Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Walk Backwards...

Greetings good citizen,

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘free-form’ opinion piece on a topic not in the headlines, er, per se.

I watched National Geographic’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ last night and it was quite a trip.

They took each ‘clan’ as a group and even provided what they were supposedly ‘prepping’ for.

From a ‘casting’ point of view it was a bonanza! From a credibility point of view, not so much.

Although I think one of the, er, ‘statistics’ they flashed in the second episode provides us with a hint as to why the exec’s at Nat’l Geo green lighted such an unlikely project.

More then fifty percent of US citizens (and probably even more ‘Americans’) fear a ‘financial collapse’ in the next twenty-five years!

Which is weird because anybody who has been paying attention already KNOWS the global financial system is totally ‘insolvent’ and has been to the last three years!

The ONLY thing keeping the lights on and the doors open is ‘creative accounting’!

Without those ‘off-balance sheet’ entries, we’d be fucked! (And guess who CAN’T get away with, er, ‘hiding’ their losses? That’s right…got a mirror?)

Did I mention that YOU are being ‘cheated’?

Just something to keep in the back of your mind as you stumble along, trying to get by here in ‘Wonderland’…

Um, to their credit, Nat’l Geo didn’t play ‘favorites’, they ‘dissed’ every prepper’s claims of pending disaster, regardless of, er, ‘plausibility’.

It was also curious to see that of the 8 ‘vignettes’ I watched last night, 5 of them were ‘fiscal mismanagement’ related.

So by ‘simple majority’ MOST ‘preppers’ are worried about the same thing!

(I find that ‘comforting’ because it indicates more people are ‘paying attention’ than the corporate owned media would have you believe!)

Which is neither here nor there. While many of these survivor groups doubled as ‘networks’, survival/personal is pretty much an ‘all you’ proposition. Some of the ‘well prepared’ (people with years of food for dozens of people) have figured the encounter with the occasional stranger into their ‘survival budget’ but most ‘preppers’ were hard pressed to lay enough aside to meet their own needs, even for a little while.

Only one of last night’s ‘preppers’ followed the, er, ‘correct’ path of survival, ‘don’t have anything worth getting killed for’ (just don’t do it!)

It would literally be a ‘waste of good lead’ to shoot this guy for what he had, (and that’s the way to do it!) He is ALREADY ‘living off the land’, surviving on wild edibles!

He’ll be living even better once the bureaucracy that prevents you from picking up nature’s bounty for yourself (without a license) goes away!

If you don’t have a license to fish, hunt or dig clams, you are legally ‘poaching’ and can be locked up for it!

Not that disputes over ‘whose’ (fill in the variety of wildlife) will, er, ‘end’ once civil order collapses…they’ll just be ‘settled’ in a more immediate and absolute manner.

Which is to advocate the ‘buddy system’, never go fishing, hunting, digging alone (unless you’re the stealthiest son of a bitch in the valley!) Always bring a guard/lookout!

Always ‘assume’ someone else thinks what you’ve found is ‘theirs’ and will be willing to kill you to protect it.

This extends, unreasonably enough, to game ‘on the hoof’. Let word get out that you bagged a deer and don’t be surprised when a group of, er, ‘collectors’ show up on your doorstep, looking for a fee (the balance of the meat and, at the very least, the hyde!)

You’ll be able to tell because they will arrive, loudly pronouncing ‘We don’t want any trouble’ which is code for, We came to make trouble for YOU! (PLEASE wait until we have dismounted our loud, rumbling bikes that are intended to scare the shit out of YOU before you start shooting!)

While we’re here it is a good idea to advise your guards to FIRE WITHOUT HESITATION on anyone STUPID enough to try intimidating you with a fucking motorcycle!

You cannot ride a motorcycle and shoot at the same time!

Here’s another tidbit, for the most part, handguns are USELESS if you aren’t literally on top of your target (within twenty feet.) At 75 feet, your just as well off throwing the fucking thing!

And the only weapon you can fire while riding a motorcycle…is a handgun!

Even then you’re still ‘shooting from the hip’ (meaning you’re not taking the time to ‘aim’.) If you hit somebody it is sheer luck!

But enough ‘nonsense’! (although what would one of my posts be if I DIDN’T digress wildly?)

In a word, boring!

Before we got carried away with defensive strategy we were discussing the, er, ‘likelihood’ of financial collapse.

Since all money is funny and our civilization is extremely poorly managed, the ‘trigger’ of a financial collapse will NOT be financial, it will be resource related!

So is it ‘all good’ until we run our of gypsum? (I’m ragging on you here, you know I‘m referring to oil!)

More importantly, will we really be ‘out’ when the managers of our society claim we are, er, ‘short’?

The answer here is NO.

We only just recently passed the estimated ‘half-way’ mark…there is, for now, plenty of oil.

The problem is there soon won’t be. The number of end users is growing exponentially!

How do they ‘fix’ runaway demand on a finite, dwindling resource?

Er, ‘reduce the number of end users?’

Simply enough this would mean pricing oil prohibitively!

But how can you do that without freezing two-thirds of the world’s population to death?

Our entire ‘social model’ is based on ‘cheap abundant energy’ when energy is neither cheap nor abundant, it falls apart, literally collapses!

Very much like the song that tells how the parts of the body are linked by the skeleton, our economy is inseparably linked via energy!

Without energy the entire supply chain literally falls apart.

Knowing this, how wise is/was it to eliminate ‘redundancy’ throughout the supply chain and move to ‘on demand, just in time’ production protocols?

Looks batshit insane if you ask me but unlike our highly compensated MBA’s, I’m looking at the situation from a ‘practical’ point of view and not from a ‘quarterly profit’ perspective.

Did I mention that our civilization is badly mismanaged?

I’ve said this multiple times before and I’ll say it a thousand more times, NONE of this is an ‘accident’! If I were a prosecuting attorney, a ‘murder one conviction’ would be a lead pipe cinch!

There’s ‘pre-meditation’ everywhere you look, so it will be laughable to see the billions of people who are ‘blindsided’ by the coming collapse!

Remember ‘globalization’ was NOT done FOR you, it has been done TO YOU!

We’re in ‘overtime’ here so I’ll try to wrap this up.

Returning to our energy problem and the inability to use ‘price’ to stretch out the energy supply we have another budget problem connected to energy, the cost of producing and harvesting/transporting food.

Since energy is literally ‘dollars’, the higher the cost of energy translates directly into the cost of food! Hyper-inflation results when the cost of living outstrips worker’s purchasing power!

Followed closely by the collapse of civil order…something they are narrowly avoiding in Greece at the moment…

Oh, and if Israel attacks Iran. AND the Iranians close the straits of Hormuz…instant ‘shit soup!

How’s JIT looking for ya now?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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