Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you 'Know it when you see it?'

Greetings good citizen,

As, er, ‘usual’, markets around the world are ‘tumbling’ as, er, ‘uncertainty’ grows over France’s ability to keep its economy from sinking…

Naturally, only the most paranoid of sycophants would actually ‘worry’ about the stability of the French economy as opposed to the rest of the globalized world that remains, er, ‘afloat’ solely by the graces of ‘creative accounting’.

But more disturbingly we have this insane situation residing at the heart of our legal system.

Which is to ask do ANY of these ASSHOLES know what CORRUPTION is?

Apparently not:

The parties' efforts to emulate Best Buy, in short, create true Legislative Leviathans. They turn Congress into a jungle where individual members compete frantically for donations. The system also produces top-heavy, cash-rich leadership structures within each party. It ensures that national party campaigns rest heavily on slogan-filled, fabulously expensive lowest-common-denominator appeals to collections of affluent special interests. The Congress of our New Gilded Age is far from the best Congress money can buy; it may well be the worst. It is a coin-operated stalemate machine that is now so dysfunctional that it threatens the good name of representative democracy itself.  [Ha!]

But democratic legitimacy is far from the only value at risk as the 2012 election approaches. Over the long run, the bonfire of inanities fueled by gridlock has encouraged more and more investors and interest groups on the right to keep raising the stakes. Groups like the Club for Growth, the Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute have become ever bolder in challenging Republicans whose conservative credentials they deem suspect. Establishment Republican leaders in Congress, even with all their advantages, have a harder and harder time containing these groups. The leadership only just prevailed in the battle over the debt ceiling this summer. In a globalized world that is increasingly nervous, however irrationally, about budget deficits and sovereign debt repayments, it would be a mistake to underestimate how much havoc a small group of zealots could wreak in the next few months, as taxes and the budget promise to redefine American politics.

The land of ‘many kings’ (that IS capitalism) has proven no improvement over the ’one king’ system, especially after the ’one king’ loses control over the clamoring nobles…

It serves no purpose to launch into another rant about the ‘scam’ we call ‘representative democracy’.

You already know it serves the singular purpose of stripping you of your vote!

NOW, our alleged ‘elected representatives’ are ‘auctioning off’ governmental seats of power!

THIS is done in ‘the best interests of the people‘? WTF!

Let me try one more time (and maybe some of you will get it this time!)

Those elected to public office who then sell that trust for their own personal benefit are guilty of what good citizen? Do any of you know?

There was a while there I’m sure some of you thought I would never shut up about this, er, legal technicality but like pointing out stupidity, I have refrained from screaming it every time it rears its ugly head as of late.

That word I’m searching for (naturally) is TREASON!

Why EVERY elected/appointed official in this nation ISN’T swinging by their necks from the end of a slip knotted rope remains a mystery, good citizen?

I will, once again, add that NOTHING will change ANYWHERE in the world until JUSTICE is restored!

Without justice, ‘hopes’ for better days/times will remain precisely that, hopes.

We need to recognize that corruption is OMNIPRESENT!

And until we root it out, all else will be futile!

Sure. That might makes sense, except it's hard to see with the naked eye. It's even harder to prove. Few would argue unregulated Wall St. greed and excess aren't a problem. But when was the last time you got mugged by banker or came home to find a stockbroker stealing your stuff ? How do we know we're not making Wall St. a convenient scapegoat for our problems?

Here's how. It was laid out in the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job.
The film carefully revealed how the U.S. subprime-mortgage fiasco really was a criminal racket engineered by key players in the financial industry for which the regular people of the world paid, and paid dearly. Due to the abstract and confusing nature of the crime, the guilty were largely rewarded with bonuses and their institutions with bailouts. But eclipsed in the film was a more disturbing and perhaps profound fact. Only 60 years ago, the financial industry was a much smaller part of the North American economy. It has since exploded. While necessary for business, finance generally doesn't make anything except for bland glossy brochures. There's a revealing chart based on statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis that suggests a stunning transformation. The corporate profits of the financial industry ballooned from eight per cent of the U.S. economy in 1948 to 45 per cent in 2002. In short, the financial industry is suddenly dominating the North American economy.

If you have eyes to see then you know the ruthless few have corrupted the government so that they may enrich themselves.

The evidence is right before your eyes!

What is 45% of the, er, ‘shadow economy’ doing working in Finance?

Someone has to play the role of ‘customer’, without customers all commerce is pointless!

The REALLY ‘bad news’ is the longer this charade goes on the more the ‘phantom economy’ shrinks…

Because fewer goods are produced and prices rise as a result…

This is ‘the new normal’.

The economy keeps shrinking and the ‘casualties’ keep piling up on the sidelines…until civilization collapses.

Tick, tock good citizen, how much more time do you think YOU have (because local conditions will vary wildly!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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