Monday, February 13, 2012

Final Destination

Greetings good citizen,

Every once in a while you spot the Article du juor before you log in to your e-mail account!

So you don’t get a chance to see that markets open higher but were headed down on news the Greece has, er, ‘approved’ the ‘new’ austerity measures demanded by their, er, ‘creditors’ (which is really quite laughable considering NOBODY has the funds to ‘bail’ anybody out…but this is the sort of shit that happens when all money turns ‘funny’.

And don’t get me wrong, All money BY ITS VERY NATURE, is ‘funny’!

Making the following headline just that much more disturbing:

Russians alarmed by rash of teenage suicides

Russia has the world's third-highest rate of suicide among teenagers aged 15-to-19, with about 1,500 taking their own lives every year, according to a recent UNICEF report. The rate is higher only in the neighboring former Soviet republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In recent years, there have been 19-to-20 annual suicides per 100,000 teenagers in Russia — three times the world average, Boris Polozhy of the respected Serbsky psychiatric center in Moscow said Friday.

"Until the highest authorities see suicide as a problem, our joint efforts will be unlikely to yield any results," he said. In the southwestern Siberian region of Tuva, the rate reaches a staggering 120 suicides per 100,000 teenagers, while the nearby region of Buryatiya has an average rage of 77 per 100,000. Both regions are impoverished and have high crime and alcoholism rates.

Um, one would question the necessity of pointing out the, er, ‘redundancy’ of telling us that the suicides take place predominantly among those, er, ‘marginalized’ by their respective society.

Left to your imagination is why these kids are ‘packing it in’ on the doorstep of adulthood?

Could they have ‘looked down’ and noticed they were already standing in their grave?

Makes you wonder what Mr. Darwin would have to say on the subject of ’unnatural selection’.

Nowhere in nature (except lemmings and that has been chalked up to stupidity!) do creatures voluntarily end their own life, especially prior to reproducing, one of our strongest drives!

They give the decidedly ’lame’ example of two girls who leapt from the roof of a 14 story building to escape being punished for cutting class for two weeks!

Of course, I’ve never personally experienced detention in the Russian school system…may it was justified after all!

But you know I don’t believe that…kids only ever take the ‘easy out’ when they look at their parents and see their own future in their haunted, hopeless eyes.

Must be an extremely, er, ‘sobering’ moment that makes one so young abandon all hope!

But that’s the world we’ve left them.

If you weren’t born the child of a well-connected party operative, you may as well ‘jump off a building…or walk in front of a subway train, be you Russian or from anywhere else!

But that would make the revolution that much harder to mount!

Revolutions are fought by people who believe they can make the future better, not by people who have already surrendered.

I’ve already told you what happens to those people (buried alive in a mass grave, wounded but not yet dead.)

Why is this happening good citizen?

Because of the central bank’s cheap financing, some economists warn, sick banks now face less pressure to confront their problems — to clean out bad loans and other impaired assets, or even wind down operations if there is no hope of a turnaround. The European Central Bank, they say, could inadvertently spawn a cohort of “zombie banks,” burdened by nonperforming loans and assets that remain on the books, like the ones that helped make the 1990s a lost decade for Japan.

“It’s a huge bet,” said Charles Wyplosz, a professor of economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. “If the crisis ends up well, the E.C.B. will have pulled off a miracle. If things go wrong, then commercial banks will be in a much worse situation than they were before.”

Professor Wyplosz said the central bank might be making the banking system more fragile by encouraging institutions to load up on risky assets, especially government bonds from troubled euro zone countries like Spain or Italy. Banks can use those assets as collateral for more loans from the central bank.

The longer we ‘do nothing’ about our desperately broken economy the more difficult it will be to cleanse the avenues of commerce and repurpose the engines of production into a sustainable, society supporting system!

This watching the death spiral of the banking system is all very, er, captivating BUT it is a distraction from what we need to be doing!

Watching (and waiting) for the financial system to collapse will neither prevent its collapse nor put us back on the path of sustainability (not that we were on that path in the first place…it’s where we NEED to go but can’t get there with capitalism!)

We aren’t yet strong enough to attempt military action (although that will change rapidly) and you can bet the eventual collapse of the financial system will be followed immediately by widespread panic!

Many will die in the weeks after the collapse, especially when it dawns on us ‘en masse’ that we’re ALL fucked!

A goodly number of them will take the same route the kids in our opening article took!

Starve to death, eaten by hungry cannibals, jump off a bridge, funny how the destination remains the same!

My final question to YOU good citizen is ‘how much evidence do you need to witness before you reject predatory capitalism?’

These kids have seen the writing on the wall and taken what they believe to be the ‘appropriate action’…all because YOU will not fight!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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