Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Economic Justice...

Greetings good citizen,

At the risk of being redundant, the destruction of our civilization proceeds a pace. Naturally, the stock markets continue to ‘defy gravity’ for no apparent reason.

While the media will use the sudden plummet in stock values to invoke panic among the public, the actual event, when it happens, will be as meaningless as the market highs.

And that should say something to you good citizen. Verily, it speaks volumes about the ‘falseness’ of paper wealth.

Not that this dissuades ignorant fools from pursuing it blindly

Finance Industry Elites Still Expecting Hefty Bonuses

If you want to point to one single thing that exemplifies the privileged, insular, infuriating attitude of the financial elites, this will do nicely: 

The onset of what has been described by the Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King as "the most serious financial crisis" in history has failed to dent expectations for bonuses in the City. Nine out of 10 finance professionals expect to receive an annual handout again this year.

The downturn in banking that has forced Deutsche Bank to issue a profit warning and other banks to alter their business plans is expected to be underlined by US firms in the coming days, when JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs report results for the third quarter.

Bad enough our entire economy has been an exercise in ‘creative accounting’ for the past decade but the fact that there’s no way to fix the current mess is only eclipsed by the pretense that there’s nothing to fix!

Those who owe their fortunes to the current fantasy are not at all eager to see the situation rectified.

Worse good citizen, this variety of ‘grasping greed’ feeds on itself, making an already bad situation even worse…and it hastens the collapse in the process!

You see, we are already inside the vortex of shrinking supply due to too few customers.

While ‘deflationistas’ like to frighten you with the ‘bogeyman’ of falling prices and the ‘disappearance’ of money (oddly, if this were a genuine danger you’d think there would be some specific examples…like hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe.)

Wiemar Germany? Nope, hyper-inflation again!

The ‘drying up’ of money only happened under the gold standard, paper currencies don’t suffer from ‘hoarding’.

So why are the ‘reality based crowd’ so convinced the ‘drying up’ of credit is going to result in a physical ‘money shortage’?

The current ‘money shortage’ is indeed being caused by ‘unacknowledged’ inflation, prices are rising to provide the ‘illusion of economic recovery.’

As I have opined before, the ‘push’ for collapse is being driven by the palpable fear of prosecution.

Not that any of them will escape.

Short of the return of Monarchy that is.

I think I speak for the many when I opine that we have gotten used to NOT bowing and scraping and are VERY UNLIKELY to return to such practices willingly.

Which returns us to issue one, how far will you go for a crust of bread?

You better be prepared to find out because the new rulers will be the only ones with any (literal) ‘bread’ to hand out.

And they won’t ‘pass it around’ to anyone who hasn’t proven their loyalty…

The really sick part will be the answer to the first question that should pop into your mind.

Where will the ‘self-serving’ get their hands on bread?

The answer is obvious, it will come from the same place they get everything else, they’ll steal it!

Murder for it is likely closer to the mark…why should the ‘self-important’ change their modus operandi when there is a ‘kingdom’ to be had?

Yes, good citizen…the ‘rich’ really are different from you and I, they are far too ruthless to ever be included in civil society.

And that, in the end, will be their ultimate reward.

(Read about Exile in A Simple Plan if you are uncertain of what this means.)

Speaking of A Simple Plan, I’m somewhat overdue to post an abbreviated version so you can all look forward to that in the coming week.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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