Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Work and ethics...

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How quickly we lose sight of ‘The Golden Rule‘. in our first offering America’s ‘work ethic’ is called into question.

Naturally, the article is written from the perspective of that ‘rugged individual’ the employer (who isn’t prepared/willing to pay a living wage.)

Worse, good citizen, were we to bring back slavery to satisfy this ‘owners’ labor requirements, they’d be the very first to scream ‘oppression’ when they were hauled into court for starving their slaves!

A Times article last week profiled a Colorado farmer who tried to replace a third of the seasonal workers he hires from abroad with local residents interested in extra summer cash. He was surprised to find few takers, especially for the back-breaking work involved in picking sweet corn.

But foreign migrants have always performed hard labor in U.S. agriculture, no matter what the national unemployment rate. So when Americans complain about the lack of jobs today, they are drawing a line somewhere. For many people of the unemployed, it makes more sense to collect unemployment or disability or other benefits than it does to take a temporary job that they cannot or will not do, for whatever reason. As President Obama seeks more extensions on unemployment benefits, even some jobless Americans are asking if providing this bigger safety net is the right, or the only, thing to do in this economy.

Let’s begin with how extremely displeased I am that this article is unattributed because it was written by a FIRST CLASS Flying Asshole!

Pay a ‘living wage’ and you’d have workers lined up from here to kingdom come to get the job!

But to perform work for pay that doesn’t ‘crack your nut’ is INSANE…(just like the idiot who wrote this piece of tripe!)

You know you’re in trouble when you read how even people collecting benefits are allegedly quoted as wondering about the usefulness of extending the very benefits they rely on to stave off homelessness…

It’s the sort of question only a nutty Libertarian would ask…and, as we all know, ‘nutty’ and ‘Libertarian’ is redundant…

Joe the Farmer would have no problem finding ‘help’ if he were willing to PAY THEM! But no, since people are unwilling to work for nothing it’s not Cheapskate Capitalist, it’s LAZY WORKER!!!


Worse, good citizen, it seems this problem persists wherever capitalism reigns

“The banks make loans to who the Communist Party tells them to,” Mr. Walter said. “So they punish the household savers in favor of the state-owned companies.”

It is not just China’s problem. Economists say that for China to continue serving as one of the world’s few engines of economic growth, it will need to cultivate a consumer class that buys more of the world’s products and services, and shares more fully in the nation’s wealth.

But rather than rising, China’s consumer spending has actually plummeted in the last decade as a portion of the overall economy, to about 35 percent of gross domestic product, from about 45 percent. That figure is by far the lowest percentage for any big economy anywhere in the world. (Even in the sleepwalking American economy, the level is about 70 percent of G.D.P.)

A little advertised fact, good citizen is when Nixon ‘opened the doors’ to China in 1972, who went to ‘advise’ Chinese government on setting up a supervised version of capitalism? Why it was economists from Chicago, the university founded by that great capitalist/monopolist John D. Rockefeller!

Is it any wonder the ‘global economy' is collapsing, given what we now know to be true about the teachings of the Chicago School of Economics? (That it’s a failure.)

What continues to baffle me is how people keep ignoring what the evidence points to. Roughly 100 Veterans for Peace were arrested in Boston last night…will these confrontations lead to rioting is, at this moment, unknown.

So far the answer has been no…but I suspect a stronger stance is forthcoming…from both sides.

And we will be forced to ask ourselves just how STUPID the people who live among us and wear the blue/black uniform are?

Are their bosses willing to stand guard outside their houses at night or is that part of the risk you take when you pin on the badge?

Understand, ‘I was just following orders’ didn’t work for the Nazis and it won’t work for you…no matter how often your supervisor says “you worry too much.”

It’s one thing for me to rant about the clear and present danger and quite another to see the evidence for yourself.

(The link leads to charts, thus there isn’t a lot of corresponding text…)

You’d think with OWS making headlines that the apparatus of the status quo would be a bit more sensitive regarding how they push their agenda…

But apparently not.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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