Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Half-time in the USA

Greetings good citizen,

Stock markets around the world are bleeding from the eye sockets…and we were too until a few minutes ago. Then, inexplicably, the NYSE shot straight up!

It was plus 20 points at last look but where it stops, nobody knows…

(Mostly because the stock market has zero basis in reality [said the man with zero invested])

So the rest of the world is wallowing in Red Ink while the mighty USA stands alone, by itself…inexplicably in the black!

Which leads to what, good citizen? Is it really possible for the USA to ‘stand alone’, (when so much of its economy is imported?)

What do you suppose the actor who portrayed the man with no name is really trying to tell us?

Eastwood, a fiscal conservative who is more liberal on social issues including gay marriage and environmental protections, has mixed with politics before. The former nonpartisan mayor of Carmel, Calif., who supported GOP presidential contender John McCain in 2008, told the Los Angeles Times last November that he can't ever recall voting for a Democrat for president but expressed admiration for California's Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

On Monday, he told Fox News he is "certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama." "It was meant to be a message about just about job growth and the spirit of America," Eastwood said of the Chrysler ad. "I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK."

Eastwood's longtime manager Leonard Hirshan told the AP that any stance Eastwood took on the auto bailout "has nothing to do with the commercial." He said the actor donated his fee from the commercial to a charity in Monterey, Calif., near where he lives.

How fucking sad is it good citizen that Mr. Eastwood, a millionaire in his own right, exemplifies precisely the ‘constituency’ the triangulating media writes for?

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal…and (it’s the big one, won’t do to leave it out!) RICH!

Who does that describe, good citizen? (I’ll give you a hint, it sure as fuck isn’t YOU!)

We all understand that nobody ‘singles out’ the rich, instead they refer to them as the, er, ‘fiscally responsible’…

Left to our fevered imaginations is the question of whether or not any ‘fiscally responsible’ individual believes one country (and its worthless currency) can ‘stand alone’ when this shit hit’s the fan?

ATHENS — Despite new evidence of a deteriorating economy, Greece said on Monday that it would cut 15,000 state jobs this year as part of new austerity measures it intends to adopt to secure new debt agreements from international lenders.

Athens is racing to push through economic changes that it hopes will persuade its private sector creditors to grant easier debt repayment terms and will prompt Europe to release 130 billion euros, or $171 billion, in the next round of bailout money it needs to avoid defaulting on bond payments due in March.

Negotiations with its creditors were continuing Monday, even as the austerity measures already in place were making it increasingly difficult for the Greek economy to outrun the country’s mounting debt burden.

It’s that last line that is the ’money quote’ here, good citizen.

It IS already ‘impossible’ for the crippled Greek economy to ‘outrun’ their (mostly imaginary) debt burden.

So what is our grizzled, ‘rugged individual’ (from the previous article) really telling us?

The, er, ‘Half-Time in America’ theme sort of implies that our economy is simply ‘regrouping’. After we rest up a bit we’re going to saddle up again and run those ‘freeloaders’ out of town.

Not ask yourself…who are ‘the freeloaders’?

He sure ain’t talking about the Tea Partiers, is he?

Why hot damn, the ‘freeloaders’ he’s referring to are You and Me!

Wait! I’ve got it all wrong? The article doesn’t say a damn word about ‘shiftless freeloaders’?

Whoa…sorry about that.

So what the hell are we ‘Halfway’ through?

Truth be told, good citizen, we are more than halfway there to becoming a Banana Republic!

And for some bizarre reason, the (rich) man with no name doesn’t care!

A ‘true’ (albeit wealthy) rugged individual admits when he’s licked and owns up to his mistakes…

AND he thinks YOU should too!

[Disclaimer: I am NOT putting Mr. Eastwood on trial, it was a job and he got paid to say what the script told him to say. It is the ‘imagery’ the advertisement portrays and the ideology behind it that are at issue here!]

One more swing at the ‘where is all of this headed’ and then I’ll shut up.

How the FUCK can it be ‘Half-Time in America’ when the global financial system is on the verge of sinking below the waves of financial insolvency?

The fact that is hasn’t already is telling indeed!

What SHOULD it ‘tell’ you?

That you are being CHEATED, BIG TIME!

Wake the fuck up!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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