Friday, October 14, 2011

Short and Sweet

Greetings good citizen,

Let us begin with the AM rally being enjoyed by the stock markets. The official cause of the rally is said to be due to the ‘superior performance’ of the retail sector.

Just look at this load of BS:

Analysts noted that the retail sales numbers had beaten expectations. Sales rose 1.1 percent in September from August, and 7.9 percent from the previous year — the fastest monthly growth since February. Total retail sales were $395.5 billion.

The report was another sign that the United States economy may be in better shape than many economists thought, said Dan Greenhaus, the chief global strategist at BTIG. The recent rise in stock prices reflects the change in the prevailing outlook, he added.

You know as well as I that the above figures were subjected to some rather serious massaging to produce the, er, ‘desired results’.

Unsurprisingly, data from the nation’s largest retailer casts this data in an entirely different light:

It seems that cash-strapped consumers are not only trading down to stores like Walmart. They are also trading down at stores like Walmart, choosing cheaper brands and smaller sizes.

Of course, the Wall Street crowd sees a silver lining in there somewhere. Otherwise, why else would they be so upbeat on the retailing sector?

How’s that for a ‘reality check’ good citizen? I’m thinking the second story runs a lot closer to actual experiences of the majority of us.

While the NY Times may be the nation’s ‘paper of record’ it is obviously written for a considerably, er, ‘smaller’ audience. (and I’d dare say a more ‘elite’ one than I write for, no disrespect intended, gentle reader.)

Which brings us to the ‘bear trap’ we find ourselves caught in.

We are roughly a year away from the next presidential elections and we find ourselves saddled with an, er, ‘ineffective’ incumbent that is running ‘unopposed’.

How fucking sad is it that we are powerless to do anything about this? (Which is to ask how the hell the ragtag 99% of us is going to cough up the nearly billion dollars it takes to mount a presidential run?

Worse, who the hell are we going to run against the (Libertarian) ‘stacked deck’ entrenched in Washington?

We can all pretty much surmise how we ended up with a Congress filled to the brim with ‘representatives’ who aren’t who they say they are…

Come election day you only have two choices. Half of the time, after you scrape away the paint job, you end up with none.

Of course, we got to this sad state of affairs through the ‘Party System’, where if you want to run as a candidate for either party you must first pass a ‘sniff test’.

The people who perform this process get to decide who gets to run (with Party funding) and who doesn’t.

Politicians are no longer free to respond to the public mood, in fact, so fearful are they of deviating from the ‘Party Line’ that one would suspect they have all been threatened with assassination!

Maybe they’ve been, er, ‘assured’ that straying from the script will result in an unfortunate and unforeseen ‘accident’.

But this crap isn’t pulled until AFTER they win the election…which is why most challengers can still talk a good game.

IF, as the evidence suggests, our political process has been ‘hijacked’ by the self-interested, what, pray tell, should we do about it?

(Here’s were we get our ‘in a nutshell’ version of A Simple Plan.)

As you can see, the problem of ‘captive government’ is a legal one and not a fiscal one. (Although seizing control of the government by default gives you ‘control’ of the monetary system since money is nothing but a ‘legal construct’.)

But I still haven’t answered the question, have I? What the hell are we gonna do about it?

We can’t ‘talk about it’, the captors own the ‘public square’.

The only viable option is to use the ‘power of numbers’…

It will take twenty or thirty MILLION of us ‘parking’ in Washington DC, demanding the elected government ‘stand down’…just like the Egyptians ousted Hosni Mumbarak.

Let’s indulge our fantasies for a moment and suppose like a dog chasing a car, we get what we’re after, the media arranged elected government indeed stands down…

What next?

We make a ‘Leap of Faith’, the ONLY way an equitable system will EVER be established is over the still kicking and screaming corpses of the privileged.

While it would be ‘nice’ to think A Simple Plan would enjoy near universal support, it doesn’t have a prayer of being ‘voted in’, the ‘entrenched interests are too powerful.

We have been played for dupes for so long that there is no reason in the world ANYONE should trust the ‘level playing field’ promised by A Simple Plan.

So, like EVERY OTHER ‘alternative’ out there, A Simple Plan would have to be enacted ‘by decree’.

Just like the founders of the deeply flawed system we are currently saddled with did to us.

Understand, the, er, ‘survivors’ of the Revolutionary War fully expected ‘somebody’ to declare themselves King.

