Monday, February 20, 2012

Defending OWS

Greetings good citizen,

It appears as though the ‘meme for the day’ is Class War! Um, what has me scratching my head is the question of why are they just getting around to this now?

And now I have to clarify, politicians (especially conservative politicians) defending their broadly unpopular positions, use ‘class war’ as a defense for their useless tax cuts for the rich.

In this respect we’ve been hearing about ‘class war’ for a long time. It has only been recently, when globalization produced its inevitable results that ‘class war’ in its more practical context came into play.

Like our third consecutive ‘jobless recovery’…

Kinda hard to hide the fact that the labor force is smaller today than it was before the last, er, ‘downturn’.

But no!

Instead of an intelligent discussion about the new global monopolists, we get this useless garbage centered on OWS:

It’s a double-edged sword: the popular recognition nods to Occupy’s resonance, but also wields capitalism’s sharpest tool – recuperation. The risk is that Occupy stops providing a context of unrest and just blends in to the current cultural context as is. If Occupy actions and ideas don’t continue to surprise and challenge people, public awareness of the movement becomes no more potent than knowledge of the latest Ryan Gosling meme. “30 Rock’s” recognition of a coming insurrection might be a self-denying prophecy: What sort of political upheaval is preempted by a Thursday night comedy interspersed with commercials?

That said, a call for a nationwide general strike on May 1 has come out of numerous Occupy groups — and the debates around this are as unwieldy, confusing and full of potential as were the conversations leading up to Occupy Wall Street’s public inception on Sept. 17 in downtown Manhattan. No one knew what an occupation of Wall Street could look like or mean; same is true of May Day 2012. How will TV writers, or any writers, for that matter, get their heads around this one?

In last night’s “30 Rock,” Jack Donaghy warns, “There’s a war going on out there and you’re going to have to pick a side.” Gladly, there’s a side, enraged by the current context and weary of capitalist recuperation, that will never be comfortable as the punch line of an NBC comedy joke. 
If this is as ‘bold’ as the alternative press is going to get then we are (still) in a heap of trouble, partner!

Isn’t the biggest problem facing our crumbling society the, er, ‘unwillingness’ of anybody to stand up and speak out?

How sad is it good citizen that we have remained silent so long that speaking out now threatens one’s life?

Sadder still, the US isn’t the only place to fall under the dark pall of ‘political correctness’.

Weird how some think it was ‘about time’ that the US ‘caught up’ with the more repressed ‘rest of the world’.

Unfortunately the only ones who think that way are the people responsible for/are cool with instituting the ‘reign of fear’ we currently live under.

Had to add the ‘cool with’ group in there. Facts be damned, these people will NO LONGER TOLERATE other people ‘criticizing’ THEIR nation! (No matter how much it deserves it…)

And this is a ‘form of’ class war that has been going on for centuries!

So which ‘class war’ are we in danger of collapsing into today, good citizen?

Will it be OWS’s '>One Percent vs. the Ninety-nine percent' or 'the Conservatives vs. the (invisible) Liberals?'

(You can believe me when I tell you that the One Percent is pushing for a Liberal/Conservative face-off, the ‘useful idiots’ evens things up considerably!)

So who are these ‘progressives’ and just what the fuck are they selling?

Well, it looks to me that these deceivers are actually selling the ‘status quo’.

They (after 230 years of failure) want you to believe the ballot box can be used to rein in an out of control ruling body.

(Despite the electoral process being completely ‘money driven’!)

Which is to ask are these people STUPID or do they just think YOU ARE?

Sure looks like they are playing the rest of us for chumps!

You know how it goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

So, who’s zooming who on the subject of class war?

Perhaps more interesting is the very real threat of class war/ worker uprising during the more recent than you care to think about Great Depression.

Of course, the battle lines have shifted almost completely.

Now instead of being overworked, there’s no work…which ironically leaves you in the exact same place, if you can’t live on what the chiseler pays you, it’s not his problem, it’s yours!

Either way he bleeds YOU dry…and there isn’t a thing you can do about it!

Seems we often return to this more than a little ‘helpless’ juncture.

And we will keep on returning to it UNTIL we place the laws we ALL must live under BEYOND THE REACH of the ‘self-interested’.

Anarchy (rules WITHOUT rulers) = Liberty for all!

(How ironic is it that is it the ‘for all’ part of that statement that ‘Libertarians’ have a fucking problem with? They only want Liberty for themselves, the rest of us can go twist in the wind!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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