Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God's Will

Greetings good citizen,

If one thing has become abundantly clear it is that the whole Greek bailout thing is a charade! There is ‘no way in hell’ the Greeks can payback the money that was stolen from them to mask the effects of ‘Globalizing’ the Greek economy.

So what the fuck is this?

"It's important to remember that the stock market is not the U.S. economy, and the U.S. economy is not the stock market," said Dan Greenhaus, chief global strategist for the brokerage BTIG. "Most people are likely to say, 'Dow 13,000. So, where's my job?"

The consumer confidence reading of 70.8, while much stronger than the 63 that economists were expecting, is still far below the level of 90 that indicates a healthy economy. It was above 110 in mid-2007, before the recession.

Still, Greenhaus said, while 13,000 is just a round number, "it's a round number that's likely to make many [stupid] Americans feel better about the economy and the stock market. It's another sign that things are getting better."

Speaking of ‘useless data’, how about that ‘better than expected’ consumer confidence number?

Better than WHO expected? And compared to what? It has been FOUR fucking YEARS good citizen, by now the general public has adopted the attitude that the economy ‘is what it is’.

Still, this brings us to something we don’t kick around very often and that is the ‘faith-based’ nature of our current economic set-up.

What happens to these ‘faith based’ deals when the party with the ‘upper hand’ decides it no longer has to abide by its end of the deal (a deal made with people that were ready to lynch the dealer, oh so many decades ago?)

The one percenters aren’t ‘stupid’ (not in the traditional sense anyway.) They know they have returned to the point where their ‘predecessors’ were ‘almost’ put to death for their crimes.

What they remember is that this didn’t happen…and they are betting it will be the ultimate outcome this time around as well.

Failure to prosecute practically invites the criminals to repeat the crime! (and you just know their defense will run along the lines of ‘nobody did time/was executed for this the last time!’

Good lordy, lordy but they do have FAITH, good citizen!

(Most of them have put their ‘faith’ in the bought and paid for justice system and that they’ll never stand trial…and that might well be how it goes down. Which is NOT to infer that they {or their successors} will escape prosecution!)

Because the one percenters think nothing of ruining the prospects of entire generations if they stand to personally gain from it (thus do they condemn their own progeny.)

They like it when I use ‘big words’ because they think you’re too stupid to figure out that progeny means kids/offspring!

This is partly what I mean by ‘stupid in the traditional sense’ combine this with the illusion that they will ‘get away with it’ and we return to ‘stupid in the traditional sense’.

Self-delusion is no excuse, neither is ‘well, everybody else was doing it’ (because ‘everybody else’ is going to get prosecuted too!)

But I, once again, digress!

We WERE discussing the ‘faith based’ nature of the current arrangement.

Man has, throughout history, blamed his own, er, ‘failures/shortcomings’ on his favorite ‘whipping boy’.

Most of you know who that is but I’ll point directly to the ‘worlds greatest scapegoat’ for the literal among you, for he goes by many names and the most common of these is God.

Bobo fucks up BUT who does he point the finger of guilt at? God!

If Bobo cheats you out of your fair share, he covers his crime by telling you that it was ‘gods will’ that the collective ‘you’ were shortchanged, he had nothing to do with it!

He makes the decision NOT to install a safeguard and when the crisis arises from this willful neglect, who does he point the finger at?

His favorite Patsy, (the ever ready and conveniently mythical) ‘God!’

Your circumstances in life are ‘God’s fault’. If you have a problem with how you are treated, take it up with God, (in your prayers so the rest of the world won’t have to listen to your WHINING!)

If you are poor that is because it is ‘God’s will’ that you be poor…and what you keep missing is the fucking HUMBLE part!

Why can’t you people be HUMBLE while GOD kicks you in the teeth (repeatedly)?

I (your ‘god’) can’t stand the constant whining! How the hell am I supposed to stay rich AND pay YOU a living wage?

That would take a miracle and it’s not my department, it’s ‘God’s’!

Um, one more thing before we ‘wrap it up’ for another session.

Note how the article points out how the stock market ISN’T the US economy, YET the 1,400 BILLIONAIRES among are all rich because of their…what?

What do they have that the rest of us don’t?


So why is the fucking stock market rising while the global economy tanks?

One answer, good citizen…it’s our term for ‘illegal activity’…come on, good citizen, you know this one!

It’s a fucking CRIME!

We need to shut down Wall Street around the globe! (NOW!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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