Friday, February 3, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Um, the Dow is up 130 points this morning on news that the economy added a little less than a quarter of a million jobs last month!

Um, I don’t know how closely you’ve been watching the Help Wanted situation, good citizen, but there are NO JOBS out there, not in the paper, not on the net…there are no jobs, nowhere!

So how much you want to bet today’s ‘Happy Talk’ was deduced by the notoriously optimistic (and inevitably WRONG) ‘birth-death model’?

I belabor the obvious when I point out that the nonsense spewed by the CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA is HEAVILY POLITICIZED.

Update: this just in from Jesse's crossroads cafe

But that’s okay good citizen, who are YOU to tell them they’re NUTS?

Even their ‘corrections’ (which come months later, if at all) are, er, heavily ‘massaged’.

The guys who know where to look will have the story by tomorrow. A quarter of a million jobs? I ain’t buying it. If they admitted to kicking a quarter of a million job seekers off of unemployment (this month), that I’d believe!

But I don’t spend a lot of time parsing the fabrications of our self-professed ‘betters’, as it has been proven that the only way to get them to face reality is to kill ‘em!

How unfortunate is it that the sentiment is mutual?

No, When I’m not debunking lies, I’m busy popping the balloons of fancy sent aloft by our politicians to ‘distract us’ from our plight:

In many ways, the proposal is surprising, as few economists now consider manufacturing a potent engine for job growth in the United States. Manufacturers have added about 330,000 jobs in the country in the last two years. But the growth followed three decades of decline , during which companies like automakers and textile companies slashed payrolls by about 7.5 million. That has led many economists to say the recent turnaround might be nothing more than a correction from the depths of the recession. [Naturally, ‘the economists’ are WRONG.]

But the administration argues that big trends — like rising wages in developing countries, falling wages in America and a weaker dollar — have made moving work to or keeping work in the United States a much more viable option. And they say that manufacturers will continue to add jobs domestically, especially with a little help from Washington. [Just like you KNOW there’s a pony under that pile of manure! All you have to do is dig him out…]

“We have a huge opportunity, at this moment, to bring manufacturing back,” Mr. Obama said in his address to Congress. “But we have to seize it. Tonight, my message to business leaders is simple: Ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything we can to help you succeed.” [snip]

Those trends have led some companies to repatriate manufacturing jobs in the last few years, a development called on-shoring. General Electric has decided to move production of a water heater to Louisville, Ky., from China, for instance. NCR, a maker of self-service kiosks and automated teller machines, has shifted jobs to Columbus, Ga.

GE, the company that lead the charge in the global race to the bottom, is (for the moment) moving the production line of ‘a water heater’ to Louisville Kentucky (count ‘em, one water heater!)

WTF good citizen!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and speculate that our ‘business leaders’ already know its ‘too late’ to bring our jobs home.

I’ll even go a step further and opine that ‘most of ‘em’ are smart enough to know that they had best hustle overseas and join their capital as they have pretty much ‘worn out their welcome’ here in the land of the ‘fucked and mighty sore about it!’

I don’t use the keyword ‘class war’ on almost every post because I like it or because I think it‘s cool…

Just saying, ya know?

Our jobs aren’t coming home until we slam the trade doors shut and that’s a fact!

The good news is we have more than plenty of ‘labor’ just itching to start building a life of their own!

(Something they’ve been deprived of since THE CONSERVATIVE COCKSUCKERS ‘exported’ their future!)

How ironic is it that those same conservatives are trying to convince today’s kids that it was their parents and social security that are responsible for their bleak prospects?

Which is to opine that the party of ‘one in five’ should NEVER win another election…but this leaves us with the awkward position of there not being anyone else on the playing field.

The current incumbent could have a D tattooed on his forehead and that still wouldn’t transform him into a Democrat!

His accomplishments, as feeble as they are, have been dwarfed by all the things he hasn’t done.

His ‘mandate’ was NOT healthcare, his mandate was JUSTICE!

Maybe pushing Romney Care through Congress was what he had to ‘pay’ Hillary for stepping aside in 2008, but we can only speculate.

Not that there’s an alternative but can we really afford four more years of Dr. Do Nothing?

[I’m sticking to my guns, it is ‘unlikely’ we will survive as a civilization for another four years, we ‘probably’ won’t see/survive another ‘sham election’ due to political unrest alone. The system is obviously broken and the people thirst for justice!]

If it comes down to ‘the corporate way or no way…’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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