Monday, October 24, 2011

Beggars Banquet

Greetings good citizen,

After Friday’s ‘fantastic’ (as in fantasy) performance we are once again ‘treated’ to soaring market numbers for, as usual, no discernable reason.

Not a reason a sane person would accept anyway, here we have the ‘cook the books’ version…

Stocks Rise on Upbeat Earnings

Stocks in the United States rose Monday, extending the trend in global markets on strong corporate results and mergers, as well as hope for agreement on resolving Europe’s debt problems. [snip]

the financial sector was up 2 percent, and the materials and industrial sectors were each up by more than 1 percent. [snip]

But we still doubt that the new plan, which is likely to be finalized on Wednesday, will be enough to bring the crisis to an end,” said economists from Capital Economics.

After tanking the markets repeatedly for more than a year, the latest ‘fantasy’ bailout (of the already bailed out PIIGS) does NOT do anything to solve the problem of why the Euro-zone keeps slipping deeper into debt.

Nothing, nada, zip.

Not that the math actually helps…why do they expect anyone to believe that roughly 500 BILLION Euros will cover two and a half TRILLION dollars in debt?

They are ‘investors’ but seriously, who besides that fatally optimistic crowd believes it?

Truth be told good citizen, I’m pretty sure the investors the credibility challenged media keeps referring to are largely imaginary.

NOBODY is that stupid.

But anyway…

After the initial surge the markets traded sideways for the remainder of the day, finishing pretty much where they started…which wasn’t a particularly encouraging sign.

In local news, one of the members of the conservative piss and moan committee was spelling out the ‘demands’ of the Occupy Wall Street movement in typical conservative style.

His list was a complete work of fiction but that never bothers a conservative.

Which got me thinking about the vitriol that I (regularly) heap upon conservatives.

I frequently make allusions to the fact that most conservatives are traitors undeserving of the benefits of civil society and that they should suffer a traitor’s fate.

Well, for the record, I’m not joking.

When the tide turns and the 99% boots the conservatives to the curb, I’ll be one of the many pushing to see that justice is served.

We cannot, as a species, move forward while the self-interested dominate our civilization.

And until steps are taken to, er, remove the self-serving from our midst we will remain a crippled race.

This is why I designed A Simple Plan the way I did. It is intended to place the law beyond the reach of the self-serving.

And since all money is funny, the only thing left is the justice system as far as what’s broken goes.

So no irony should be lost on all of the pointing and wailing over the collapsing financial system, it’s all an act.

The real problem is the justice system, which could (and eventually WILL) snap back into place with a vengeance.

THAT is what has the self-serving liars worried.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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