But our founders had been thinking of the ‘bulls-eye’ royalty traditionally hung on the nobility and opted for a ‘different’ solution. A ‘half-measure’ if you will.

The fear being that a government truly run ‘by the people’ would vote itself ‘free food’ (a sentiment that persists to this very day) was avoided by allowing the public to elect ‘representatives’ that would vote for them…

Which was a sham from the start considering the total lack of accountability the current system has.

Worse, they dare to call it an ‘oversight’ (with nothing being done about it for more than two hundred years! That’s some ‘oversight’!)

No-no, you were distracted with the wonderful (although imaginary) Balance the new ‘trilateral’ system possessed!

How do you like that ‘balance’ now?

I could spend hours tearing the current system apart but it doesn’t answer the problem of replacing it so back to the matter at hand.

We ‘establish’ A Simple Plan by fiat/decree with MORE PROTECTION than our humble forefathers had when ‘mock democracy’ was sprung on them.

What protection is that you might ask?

It is the protection of large numbers knowing how things are supposed to work.

In the beginning there will be a minimal number of laws as laid out in A Simple Plan.

Once you familiarize yourself with the plan you will note that few activities are ‘illegal’, because Anarchy is one of the ‘freest’ forms of government possible.

Protection number one is the law itself is beyond the reach of the ‘self-interested’ Beyond the basic precepts that establish Division Society, no one has the authority to decide either what is or isn’t a law or when a law will be enforced and when a law will be ignored.

So we have this ‘blueprint’ that explains how our new civilization operates but we have no new ‘chiefs’…yet.

Life as we know it can be ‘divided’ into 12 broad ‘fields of endeavor’ All of the jobs necessary to maintain a happy, healthy human civilization come from these 12 fields.

Which is to explain that ‘rich people’ ARE NOT ‘job creators’ (given their preference they are in fact ‘job destroyers’!) Only Mother Nature can create a job, wealth has nothing to do with it!

In fact, wealth is EVER and ALWAYS the end result of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!

In our, ‘reformed’ world EVERYBODY gets a paycheck and NOTHING more, the very act of ‘buying and selling’ [for personal profit] is prohibited/criminal!)

You don’t need to set aside funds for ‘retirement’ (that most of us won’t live to enjoy.) Our new society provides cradle to the grave security at zero ‘cost’ to you!

But that’s an extra.

What about our currently ‘saturated’ markets that are being choked off due to excess profit-taking by the financial sector?

Jubilee, Baby!

All personal debt ‘disappears’ along with ‘unemployment’.

Thanks to the highly predatory capitalist system, some people have NEVER had a job and probably CAN’T adapt to becoming a ‘worker’ at this late stage of the game.


And EVERY job will pay ‘a living wage’! (Mostly because your expense picture will shrivel to almost nothing!)

So, everybody works with the work day/week being adjusted to accommodate ‘full employment’. You aren’t going to get ‘rich’ working for the common good but you will enjoy a better life than your parents did. (Unless you’re one of those twisted bastards who gets off on making everyone else miserable…then you’re out of luck!)

No credit and no property ownership so the two biggest drains on your income disappear.

Um, one of the final ‘wrinkles’ of the new system will be the responsibility to vote (directly) on the laws you will live under since ‘legislators’ no longer exist.

Yes, good citizen, we will have ‘leadership’ but they will NOT have the ability to create or alter the law. (Much less exempt themselves from them like they currently do!)

The law belongs to those who must live under it and all laws MUST pass ‘The Golden Rule’ to be a law to be enforceable.

Sounds ‘dumb’ doesn’t it? A rule we all learned as children governing our society but think, good citizen, would we be in the trouble we’re in today if we paid heed to this very basic premise?

I didn’t name it ‘A Simple Plan’ because I thought the phrase was catchy. It really is based on some very simple premises.

One is it is impossible to build a ‘sustainable’ social model if we permit even one person to claim they own ANYTHING we all must share!

(The first fucktard who insists on ‘sharing’ their dirty underwear will be strangled with them!)

(Learn to LOVE that Golden Rule Bucky or you’ll find yourself exiled before you know what hit you!)

Two, the purpose of civilization is to provide its MEMBERS with the bounty of nature, commerce DOES NOT exist to make a few rich!

IF we fail to adopt a system that levels the playing field, we WILL NOT survive as a species.

And if you doubt that just keep on doing what you’re doing.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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