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Greetings good citizen,

If I have correctly interpreted the ‘theme of the day’ it seems today’s erection is firmly planted in ‘Divided USA’ (although most columnists use the term ‘Divided America‘, which is another issue entirely!)

While the pundits marvel over how the nation became ‘equally divided’, nobody seems to question who this false meme serves…

Cui Bono, the question every ‘good’ reporter answers but, as we have observed, there aren’t many of those around these days.

Hell, even I’d admit to being, er, ‘reluctant’ to come out with half the crap I, er, ‘allege’, postulate, theorize (because I have no proof) if my, er, website were more popular.

But it isn’t…and I’m semi-safe here behind my ‘opt-in’ firewall so let the, er, ‘wild speculation’ flow!

If we posit that the last dozen presidents were ‘hand picked’ by the people who own the national media, it only stands to reason that that same media has a ‘vested interest’ in pedaling the lie that we, the people of this nation, for the most part, can’t agree on ANYTHING!

Increasingly, it has become apparent that ‘the media’ has used (if not itself ‘created’) radical fringe groups to, er, ‘illustrate’ to the general public just how ‘divided’ we supposedly are.

Take the vaunted ‘Tea Party’ for example…all 30,000 of em!

Trekkies outnumber this political fringe group but you’d never know that from what the media tells us!

And isn’t EVERY ‘controversial’ piece of legislation in Washington ‘stopped cold’ by wishy-washy politicians who fear angering this tiny media creation?

I mean WTF, good citizen?

How STUPID do they think we are?

Well, the answer to that (conveniently) is right here in the ‘conservative heartland’

How sad is it good citizen that these people are too stupid to realize that ‘stasis = death’?
Mr. Peterson used a workers’ compensation settlement to buy a farm that he managed with his brother-in-law, who is mentally handicapped and also on government disability.

“He was my legs, and we worked it,” Mr. Peterson said.

They grew corn, soybeans and rye, and even kept steers for a while. In good years they earned enough to live on. In bad years they lived on the government’s checks. Life would have been very difficult without them, he said.

Mr. Peterson, an easygoing man who looks down when he thinks and smiles sheepishly when he offers an opinion, looked down after completing the story of his own dependence on the safety net.

“It’s hard to beat up on the government when they’ve been so good to you,” he finally said. “I’ve never really thought about it, I guess.”

Lately, the government has been very good, indeed. The county, with federal financing, bought a corner of Mr. Peterson’s farm to build a new interchange for Interstate 35. He used the money to open a gas station at the edge of the farm in 2008 to serve the traffic that rolls off the new ramp. The business is prospering, and he no longer worries that he will need to depend on Social Security.

“But you can’t take that away,” he said. “My own sister has only Social Security. That’s all. That’s all she’s going to have. And if you take that away from her, Christ, she’d be a street person. I don’t think we can cut them off on that.”

Two bitch slaps for ‘rugged individual’ Peterson.

It is a natural by-product of conservatism to ‘discount’ government assistance. (When asked, the ungrateful pricks invariably insist the did it all by themselves!)

And number two? What do you suppose Mr. Peterson is REALLY concerned about? His sister living on the street or her landing on HIS doorstep?

Which provokes yet another WTF?

And here, I put it to you, good citizen, lies the true liberal/conservative divide.

Conservatives seldom venture out of the world of ‘I’, a (true) liberal thinks of the plight of others.

Too bad there aren’t any left, we’ve all been driven (by the conservative media) into our own personal ‘world of I’.

But let’s back up a step and look at the ‘big picture’ here. The ‘focus’ of this article is how screwed these conservative idiots would be if the demon ‘guvmint’ cut them off from their support payments!

This, ironically, is why I am, er, ‘predicting’ (although some would say ’advocating’) economic collapse.

No ‘well’ is bottomless, it will run dry eventually.

Again, I suspect oil will serve as the ‘trigger’ for this, er, ‘planned collapse.’

Which will result in utter chaos (we could only wish it would result in Anarchy!) because there are no, er, ‘plans’ to prevent it.

But again, I touch on an entirely different topic.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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