Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

After a series of ‘negative’ closes, the Dow is suddenly, incredibly, up 250 points, wiping out ALL of the negative movement in a single morning!

Like yesterday’s, er, ‘admission’ that only 25% of working aged US citizens had, er, ‘active’ credit cards, this phony baloney movement of the stock market is more ‘worrisome’ than inspiring.

How long can they claim down is up and black is white?

Today’s ‘reason to be cheerful’ is the successful sale of Portuguese bonds.

Something’s wrong here and what it is doesn’t have anything to do with the financial sector.

Although the financial sector is in this up to their eyeballs, no doubt about that!

We have arrived full circle at the ‘quality of information’ crisis where nothing is what it seems and everything is ‘spin’!

The BBC reported last night that the ‘Irish bailout’, like the Greek bailout, was entered into NOT to save the Irish or Greek economies but to bail out the French, German and English bankers who made reckless loans after extracting ‘sovereign guarantees’ from the borrowing countries.

Um, a couple of days ago the Obama administration ‘proposed’ to freeze the salary of government workers in a feeble bid to ‘reduce the deficit’.

Now it seems countries around the world are rolling back their minimum wages as part of new ‘austerity programs’ designed to reduce ‘government debt’.

You can only imagine how ‘insane’ this is considering the problem, as I have stated repeatedly, is due to the accumulation of too much wealth into the hands of those who neither need nor will spend it.

So what do they do with their, er, ‘savings’? They drive up their own share prices!

And we let them do it! (Not that we have the power to stop them, since they ‘own’ our elected officials!)

We are already, er, ‘insolvent’ and reducing the amount of money in circulation only makes this disaster worse…so what the fuck is our government thinking?


So why is it?

Understand good citizen, (here goes ‘the broken record’ again.) ALL MONEY IS FUNNY! ‘Owing’ a billion is no different from owing a quadrillion if your ability to pay depends solely upon your ability to print the necessary funds!

As I keep pointing out, we are long past the point where we can satisfy the demands of the insatiable greed heads. The more you pay them the more they want!

It’s never ‘enough’ as long as somebody else has ‘more’!

Worse! Not only do they have to have the most, but they also have to be certain that nobody else will ever be able to accumulate as much!

Which is to say that this ‘sickness’ truly is ‘irrational’.

Instead of ‘institutionalizing’ these very sick individuals, we let them make the rules! How fucking STUPID is that?

The ‘cornerstone’ of any sustainable economic model is without a doubt the ‘anti-exploitation law’, which prohibits anyone from making their living off of the efforts of anybody or anything else!

No good citizen, our current social model is ‘broken’ only from the perspective of the people it has no place for, those it works for, it works very well indeed!

Perhaps, for once, the Internet will save us from revolting for the ‘wrong’ reason.

We, for some very bizarre reasons, are standing at the nexus which most revolts launch from, which should tell us that we have been ‘pushed’ here, this is where they want us.

The nexus is the point where too much money gets stuck too high up in the economy to keep the rest of the economy functioning. (Now is that 25% of all working people have active credit cards statistic looking scarier?)

This winter we will witness tens of millions of people ‘choking’ on their ‘inability to pay’. Parents watching helplessly as their children both freeze and starve to death because the global economy has no use for them!

Well guess what good citizen, hooray for me and fuck you NEVER works out very well for the heartless bastards who force the dispossessed into that untenable position.

We are long past ‘time to fight back’ yet the media will be ‘shocked’ when it actually happens.

In case some of you don’t see it, we are now as close as we’ve ever been to ‘One World Government’ and hooboy, is that a chilling friggin prospect considering we can’t rein in our own ‘nation states’.

Imagine some of these ‘whack jobs’ with the power to alter the laws on a whim, then to use a global military force to enforce them!

We can’t keep our own houses in order, they have no business placing another level on top of that which will be beyond anyone’s reach!

But one battle at a time good citizen…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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