Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back to Basics

Greetings good citizen,

Once again the weekend is here, markets closed up for the week in most places but as Jesse of Jesse’s crossroads café points out, the markets aren’t performing ‘as advertised’.

Um, today’s headlines tell us that Iran has no immediate nuclear ambitions (best to file this headline away for when they start pounding the war drums again!) but that is neither here nor there…(unless you’re aligned with AIPAC.)

Nope, it is the, er, ‘side effects’ of these troubling geo-political developments that concern us.

What ‘side effects’ are those good citizen?

How about paychecks you can’t live on ?

With 40% of US Households on some variety of government ‘food assistance program’ it’s high time somebody put a stop to the global race to the bottom!

But wait, it’s worse than just food stamps!:

The housing market remains a potent drag on the economy as home prices continue to slip, foreclosed homes fill some neighborhoods and millions of construction workers scramble for jobs.

But one group is sitting pretty: landlords.

Unlike home prices, rents have been rising, up 2.4 percent in January from a year earlier, according to recent data, not adjusted for inflation, released by the Labor Department. [snip]

Rent increases are greatest in places like San Francisco, Austin, Tex., and Boston, where technology companies in particular are hiring , as well as in New York City and the District of Columbia. But cities like Chicago and Seattle, where house prices are still declining quite sharply, have had rental increases, too.

Why are rents climbing while the housing markets tank?

Because you can’t ’legally’ live in the street!

So ’stick ’em up! Good citizen, pay or head for the local shelter…where they lock your ass in at 7:00 PM and throw your sorry ass out into the cold/wet/whatever at 7:00 AM (even if you have no place to go and all day to get there.)


Because most shelters are something else during the day.

The only thing the shelter does for you is provide a place to sleep where the cops won’t bother you (you’re on your own as far as the other refugees and getting some sleep are concerned!)

Guess who is driving rents up?

Same asshole who caused the collapse of the housing market, our ‘pal’ Flipper!

Flipper still has his old Tom Vu seminar materials and now he’s sure to be buying ‘income properties’ right! (He’s still unemployed so he also has nothing but time on his hands!)

(Except the dearth of homebuyers extends to renters as well!)

Yup, ol’ Flipper spends his days attending foreclosure auctions, finagling with the banks on the properties nobody bids enough on (because you know his bankrupt ass doesn’t have the $ 5,000 for a bidder number!)

Most banks tell him to fuck off but every once in a while he gets ‘lucky’ and his ‘pitch’ works! (He ‘reasons’ with the bank, let him try to turn the property around, it won’t cost them anything and they’re not getting anything for it now!)

The ‘plum’ Flipper dangles in front of the banker is the promise to maintain the property…a promise they both know Flipper will never keep!

If he can’t find a renter (to exploit) he’ll simply let his ‘doesn’t owe me anything’ property go to hell!

How has Flipper been keeping himself in coin during the downturn he created?

Stripping houses of their copper!

Remember, NOBODY has gone to jail for their part in this collapse. By now it must be obvious just how dangerous this situation is…

But what are we going to do, good citizen? We CAN’T AFFORD to lock the bums up because our bought and paid for politicians let the criminals EXPORT the TAX BASE!

WTF! Good citizen…sometimes you just have to ask yourself What The [Flaming] Fuck!

How fucked up is it that we can’t lock up the criminals because the criminals succeeded in exporting our tax base?

That last one is going to be a real croaker when municipalities have to start paring down their police departments!

Will we go back to the ‘Old West’ with a ‘Sheriff and a couple of deputies’ (usually the Sheriff’s drinking buddies)?

Law enforcement the way it used to be, when most Sheriffs were blind in one eye and couldn’t see anything out of the other?

Except when it came to the law abiding, then they didn’t miss a trick!

Sheriff was mighty quick to fine you for a busted taillight but that son of a bitch still hasn’t caught the bastard that raped your daughter (and your daughter told him who did it!)

Which is to ask, once again, Where is the smart?

With the most educated population the world has EVER seen, where the fuck is the ‘smart’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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