Friday, February 10, 2012

Trading Liberty for Safety

Will likely get you dead...but I digress!

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Asia did okay but the rest of the world bled from the eye sockets…which is ominous in itself. If one were possessed of a suspicious mind, they might think the greedy Westerners were funneling their ill-gotten spoils to the East for reaping!

How fucked up will it be that once there, they will waste no time destroying that economy too? (or they will sit there and moan there’s nothing to invest it, which is where this whole shit ball started forty years ago!)

Roll back the clock another forty years we arrive in the same place our grandparents stood (with most people muttering ‘revolution, what revolution? We dumped the Crown and replaced it with something worse!)

Like today:

It all depends, though, on how the euro zone’s economy fares in the months and years ahead. Investors who once criticized countries for not embracing enough austerity to mend tattered balance sheets have recently started to acknowledge that too much austerity is squeezing growth — making it harder, rather than easier, to pay back debts.

And the growth divide that already existed between wealthy northern countries and those along the southern rim has widened even more in the last year while those toiling in what is likely to be a drawn-out recession — Greece and Portugal especially — seem to be creating a third, ultraslow zone in the euro zone.

Those weak economies will weigh on Europe for years to come. They are already helping to weaken growth in Germany and once-robust countries like France, both of which are seeing their exports to other European countries suffer.

Until ‘weak’ becomes ‘the new normal’. In fact, as miserable as it is, our current dismal economic prospects (with numerous sectors still being ‘paid off’ to cover the looting of the West) will be fondly recalled by conservatives as ‘the good old days’.

Which is to point out that there are conservatives today who wax nostalgic for the horrendous economy Reagan created!

Perhaps more puzzling is the leaderless Democrats who long for the ‘boom times’ of the ‘dot-gone’ era under Clinton!

I mean WTF, can’t these people tell they were being played?

Sadly, the answer is no. Back then, people (erroneously) believed the Democratic party was still an independent entity and not the wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate USA it is today.

These days few are deceived by party labels, there is no discernable difference between politicians of either stripe. Sure, Republicans ‘pretend’ to be batshit crazy but Democrats only ‘pretend’ to possess a backbone.

Despite their crazy antics, they both bow and scrape to the chosen few that hold our fate in their hands…if we let them.

Today’s topic was very difficult to decide because there are so many things competing for our attention!

Mr. Krugman provides an admirable slap-down to Mr. Murray’s most recent manipulation of the Overton window!

Then there’s the whole Euro-zone fiasco (where the latest rumor is that THE BANKS are FIRST IN LINE to be paid!) What is the purpose of government again, to protect society or to enforce predatory contracts?

I guess we have arrived at the crux of the ‘government for sale’ conundrum.

Do we sit idly by while those who have ‘purchased’ the justice system use that system to CHEAT US out of everything we’ve spent our whole lives building?

And we have, again, arrived at the point where you ask yourself, what can I do about it?

And the answer comes back, ‘legally, nothing.’

If you catch somebody cheating at cards (or any other game of chance) our ‘moral obligation is NOT to punish them but we are well within those obligations to refuse to play with them in the future…

But in this case we have a different problem. We can’t ‘refuse to play’, the cheats are everywhere, you’re ‘boxed in’.

Now back in the ‘bad old days’ the solution to this pickle was to leave! Pick up stakes and head for the horizon, (which is why you will find humans living in the most inhospitable parts of this planet!)

Can’t pull that one off today though can you? Whole damn planet has become mighty crowded.

This leaves you with just one ’option’ and the bastards who ‘own’ the current system double dog dare you to ‘try it!’

That option is fight.

But you don’t have the stomach for it. Until you become too old to fight back, then they don’t care how you feel about things!

Pity the fools because they have reached a ‘saturation point’ in the number of workers they can ‘profitably employ’.

And now you will have no alternative, you’ll fight whether you want to or not!

In fact they are counting on a majority of you just surrendering…until your learn that those who surrender are summarily executed. (If you survive being shot, it is unlikely you will survive being buried alive!)

I add these grim little details for those of you whose mind doesn’t run along this particular way of thinking.

Understand, the rationale I used was why shoot you twice? It is unlikely you will have the strength (or the balls) to dig yourself out of a mass grave, that only happens in the movies! Most of you will freak out, start hyper-ventilating and croak in a minute or two anyway, a rather hideous death to boot…but what the hell, you gave up, you deserve what happens to you!

Which is to reiterate the old saying; ‘those who surrender their liberty for safety deserve neither!’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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