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Greetings good citizen,

After closing mixed yesterday the markets finished with a flourish today to put a cap on a fairly positive week of unrelentingly negative economic data.

Perhaps more interestingly is the buzz surrounding the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Not only has it not impacted share prices (meaning ‘investors/thieves’ aren’t ‘worried’) but are in fact quite the opposite.

The banksters can barely conceal their contempt for the OWS demonstrators, on the other hand they seem unable to find the right word to describe the protestors although Irrelevant seems to be the word they’re searching for

Some on Wall Street viewed the protesters with disdain, and a degree of caution, as hundreds marched through the financial district on Friday. Others say they feel their pain, but are befuddled about what they are supposed to do to ease it. A few even feel personally attacked, and say the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have been in Zuccotti Park for weeks are just bitter about their own economic fate and looking for an easy target. If anything, they say, people should show some gratitude.

“Who do you think pays the taxes?” said one longtime money manager. “Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it. If you want to keep having jobs outsourced, keep attacking financial services. This is just disgruntled people.”

He added that he was disappointed that members of Congress from New York, especially Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, had not come out swinging for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns. “They need to understand who their constituency is,” he said.

Later in the same article they go on to opine that the movement will soon be a ‘distant memory’ that the cold weather will drive the protesters away…

And you know what? They’re right!

To a degree.

Only the most desperate and destitute would persist in ‘symbolically’ occupying (a block from) Wall Street in the dead of winter.

Although we could draw parallels to Washington’s winter in Valley Forge.

Which would REALLY make the shallow and clueless Wall Street types, er, ‘nervous’.

I am stricken by how both the members of the media and the privileged few really don’t ‘get it’.

The protesters are there looking for the same thing the Egyptians were looking for, jobs!

And the fuckers who are preventing these kids from getting on with their lives seem unable to comprehend their part in why these kids have singled them out.

Which isn’t 100% true, they have a vague sense of why the kids are pissed at them…they read the papers, they know what’s going on.

Hell, some of the protesters are their kids (or their kids friends.)

They know these kids did everything ‘right’, took on a whole boatload of student debt and now a minimum wage job is as good as it gets, (IF they are patient!)

Many of them are in their second year of unemployment and the collectors are calling them daily looking for student loan payments.

Funny thing about unemployment, you have to have had a job before you can collect anything…which sort of makes it all suck that much more.

And these Wall Street types are the first ones to take the position of ‘if you don’t have a job it’s YOUR FAULT!’

Which is to point out that those fucking Libertarians are EVERYWHERE!

What you need to understand is who ISN’T a Libertarian. There aren’t any ‘poor’ Libertarians, Libbies are ‘boots strappers’ who make their own way! You will find the occasional fool who isn’t exactly ‘well off’ (but likes to pretend they are) that profess as well as spout Libertarian viewpoints but they’re pretty rare, although they do have one thing in common with the ‘real deal’, they’re just as stupid as real Libbies are!

It takes a mighty special kind of asshole to turn into someone who fails to appreciate the privileges they were born to.

These, unsurprisingly, are more common than you’d imagine…a ‘side effect’ of the post WWII prosperity brought on by the devastation of Europe.

If ‘American Exceptionalism’ flows from anywhere it comes from this twisted variety of superiority born out of NOT being bombed back to the stone age!

Did I mention the ‘stupid part’?

So what do you think good citizen?

Will the OWS movement, er, ‘unexpectedly’ morph into ‘class war’ or will the kids blow away with the autumn leaves?

One thing is for certain, their student debts aren’t going anywhere, just as nobody else’s is either…leaving us to wonder just how ‘massaged’ those retail numbers really are?

Are the top one percent spending their asses off just to maintain the ‘illusion’ that the economy is ‘recovering’?

Because that has, thus far, proven to be precisely the case good citizen. Almost ALL of the, er, ‘increase’ in retail sales has been coming from the ’top tier’ stores, the rest is inflation.

Seriously good citizen, it is a good thing they didn’t ’attribute’ any of the comments in this article because these guy’s houses would be a pile of cinders tomorrow morning.

What the fuck was he thinking, berating his state Senators for not coming to the rescue…because that’s PRECISELY the sort of shit the 99% are pissed off about!

In a related ‘road to hell’ article in AlterNet, a fellow tried to explain ‘why’ OWS was three years late to the party.

He, (I’m sure) was all ‘good intentions’ of sharing his reason why it took these kids so long to get organized…but it looks like he got lost in the ‘backstory’ of why the 99% is pissed at Wall Street.

He never gets around to explaining the 3 year delay.

Which means he probably didn’t have a firm grip on why the protestors have held back so long.

Oddly, my theory is it circles back to the student loans they can’t pay!

The kids want relief and they don’t know where to find it so…

Here we are.

The danger in this thing going global is that different regions have different levels of tolerance for, er, ‘civil disobedience’.

Some places have a reputation for downright ’heavy-handed’ policing, especially when it comes to ‘peaceful protesters’.

Normally a little bloodshed is both expected and tolerated on both sides…but this tinderbox is a lot hotter than your typical anti-war protest.

These people feel like they’re getting screwed and the people on the other side of the picket line are protecting the people that screwed them.

We literally have a ’just doing my job’ attitude isn’t going to cut it, good citizen.

There is already a general perception that the justice system is broken…meaning that the cops have lost their authority because they’re part of that broken system.

Can’t you just hear the cries of the angry mob?

What are you hassling US for? Where were YOU when these assholes were ripping the country off?

If you’re not going to do anything about it, stand aside or we’ll take you down too!

Like I said, it becomes one of those ‘fine line’ issues that puts the average officer in a bad place of having to decide WHO, precisely, they really work for, the public or the politicians?

Choose the politicians and you’d best hope the Chief lets you move your family into the Police Station because it won’t be safe for you among the general population…

Just saying, ya know?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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