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The corporate owned media is often, er, ‘forced’ into the realm of the surreal precisely because editors know they will get fired if they reveal the truth.

Take this morning’s headline for example : Romney Beating Obama in a Fight for Wall St. Cash

Are we, the voting public, supposed to be, what, ‘worried’ for Obama? They certainly aren’t doing Mitt any favors, considering the current ‘mood of the nation’…

It is no secret that the relationship between President Obama and Wall Street has chilled. A striking measure of that is the latest campaign finance reports.

Mitt Romney has raised far more money than Mr. Obama this year from the firms that have been among Wall Street’s top sources of donations for the two candidates.

That gap underscores the growing alienation from Mr. Obama among many rank-and-file financial professionals and Mr. Romney’s aggressive and successful efforts to woo them.

What is fucktard trying to say here, that Wall Street is PUNISHING the president for NOT DEFENDING them from the OWS crowd?

Should we ’sympathize’?

What part of ‘the 99%’ doesn’t the Corporate owned media get?

They have gotten so used to telling us what to think that they sometimes ’forget’ they are telling us two different things.

Oops! We ‘forgot’ the whole world is PISSED at Wall Street or that very few people these days think being ‘supported’ by Wall Street is a ‘good thing’.

I’m sure the handful of the 1% that actually reads sympathized…

Which leads us to today’s ’second act’, where we once again test the axiom, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people THINK you’re an idiot than to open it and PROVE THEM RIGHT!

ON a traditional farm, when winter comes and there’s no need for planting, fertilizing or harvesting, it’s time for infrastructure projects. Farmers fix their barns, build fences or dig wells — important tasks that could be done in any season if there weren’t more pressing jobs to do.

If the winter is unusually long and cold, planting time is delayed and additional projects are undertaken. It’s all very simple and sensible: the idea is not to let people sit around idle, and to use down time to get important things done.

The farm needn’t go into debt to do this. All able-bodied people on the farm are expected to contribute their labor, an imposition we can view as an informal tax. Later, everyone on the farm enjoys the benefits of all that work, by participating in the various benefits — the economic growth — it helps to create.

Um, this is just WRONG on so many levels I have a tough time picking a starting point so let’s begin with the premise itself…‘ASSUME a Farm.’

Do you have any idea how far we’d have to roll back the social clock to arrive at a time when the majority of us were farmers?

Try the Civil War!

Um, sans ‘the farm’ Mr. Schiller’s advice is more than a little ‘bankrupt’, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s give the man some credit and back away from the ‘analogy’.

That done, a vast majority of the general public AREN’T QUALIFIED to be heavy equipment operators! (Just as the national ‘repaving project’ undertaken when Obama took office turned into nothing more than a ‘job security program’ for people ALREADY EMPLOYED in the road maintenance industry!)

Does our ‘infrastructure’ need replacing?

Desperately…but the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system doesn’t make this an ‘economical proposition’.

But let’s suppose that the 455 BILLION dollar ‘infrastructure replacement’ program DOES provide 1.9 million jobs, um…they aren’t paying ANY of these workers a million bucks a year to direct traffic…so WHO do you think is getting ‘the lion’s share’ of this public money?

It goes to the ‘contractors’ (and their consultants) for ‘intangibles’.

Did the ‘Big Dig’ REALLY cost 14 billion dollars? Not in materials and labor (although it took plenty long enough!)

It is, however, a perfect example of how ANY given project sees its cost ‘escalate’ when it is done on a ‘cost plus’ basis.

So, what of the ‘infrastructure projects’ that get started but don’t get completed before Obama’s term expires?

They will likely ‘stop in their tracks’.

(Worse, more than half of the money will ‘disappear’ without so much as a shovel full of dirt being moved on over half of the projects…the other half will be paid in ‘forfeiture fees’ for canceling the projects.)

And the projects themselves? Should the contractor leave a gaping hole in the ground, that’s the way it will stay. The contractor will claim they weren’t ‘paid’ to fill the hole back in or restore the worksite to its original condition…

And somehow THAT violates no laws!

Naturally, the ‘elephant in the room’ is the only 2 million jobs this huge public expenditure is expected to create…how does this help the other 6 MILLION PEOPLE (8 million total) that lost their jobs in the waning months of Bush‘s second term?

Why doesn’t bone-head pull the plug on the ‘free trade agreements’, nationalize the housing market (bum-blast the banks!) and cut the workweek in half?

Only the public should ‘profit’ from commerce, not the self-serving assholes that claim to own it!

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