Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deeper than it looks

Greetings good citizen,

As I recently commented, the more you reflect, the harder it is to escape the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the major events unfolding around the world.

Those perpetrating the crimes/events are the first to defend their actions with comments like, “It’s a crazy world where crazy things happen all of the time.”

Which isn’t entirely true and we all know it.

The ‘bizarre’ doesn’t smack you in the face until somebody tries to pull the rug over something…that is usually why the ‘explanation’ doesn’t quite fit what you’re witnessing.

What should be dawning on most of you by now is the, er, ‘cover-ups’ are getting lamer mostly because of the undeniably criminal nature of what’s being covered up.

Usually it is violations of your constitutional rights that are being ‘tread’ upon…by, of all people, those flag waving patriots, the Tea Partiers!

At a Republican candidate forum outside Fort Worth last week, a Tea Party activist turned Senate candidate proclaimed the Occupy Wall Street protesters “unemployed, uneducated and uninformed.” To which the conservative radio host moderating the panel added, mirthfully, “This is the first occupation many of these people have seen in years.”

I will once again draw your attention to the decidedly ‘Libertarian’ quality of the Cato Institute spawned Tea Party. Somewhere down the line what formerly passed for ’political opposition’ morphed into a totally illogical movement to abolish government altogether…

And Tea Partiers don’t see anything ’wrong’ with this.

Probably because Tea Partiers DON’T KNOW what ‘the purpose of government’ is.

But let us digress a bit for a moment.

Doesn’t it strike you as ‘ballsy’ that the mostly retirement aged (and SENILE) Tea Partiers are calling the youthful “Occupy Wall Street” crowd ‘out of touch?’

There is also another glaring difference between the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd. The Tea Partiers (again due to their stunning display of ignorance, although it COULD BE ‘stupidity’) DON’T blame those running the FIRE economy for bringing our civilization down around our ears.

No irony should be lost on the fact that Tea Partiers value freedom higher than civilization, worse, most think the two are 'unrelated'!

Um, the bad news is ‘the kids’ of OWS are tarring ALL, er, ‘seniors’ with the same brush.

A factor the largely aged and senile Tea Partiers aren’t helping with.

Let us take a mental step backwards and refocus on the Big Picture for a moment.

It seems Mr. Obama isn’t ‘weaseling’ when he says they’re pulling ‘everybody’ out of Iraq…(although Sec. Of State Clinton says we won’t ‘abandon’ Iraq, whatever that’s supposed to mean.)

Ironically, let’s take a peek at why ‘negotiations’ broke down:

Pentagon lawyers insisted that the Iraqi Parliament grant soldiers immunity from legal prosecution. In recent weeks, American negotiators in Baghdad concluded that it would be impossible to obtain that protection, essentially scuttling any chance of a substantial troop presence there next year.

Um, aren’t we right back where we started good citizen with legal ‘wrangling’ over what was, up to this point, settled law?

Worse, good citizen, now other criminal organizations are taking advantage of the gaping holes left in the justice system by those who DON’T want ‘financial crime’ prosecuted.

Gangs like the Bloods and the Crips are engaging in crimes, such as identity theft, counterfeiting, selling stolen goods and even bank, credit card and mortgage fraud, said a new FBI gangs threat assessment.

“We’ve seen it, but we’ve seen them doing it even more now and we attribute to the fact that the likelihood of being caught is less, the sentences once you are caught are less, and the actual monetary gain is much higher,” said Diedre Butler, a unit chief at the National Gang Intelligence Center.

Did you see that/ the crimes are more lucrative, harder to prosecute AND it is less likely you’ll do time IF they catch you.

Why do you suppose THAT is?

Do you think it has a connection to our ‘anti-government’ Tea Baggers?

Ask yourself; how demented ARE these people?

They make no secret of it:

Obama and Dems have seized on other reactions from audience members — the “let him die” moment, the booing of the gay soldier — to build a larger case about the clash of visions and values the 2012 election campaign will embody. Obama has taken to claiming that “we’re all in this together,” and has framed his call for tax hikes on the rich as an argument over national unity and the social contract, while deriding GOP opposition to shared sacrifice as a Darwinian “you’re on your own” worldview.

I end today’s…‘puzzle’ with the mental image of the world that the Tea Partiers would saddle you with is IDENTICAL to the place I would ‘exile’ criminals to…

Chew that one over as you ponder who to vote for.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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