Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

If you step back and look at the bigger picture it is really getting quite frightening out there. Our ‘economy’ is imported and unable to support itself, our, er, ‘Constitution’ no longer exists if you, er, stand up for your rights and this 'anything goes' shit (the rich commit crimes unimpeded while the cops tread on our civil liberties…)

Add it all up and what have you got good citizen?

You’ve got FUBAR good citizen, a system that is both broken and collapsing at the center!

We are literally inches from martial law…which is to ask why, all of a sudden, almost 5 years after the fact, they are ‘protesting’ on Wall Street?

Under the ‘general anger’ and anti-bank sentiment the public is harboring the, er, guilty are getting nervous, ‘anticipating’ if you will.

For yea, verily, there WILL be RETRIBUTION and the guilty KNOW it.

Worse, they live in abject terror of a repeat of what has become to be known as ‘The Horror’ (see French Revolution.)

I’m here to tell you good citizen that it is likely to be worse…on both ends!

Understand that martial law will be the criminal’s ‘declaration of war’ on the general public, and it will be followed by a ‘pre-emptive strike’ to jail the potential ‘leaders’ of the festering uprising.

The list of crimes I experienced locally in the past week is NOT an isolated incident. The ‘desperation’ of the struggling masses is boiling to the surface, disrupting what passes for ‘order’.

While the media currently ‘pretends’ it is not happening they will soon do a 180 and put the spotlight on, er, ‘crime’ (that they themselves are responsible for.)

These crimes are the direct result of THEIR mismanagement!

Justice needs to be re-established…sadly, the ‘go-along to get along’ crowd will (stupidly) engage the rest of us in a battle they cannot win.

Um, I think this sets a record for going ‘off the reservation’ I normally save these tirades for page 2!

ASSUMING the ‘march on Wall St/the banks’ ISN’T a media ploy (And I, for one, think it is) then the criminal class would be getting ‘nervous’, there’s no running from ‘The Giant’, it is everywhere and it sees everything.

Sadly, The Giant is also a little stupid, the criminals have been fooling it easily for…well, time out of mind. However, as The French Revolution proves, every once in a while the criminals overplay their hand…

Then there’s hell to pay.

This, bizarrely, leads us to the ‘end game’. What do the criminals hope to gain by killing off the ‘surplus population’?

The most effective way to, er, extend our rapidly dwindling resources is to kill off as many of the ‘end users’ as you dare.

Kill too many and you endanger future generations (by making the gene pool too shallow…and we can only hope chuckle-head has considered this.)

Unfortunately, we aren’t dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed (or they wouldn’t be attempting this crazy maneuver!)

For once again we need to accept the fact that these people are ‘socio-paths’, they aren’t all there up top.

So…we need to stop them!

Naturally sooner would be better than later.

Let’s get to it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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