indistinguishable from the one the GOP Governor of Massachusetts implemented before exiting stage right to run for president in 2008.

Then there is the ‘tax cut’ thing…like cutting taxes has worked so well in the past.

Hell, Bush gave away trillions in tax breaks and the economy is worse than it’s ever been.

Is this due to Bush somehow not being a ‘true conservative’ or is this due to the sheer lack of opportunity out there for investors?

Think about it good citizen, what would you ‘invest’ in considering the fact that everybody is broke (and the ones who aren’t broke don’t need/already have whatever it is you’re selling…)

No matter what you did, you’d lose.

So more ‘tax cuts’ would do what, exactly?

It would give investors more money that they didn’t have anywhere to put!

So much for the ‘Party of (bankrupt) Ideas’

Are people REALLY that stupid or is the real problem our willingness to BELIEVE they are?


Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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