Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Normal?

Greetings good citizen,

The destruction of our civilization proceeds both on schedule and as planned.

Increasingly, the ‘progressives’, the heirs apparent to the now defunct Democrats, have been displaying their ‘centrist’ credentials.

Which gives the rest of us a nauseatingly small amount of room for disagreement with ‘Conservative Dogma’.

Eliminate the opposition good citizen and the only thing that remains is the isolated people who ‘disagree’ with mainstream dogma…

How fucking sick is it good citizen that most people falsely believe ‘The Progressives’ have their backs? when every mainstream political movement has ‘sold out’ to the corporatocracy!

Why Going 'Back To Normal' Is No Longer An Option for the American Economy -- And Where We're Headed Now

Stop waiting around, because "normal" as we know it isn't coming back. [snip]

Other theorists, including Gar Alperovitz, Jeffery Sachs and Umair Haque, agree that there’s a phase shift happening under our feet — but they believe the real shift lies in the changing structure of capitalism itself. Forming markets is a core human activity that we’re not any more likely to abandon than eating or breathing. But our understanding of the purpose and value of markets — and the role of capital within them — is overdue for a profound change. Haque argues that “twentieth-century capitalism’s cornerstones shift costs to and borrow benefits from people, communities, society, the natural world, or future generations." But, he continues, "both cost shifting and benefit borrowing are forms of economic harm that are unfair, non-consensual, and often irreversible.” The result is a great imbalance that we are finally being forced to fully reckon with, one that will call us to radically change our focus, creating a totally new kind of capitalism.

Haque makes a distinction between “thin” and “thick” value. Things with “thin” value tend to be artificial, unsustainable, and meaningless to anyone but the people who produce and consume them. Hummers, McMansions and Big Macs are all examples of thin value items. They’re produced without any recognition of our larger values context or the externalized costs to the community, and consuming them tends to add to the overall imbalance in our economy. Thin value, he writes, is “profit that is in many ways a financial fiction, because it fails to exceed a fuller, truer economic cost of capital.” And the phase shift is evident in the fact that the companies that are falling hardest right now are the ones whose past profits have relied most heavily on monetizing our common wealth for private profit.

“Thick” value — produced by companies that practice “constructive capitalism” — is value that is sustainable, that has a moral component that matters, and that multiplies itself. Companies that practice it tend to win because they produce things that have a deeper meaning to people. Their real wealth isn’t what they’re able to extract from the rest of us, but in their long, deep, trusting relationships with their customers. The world is shifting from the economics of a game reserve to those of an ark, says Haque. The companies that are thriving now are the ones that increasing their focus on “constructive advantage” — “how free a company is of deep debt to people, communities, society, the natural world, or future generations.” While this focus-shift is far from complete, the current economy abounds with firms that are showing us a new way forward. (Apple is a prime example of a company that creates “thick value,” [Seriously?] but we’ve seen recently that its commitment to this ideal has some rather glaring thin spots.)

WTF, Good citizen!

How screwed up is it that the only ‘acceptable’ political solution to our crippled economy MUST center on ‘for profit’ capitalism?

What does it tell you about their dogma when the only ones who support it are from relative ‘newcomers’ to predatory capitalism (or the brainwashed and clueless children of the one percent?)

This mirrors the recent attempts to ‘print our way to prosperity’ (which is working about as well as it did(n’t) in Zimbabwe!

‘Responsible Capitalism’ is an oxymoron! (Especially when capitalism provides the vehicle with which to ‘buy off’ regulatory oversight!)

How pathetic is it good citizen that ALL mainstream political movements have ‘sold out’ to the corporatocracy for access to the funding necessary to mount a campaign!

When there is only one source of political funding…(and let’s not have any lies between us, good citizen, there is only one source!) Politics becomes a one note song!

Maybe we are confronted with the same ‘fatal myopia’ that eventually sunk the Greek Empire, the one where their oligarchic leadership was ‘incapable’ of even conceiving of a society that wasn’t dependent on slavery.

Well, don’t look now but slavery is back…and it’s growing.

What will you do when the ONLY way you will be able to ‘legally’ support your family will be by literally selling yourself in exchange for ‘regular’ meals and habitation and management will decide what constitutes the definition of both ‘fit’ and ‘sufficient’.

Oh, and don’t forget the ‘health’ clause…get sick and your on your own. The whole arrangement rests upon your continued good health!

Because there’s a couple of million other poor slobs just waiting in line to take your place!

Welcome to the future, good citizen!

I doubt many of us will ‘tolerate’ that kind of treatment for very long…

But that’s just my opinion, it’s up to YOU to prove me right!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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