Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Underclass...

Greetings good citizen,

Were you as shocked as I was yesterday when they announced that the ‘Great Recession’ ended last September?

Sort of redefines the term ‘Don’t get your hopes up’…

Which brings us full circle to the issue facing our society: Is this whole thing over just because they say its over?

As I stated at the onset of this ‘latest’, er, ‘re-sizing’ of the economy, the…fucking cocksuckers who are bleeding us dry are doing just fine, at our expense.

The ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ moment here is this shit ain’t gonna end until we put a stop to it!

What part of ‘All economies are Local’ don’t these assholes get?

Maybe I’m asking the wrong question here…does it ‘feel like’ the recession is ‘over’?

For those of you who have made it this far without receiving a foreclosure notice from your mortgage holder, you might be inclined to think so.

Naturally, there is a huge difference between ‘hoping’ the worst is past and ‘knowing’ things won’t get worse.

So, what do you ‘know’ good citizen?

You ‘know’ that absolutely nothing has been done to rebalance the global economy. So from that you can deduce with a reasonable degree of confidence that the ‘worst’ is yet to come.

What you have no idea of is just how much worse it can get.

Famine leads to plague and plague leads to looting [weird how ‘contagion’ can be a deterrent to law enforcement. Rule one of policing is they don’t want to die!]

Cops handle people with blood born pathogens every day…change that to airborne pathogens like the Bubonic plague and the whole equation changes!

Never mind the fact that cops would be ‘reluctant’ to, er, ‘process’ someone with a potentially fatal disease, they most certainly don’t want to share their workspace [the local lock-up] by bringing in an infected felon.

Better for everybody to let the disease do it’s job.

Um, the victim (of looting) may not make out too well but its better than the alternative…not that a heartless capitalist would hesitate to sell products that were handled by someone with a deadly virus.

This is where the longstanding US policy of ‘buyer beware’ kind of falls on its face.

But I digress…

There is no plague nor is there a famine (yet.)

However, the topics touched upon here are also reflected in this article from Joe Bageant titled: Bitter Tales from the Massive White Underclass

Like myself, Joe is aware that a large segment of the (formerly) working class considers themselves to be ‘middle class’.

Hell, if you listen to the MSM you’d think there were only two classes…the middle class and the super-rich. These poor slobs know they aren’t ‘super-rich’ so they (not very logically) figure that they’re middle class.

That’s because nobody says squat about the ‘working class’ nor does the MSM actually give a fuck about them. Hell, during the last elections not one candidate even acknowledged the existence of the working class…although some pointed to the ‘working poor’ which is pretty much the same thing.

Sadly, if you work for a paycheck, you’re a ‘peasant’…and most likely you’re too stupid to recognize this.

Anyway, back on the subject:

Since most of you ‘think’ you’re middle class (hell, you got yourself a ‘puter and you’re here on the web so you ‘must be’ better off than them poor folk) it is hard for you to imagine yourself as being a member of the…er, ‘underclass’.

Conservatives (who consider themselves and their fellow conservatives ‘Royalty’) are quick to deny that ‘class’ even exists here in ‘capitalist fantasyland’ where everybody is ‘equal’ and anybody can climb to the top if only they ‘apply’ themselves (while applying copious amounts of ‘grease’ into the right pockets!)

Yessiree Bob! In America, anyone can buy their way to the top and can rise as far as their money will carry them!

Oops, I mean hard work and sweat, yeah, that’s the ticket!

As we are seeing today, lies and bullshit can only carry you so far and we’ve hit the ‘hard stop’ that marks the end of that line.

Some of you will brush this off as cynicism but that does not alter the facts.

Soon the average citizen will be ‘priced out’ of all but the most basic of markets. Their ‘failure’ to maintain their former position will cause ‘the economy’ to shrink even further.

More alarming than the announcement that the ‘Great Recession’ was over was the post on SGS that displayed the glaring discrepancy between the reported 1.1% inflation rate and the ‘true’ inflation rate of 8.5%.

Just how much bullshit will you keep swallowing?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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