Sunday, October 9, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Just as most of us feared, it didn’t take long for the Occupy Wall Street movement to be ‘hijacked’.

Worse, it has been hijacked by the people pretending to be Democrats, here are (allegedly) Five New Rules supposedly drafted by the OWS leadership committee:

1. Corporations are not persons.

2. Money is not speech

3. Tax Financial Transactions

4. Tax all income as ordinary income

5. Declare a moratorium on foreclosures

Do you think banks are hiding behind their ‘corporate personhood’ to shield the guilty from their misdeeds?

Um, why do you think running for public office is ‘expensive?’

What’s the largest single ‘expense’ a politician faces? Media expenses…

Geez bud, why do you think the average schmuck can’t afford to run for public office?

Is money ‘free speech?’ no but if you want to get your message out you’d better have mighty deep pockets. Free Speech is a damn myth that won’t exist until NOBODY owns a media outlet!

So why would the OWS crowd be looking to banish these features from our current social model?

Will it create jobs? Will it stop ‘free trade’? (which is really nothing more than global labor arbitrage…)

Taxing ‘income’ isn’t nearly as important as leveling the income playing field. Until we ALL work for a paycheck the vast majority of us will continue to be screwed by those with the power to do so.

Yet ‘nationalizing’ our commercial sector isn’t one of the demands of those who have been made redundant by capitalism…
If memory serves, the number one concern of the OWS movement is the shriveling employment situation and how to correct it.

Eliminating ‘corporate personhood’ and limiting campaign contributions have done NOTHING to derail the captive nature of our politics!

So why demand them?

I’m guessing the real answer is they aren’t…

The ‘Progressives’ are inserting their own agenda into this nascent movement…which will fall apart if the ‘Left wing’ of the Libertarian movement succeeds in usurping their message.

These kids are (rightly) concerned about an economy that has no use for them. They know the solution to this predicament lays in the law, but none of the alleged ‘demands’ is even remotely related to their stated goal…

No irony should be lost on the fact that the people pretending to be ‘Progressives’ (Democrats) and the people pretending to be conservatives (Republicans) are BOTH, in reality, Libertarians…

The thing the public needs to understand is that Libertarianism has absolutely nothing to do with Liberty…

In fact, the one thing Libbies are really after is ‘freedom from prosecution’…and I mean precisely what I wrote for they are NOT (except, perhaps, in their own minds) ’persecuted’.

Understand, they are strongly ‘anti-government’ because the only thing (sometimes) standing between you and a good screwing is the law.

Who handles ‘the law’?

The same people the Libbies hate the most…which should come as a surprise to no one.

What should amaze you good citizen is how ‘transparent’ this all is and how easily they deflect scrutiny from their nefarious deeds.

I know I come across as a ‘whack job’ myself when I go this far off the reservation but if you don’t stick your neck out, sometimes the truth succeeds in remaining hidden.

The Libbies don’t walk around with an ‘I’m Evil’ button pinned to their lapels (Although they might as well!) Worse, only Tea Partiers openly display their ‘true’ political colors.

They’re Libbies, through and through!

But I digress, a little.

A target you’re not aiming at will escape attack while it continues to cut you to pieces…and I think the ‘non-commital’ OWS know that.

So it is disturbing to me to read this ‘off the mark’ manifesto as a proclamation from the camp that is trying to give voice to what the unheard from majority is experiencing.

The Libertarians could have easily penned this useless tripe!

The thing we need to recognize is that the Free Trade Loving Libbies are the enemy!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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