Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'We' (re-defined)

Greetings good citizen,

In a shattered world with a hopelessly broken economy, the dream weavers are shamelessly celebrating the Dow’s return to the 13,000 point level.

How this relates to the real world is incomprehensible to the typical non-psychotic. You have to be bonkers to believe the Dow IS at 13,000!

But that isn’t nearly as disturbing as this latest ‘re-definition’ of the word ‘we’ that confounds us:

He said rhetoric about the American Dream has been featured during this election cycle more than in decades, which he attributed to the tough times the nation has been suffering. "It's pretty basic stuff (Obama) talks about and I think as it turns out that's pretty much where the dream is right now," Ford said. "We can say the dream might have been lowered a little bit in terms of its aspiration but the aspiration is still there, and it's always there."

Some polling suggests that, despite voters' continued unhappiness with the economy and Obama's handling of it, the president may be convincing Americans he's on their side. A recent CBS/New York Times poll shows people view Obama as the candidate who best understands the needs and problems of "people like you," and see his policies as more apt than those of the GOP candidates to favor the middle class or the poor.

Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod said "the viability of the middle class is the central economic challenge of our time, so I think that this is very essential in terms of this election." "He's been talking about this for years, that there are certain things that are pillars of a middle-class life, and he's been very focused on those things and addressing them as president," Axelrod said.

How fucking sad is it good citizen that the only time any candidate even mentions the poor it is relationship to caring ‘more’ about them than the opposition does.

Although one can’t help but wonder if somebody researching useless facts glanced at the polling data and (wrongly) figured out that the ‘majority’ of voters were 'middle class.'

Which is to point out, guess what boo-boo, there are ‘poor people’ living in/near ‘rich’ neighborhoods/voting districts!

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the LAST THREE ELECTIONS have centered on ‘The Middle Class’…like there were only two, the rich, and the middle…nobody gives a fuck about the ‘working poor’ (although they make up the bulk of the population!)

Naturally, this brings us full circle to another, er, ‘common misperception’. The working poor are very likely to ‘mis-identify’ themselves as ‘Lower to Middle’ ‘middle class’.

Which brings us to yet another conundrum of why people ‘supposedly’ vote against their own best interests?

And the, er, ‘unfortunate answer’ to that question is they were ‘mislead’ by what we commonly refer to as ‘political speak’.

This is why the (near) complete absence of both the working class and the poor from our national conversation is so disturbing to me.

It also sends a rather clear message about the future of this burgeoning Banana Republic…

Such as the message we see repeated here

Symons, fresh out of college, entered this brave new world thinking she'd do pretty much what her parents' generation did: Work for just one or two companies over about 45 years before bidding farewell to co-workers at a retirement party and heading off into her sunset years with a pension.

Forty years into that run, the 60-year-old communications specialist for a Wisconsin-based insurance company has worked more than a half-dozen jobs. She's been laid off, downsized and seen the pension disappear with only a few thousand dollars accrued when it was frozen.

So, five years from the age when people once retired, she laughs when she describes her future plans. "I'll probably just work until I drop," she says, a sentiment expressed, with varying degrees of humor, by numerous members of her age group.

Unlike Ms Symons, I do not have a college degree (but most of my contemporaries in the rapidly shrinking world of ‘non-communist manufacturing’ do either!)

If I held my resume to my chin it would hit the floor!

How sad is it that I’ve had more jobs than my fifty-five years and more often than not I have worked two jobs (adding to the heap!)

Let’s not forget that I have been unemployed for the last year. (as our Ms. Symons comments toward the end of the article, the older you get, the harder it gets to find another ‘situation’.

So we return full circle to the plan of most over fifty workers…’the work til you drop’ plan.

It’s not that they don’t intend to draw their social security, they do! It is just that lately Social Security has been sending them ‘statement of account’ with ‘estimates’ of what they can expect come retirement time…

And most people have already determined that they can’t live on what (for most of them) is the ONLY income they will have (until the government collapses…and it will!)

Yup, most have been ‘churned' out of formerly good paying positions long before they became vested in the company pension plan. Then their 401k’s were, er, ’plundered’ by opportunistic fund managers who squandered their life savings on the alphabet soup of risky bets connected to ’securitized mortgage obligations’.

Funny how NOBODY HAS BEEN prosecuted for these brazen thefts…which isn’t to say that NOBODY WILL BE.

Because retribution is coming…and the hundreds of millions that have been ’screwed’ out of their future economic security will do whatever it takes to insure it doesn’t happen again.

Which brings us full circle to A Simple Plan.

Let’s briefly revisit the last presidential campaign and examine the, er, ‘mis-interpretation’ of the term ‘Yes WE can’…

You now know THAT ‘we’ didn’t include YOU (and by extension, yours.)

How much longer can our civilization survive these 'politics of division?'

I will once again leave you to ’connect the dots’, ( YOUR future depends on it!)

A Simple Plan, one people, *one purpose!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


(* to provide for the needs of ALL humanity, not just a selfish few!)

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