Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Massaged' Reality

Greetings good citizen,

The Dow tacked on nearly 200 points yesterday on, er, ‘encouraging’ news from the retail sector.

Once again I’m uncertain which is worse, the lie itself or them believing (acting upon) their own lies?

Considering how upward moves in stock values only serve to make the rich, richer, this little ‘slight of hand’ should come as a shock to no one.

What SHOULD piss you off is the effect this underhandedness has on YOUR purchasing power!

These days you show up in the market place with a pop-gun while the thieves are toting a bazooka!

You have to bust your butt (never mind jump through hoops) to get your's but old smarmy there, his is a ‘gimme’! (As can easily be seen by the irrational rising of the stock market.)

Worse, like ‘milking a cow’ corporate insiders have been unloading their shares as fast as they can arrange to have them ‘bonus’d’ to themselves!

What really happened with the retail sector?

Fortunately for the rest of us, Mr Panzer knows where the bodies are buried:

Let's find our great increases!  Ok, motor vehicle sales were up, right?  Uh, no.

Electronics?  Nope.

Nobody expects building materials to be up (and they weren't) but food and beverages must have been, since we had an actual increase, right?  Nope.

Health?  Nope.

Gasoline!  I know, gasoline!  Uh, no.

Clothing!  Certainly kids needed new clothes going back to school!  That's where the increase was.  Oops.... that was down too.

Sporting goods?  Collapsed - down some 18% m/o/m.

General merchandise!  That's the ticket!  Well, no - it was down about 7%.

I know I know I got it!  The Internet saved us!

Actually, the Internet (non-store retailers) were down slightly too.

Oh, so we have one place left that must have been up - bars.  After all, with the economy sucking this badly we all went out and get drunk (and put it on our credit cards), right?

Actually, we didn't - September saw a ~2.5% decline there too.

The truth?  The entire gain was "seasonal adjustment." All of it.  In other words, in actual dollars there was not only no increase, there was a net decrease in sales of approximately five percent - not annualized either, month-over-month!

Put that in your economic pipe and smoke it.

Another possible reason for an ‘uptick’ in seasonal figures is that the Christmas time ordering season is upon us…but the (still) broke consumer has retailers reluctant to boost inventories as yet another gift giving season comes and goes with no ‘must have’ item to flog.

As I indicated a couple of posts ago, we are drifting dangerously towards a catastrophic systemic collapse. There will be massive shortages of things you need combined with an abundance of shit you don’t!

Which is to point out how marvelous your CORPSE will look all decked out with colored lights and tinsel!

You couldn’t buy food for love or money but they were practically GIVING Christmas Decorations away!

Mis-management that lead to mis-allocation which resulted in famine and culminated in massive riots, causing huge loss of life.

Not exactly the most ‘effective’ method of dealing with unemployment/overpopulation but the sick social Darwinist bastards wanted to see how it worked out…

And guess who gets to be the Guinea Pig?

That’s right…YOU!

Once the ‘pretense of order’ collapses you’re gonna be amazed at how many shoes start to drop, you’ll think it’s raining feet!

(Comedy, please…I’m exercising a little license here! I definitely don‘t mean literally!)

Left to our imaginations is the ‘trigger event’?

How are they going to push us over the edge now that they’ve gone through all of this trouble to drag us here?

Will it be a ‘surprise’ nuclear exchange, that GOP closet monster of a ‘dirty bomb’ successfully smuggled into a major US city making a large swath of downtown radioactive for an unknown period of time?

More intriguingly, will they spring this one on us during Obama’s watch?

He’s already proven he’s their boy. What better way to demolish the ‘weak on defense’ Democrats than to have a terrorist attack more deadly than 9/11 succeed during his presidency?

What better way to counter the ‘we are the 99%’ movement that threatens to destroy the carefully constructed media image of a neatly divided society?

These are ‘History’s actors’ good citizen. While you contemplate the meaning of what they have just done they are busy executing their next action, always one step ahead because it doesn’t have to make sense.

The goal is to keep you too confused to act.

Once you realize that you can begin to dismantle the disinformation system that makes it possible for them to pull this shit off!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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