Monday, February 27, 2012


Greetings good citizen, Happy Monday for whatever that’s worth. Let me kick off the new week with some news that should be obvious to you all, the destruction of our civilization is accelerating!

The ‘cracks’ created by our (criminal) government’s refusal to prosecute the guilty are widening significantly.

It won’t take much more for the whole edifice to crumble and fall.

Some of these ‘cracks’ are close and easy to see

Sentiment in the markets has been buoyed in recent weeks by a seeming calm in Europe’s debt crisis and a run of strong American economic data, particularly with regard to jobs.

One side effect of the positive economic news has been to put upward pressure on oil prices. Despite a modest retreat back below $109 a barrel Monday, the benchmark New York rate is trading far above where it was just a month ago. Last Friday, it hit $109.77 a barrel, its highest close since May 3. Crude has soared from $96 earlier this month.

“At this stage of the global economic cycle, with activity in many of the major advanced economies sluggish, a rise in oil prices threatens to intensify the recessionary prospects facing these economies while, at the same time, raising the headline rates of inflation,” said Neil MacKinnon, global macro strategist at VTB Capital.

Markets around the globe are bleeding from the eye sockets this morning…why do you suppose that is, good citizen?

Rising energy prices without a ‘co-responding’ rise in demand means supply is dwindling.

Don’t misinterpret, we are not currently in an ‘energy crisis’ nor will we be in one for a while yet, but it’s coming (and ‘traders’ won’t let a perfectly good crisis go to waste!)

While other cracks are obscured by the political agenda of others.

From Madrid to Madison, Tahrir Square to Syntagma Square, London student occupations to Occupy Wall Street, Mason has covered the uprisings of 2011, and he found some surprising similarities everywhere. Those similarities are the subject of his new book, Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere (Verso), which combines economic analysis, first-hand reporting, and a theoretical understanding of technology, sociology and history into a potent explanation of why 2011 was the year of the protester.

Sarah Jaffe: Tell us what's happening in Greece; you just returned from a reporting trip there.

Paul Mason: The bailout they did Monday night, I think, is designed to do two things: to put off the inevitable moment of Greek default, and to save the rest of Europe from the impact. That doesn't mean that Greece isn't going to slide very quickly into a social crisis—rather, it's already in a social crisis. In the book I document what it's like for the youth who are waking up to the sound of helicopters, moving homes every two or three days; it's like being in the French resistance.

for the workers it's going to get much worse. People have a misconception that it's all about the public sector, but for the Greek bailout to work, private sector wages have to fall 15 to 20 percent. The minimum wage has been slashed by 20 percent.

On my last reporting trip I went to a clinic that's run by the Greek equivalent of Doctors Without Borders. It's aimed at migrants who've fallen through their social security network, and have no healthcare. Now it's swamped by Greeks who've also fallen through the network.

To be honest good citizen, I didn’t read this article…mostly because this particular news outlet ‘mis-identified’ the original uprisings repeatedly by calling them a ‘cry for democracy’.

This is as ‘tone deaf’ as yesterday’s article which blatantly asserted that ‘most people’ involved with in the ‘underground economy’ were all ‘wannabes’.

What is the ‘correct’ answer, good citizen, it’s the economy, STUPID!

Local economies vary but taken as a whole the ‘global’ economy is tanking! (And the fuckheads running the show know it, so (simply) ‘protesting’ their iron grip on money and markets is nothing more than an exercise in futility.)

Worse, misinterpreting this as a ‘cry for freedom’ totally misses what these people actually want (and are willing to die for!) They want ‘control of their destiny!’

You don’t (and won’t) get that with ‘I’ve got mine, fuck you’ capitalism! (There simply isn’t enough ‘market share’ to facilitate ‘capitalist utopia’.)

The ‘existing system’ only ‘works’ for those who ‘own’ it.

Don’t ‘own’ a piece of the system, tough! (It’s not their problem, it’s YOURS!)

But that’s not the half of it, is it good citizen?

I just got solicited (again) for a campaign contribution to the DSCC.

Not particularly surprising. What is, er, ‘disturbing’ is how the ONLY ‘flavor’ on the menu this coming November is CONSERVATIVE!

Seems as though the only ‘option’ you’re gonna get this time around is picking what flavor of ‘crazy’ you want with your conservatism…

Oh, and I don’t need to tell you, [but I will anyway] good citizen, precisely who is responsible for tanking the global economy (for their own, personal, ‘fun & profit.’) [The fucking whacko conservatives!]

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Let me 'clarify' that the posers who call themselves 'Liberals' (but who are really conservative Libertarians!) are NO FUCKING BETTER!

Talk about 'stacking the deck'!

Worse, complaining about the (obvious) 'lack of choice' gets you labeled as a 'malcontent'!

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