Thursday, October 6, 2011

Different Something...

Greetings good citizen,

Seems I’m not the only one that is, er, ‘puzzled’ by this, um, ‘delayed reaction’ to the excesses that have become commonplace in our civilization.

Here’s a curious take on what the mainstream media and their political lackeys THINK is going on.

So let me answer it. What they want… is to do exactly what they are doing. They want to occupy Wall Street. They have built a campsite full of life, where power is exercised according to their voices. It’s a small space, it’s a relatively modest group of people at any one time, and the resources they command are few. But they are practicing the politics of place, the politics of building a truly public space. They are explicitly rejecting the politics of narrow media, the politics of the shopping mall. To understand #OccupyWallStreet, you have to get that it is not a media object or a march. It is first and foremost, a church of dissent, a space made sacred by a community. But like Medieval churches, it is also now the physical center of that community. It has become many things. Public square. Carnival. Place to get news. Daycare center. Health care center. Concert venue. Library. Performance space. School.

Few people, though an increasing number daily, have actually taken the time to go through a general assembly, to listen to what the people at #OccupyWallStreet actually want. General assemblies are the consensus-oriented group conversations at the heart of the occupations, where endlessly repeating the speaking of others is the painstaking and frustrating way that the group comes to make decisions. I spoke with a very experienced older DC hand who told me that he hasn’t been because he doesn’t have the patience of the young. This is as different a way of doing politics as distributed computing was to the old world of mainframes. So it isn’t surprising that the traditionalists are reacting as perplexed and dismissive of this new style of politics as the big iron types were with the rise of PCs.

Understand, all of the big names are ‘commenting’ on this true ‘grassroots phenomenon’ but, curiously, none of them are ‘leading’ this foray into civil disobedience…and that says something all by itself.

What does it say to you good citizen?

It ‘hints’ to me that ‘Libertarian gasbags’ are everywhere.

For more than a decade I have been stating that there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the two, er, ‘mainstream’ political parties.

Why do you suppose that is?

Because they’re ALL ‘Libertarians’ masquerading as either Democrats or Republicans!

Is the ‘leaderless’ Occupy Wall Street movement testament to this realization?

They have a point, we really CAN’T trust EITHER political party and because of that our now ‘captive government’ has also proven that it puts its own interests ahead of those of the people.

One is tempted to say ‘the people who elected them’ but it seems I am not the only one who thinks the miniscule 30,000 member ‘Tea Party’ movement didn’t really ‘sweep’ the last mid-term elections…

In this respect, the occupy Wall Street movement makes sense; if we can’t trust the ‘posers’ then we have to have to take the necessary steps to re-establish something that is ‘real’.

Not that the posers aren’t ‘real’, it’s the level of participation they offer that’s fake!

You can almost hear them exclaim, “see ya in 4 years, suckers!”

Naturally, this ‘rudderless ship’ will not, by itself, lead us to safety.

I too am guilty of not being in attendance at any of these, er, ‘protest/demonstrations’, perhaps they really are hashing out which ‘path’ our civilization should take but, as I have just recently opined, neither the mainstream, corporate owned press NOR THE JUST AS DOMINATED ‘Alternative Press’ is reporting these discussions.

I don’t run ‘ads’ on my web page, I’m not in this for the fucking money!

If you see ads, please report them to me in the comments!

But I digress…again.

I find it, er, encouraging (as well as disturbing) that this ‘exploratory’ movement has sprung up from the decaying debris of our dying society.

If only because of the recognition it symbolizes among our youth that the future is up to them.

It says to me that we are NOT as ‘divided as the usurper wants us to think we are.

Here we are, at the beginning of a new presidential election cycle and the corporate owned media is already chanting the same two memes that have dominated the past three election cycles.

One is how ‘divided’ we are (this is NOT TRUE!) and the other is the total absence of any mention of the largest segment of our society, the working class, better known as the working poor!

How did the ‘working class’ disappear from our social dialog good citizen?

Is it because we all (mistakenly) believe we are some variant of Middle Class?

One of the new comic strips in the local rag just recently made this point using the movie theater soda as an analogy.

“What size soft drinks do you have”

“Medium and Large”

Incredulous, the man responds “How does that work?”

The kid behind the counter doesn’t see the problem (or the contradiction it presents) so he doesn’t reply to the question, he goes into defensive mode and responds

“you’re not going to pull a gun are you?”

Well, good citizen, how do you have a middle class that includes everybody who isn’t rich?

We all talk about the poor and the homeless but our politicians don’t…

And that should make us all wonder…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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