Friday, February 24, 2012

Slip of the tongue...

Greetings good citizen,

Um (and starting anything with ‘um’ is ALWAYS a bad sign) the markets are ‘up’ this morning, the Dow is 13,001 (and you knew the fuckers would get there eventually!) But (and it’s a mighty BIG but!) oil is $108 a barrel and gold is over $1,775 a fucking OUNCE (it doesn’t matter that there are only ten ‘Troy ounces’ in a ’Troy Pound’ nor is it particularly significant that there are only 33 gallons in a barrel of oil (as opposed to 55 gallons to a barrel of pretty much anything else!)

But it helps to know these things that only serve to muddy the waters and throw off the ignorant.

Which brings us where, good citizen?

Why to Mitt Romney’s campaign speech ‘gaffe’!

Let’s have a look while Mr. Krugman makes his point and I use the same comment to school you on an entirely different fact!

First, Mr. Krugman:

According to Michael Kinsley, a gaffe is when a politician accidently tells the truth. That’s certainly what happened to Mitt Romney on Tuesday, when in a rare moment of candor — and, in his case, such moments are really, really rare — he gave away the game.

Speaking in Michigan, Mr. Romney was asked about deficit reduction, and he absent-mindedly said something completely reasonable: “If you just cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you’ll slow down the economy.” A-ha. So he believes that cutting government spending hurts growth, other things equal.

The right’s ideology police were, predictably, aghast; the Club for Growth quickly denounced the statement as showing that Mr. Romney is “not a limited-government conservative.” On the contrary, insisted the club, “If we balanced the budget tomorrow on spending cuts alone, it would be fantastic for the economy.” And a Romney spokesman tried to walk back the remark, claiming, “The governor’s point was that simply slashing the budget, with no affirmative pro-growth policies, is insufficient to get the economy turned around.”

Weirdo that I am, I will side track for a moment and draw your attention to a word in Mr. Krugman’s first sentence and that word is ‘accidently’.

My ‘spellchecker’ has it flagged as being misspelled, it wants to see accidentally.

Is Mr. Krugman wrong? Did he, in fact, misspell ’accidently’?

Short answer is NO…we have Mr. Gates (and the global race to the bottom) to thank for this slaughter of American English!

But I digress! (knowing full well I am not the only one disgusted to find many common words listed as ‘not in [Microsoft’s] dictionary’)

How fucking sad is it good citizen that such an important utility was treated with the cavalier, “fuck it, ship it!” attitude?

Worse, that NOBODY even tried to fix it tells us something even more disturbing.

That American English is destined for the scrap heap of history…again, thanks to the fucking capitalists!


Mr. Krugman uses Mr. Romney’s ‘unintentional truthiness’ to label him a closet Keynesian…

I would take that exact same ‘slip’ (made by an individual in a position to know) and direct your attention to the much ignored ‘golden trough’ (Vonnegut was fond of this particular term!)

Ask the average bum, “where does money come from?” and you’ll get answers that vary from the bank to the printing press/stamping machine. You’ll even find a few clueless dolts that will answer God (and they wouldn’t be that far off.)

Again, I needn’t clarify for the average reader that the ‘Golden trough’ is a literary device and not a literal construct.

Money is a ’legal construct’, it is the law itself that provides our money ‘legitimacy’.

If the law said rocks were legal tender then we’d all be rich (for a few minutes anyway!)

But the point is, since money is a ‘legal construct’ our entire economy ‘flows’ from the government!

Which is to point out we have a situation on our hands just like the one with the famous outlaw when he was asked why he robbed banks?

His response was the same as Mr. Romney’s…because THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS!

It is also the ‘foundation’ upon which our entire civilization rests.

Properly managed, we would ALL be prosperous…but when 'the few' decide the rest of us ‘don’t deserve’ our share, we suddenly have the ‘unthinkable’; a ‘rich’ and a ‘poor’ ‘class’ (for want of a better term.)

How ironic is it that our ‘major malfunction’ is the ceaseless battle over who ‘deserves’ what, with one side trying to provide for the destitute while the other side creates them by cheating them out of what little they had?

Left to our imaginations good citizen is what our lives would be like without any government at all!

Because that’s the direction the criminal Libertarians are headed with their cursed ‘Tea Party’.

And again we find ourselves confronted with the question of which we will exhaust first, the rope or the light poles?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS, how ironic is it that I live on a street that has underground utilities?

PPS, Give this a read if you want a peak at how all of this 'window dressing' will play out!

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