Friday, December 24, 2010

It could be worse...

Greetings good citizen,

May you all comfort the afflicted while afflicting the comfortable in as much as it is within your power to do so.

Being an atheist doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the opportunity to gather with loved ones and to be thankful for their company.

‘Tis the Season to take stock and reflect upon the year gone by as we ponder what the future might hold.

Regular readers already know what I think is coming down the pike. I suspect most of you are relieved that some of my more dire predictions have yet to bear fruit…

But I’m not backing down.

The ‘incompetents’ running things have managed to pull a few rabbits out of their backsides, temporarily staving off ‘certain disaster’.

I know it’s Christmas eve and most of us have your hearts set on being with those you love for the holiday…but have you been paying attention to the latest about the idiot Pentagon wanting to invade (nuclear armed) Pakistan to go after the Taliban?

Does somebody want to remind me what ‘victory’ in Afghanistan looks like? I’m pretty sure brilliantly glowing nuclear fireballs weren’t part of that mental image.

So the ‘real’ question is whether or not we will be caught ‘flat footed’ as some, no doubt, ‘renegade’ general orders nukes to be deployed to repel the invasion by NATO forces.

Will we ‘fight fire with fire’ or will we ‘take our lumps’ because our supreme commanders are idiots?

Left to your imagination is how the ‘rest of the world’ will react if we lob a couple of submarine based missiles at Islamabad?

Will the other nuclear-armed nations take the third time (ever) that nuclear weapons have been deployed by the US as ‘acceptable retaliation’ or will it be viewed as a ‘step too far’?

Will the US face sanctions for invading a third sovereign nation without provocation?

Just thinking out loud here good citizen but a ‘distraction’ of this nature could provide a lot of ‘mileage’ for those who are pushing a more ominous agenda.

Once again we go to the CO media for a look at the latest spin

The Upside? Things Could Be Worse

Didn’t we hear these exact same words roughly three years ago? And didn’t things indeed get worse?

There is precious little to be thankful for in Mr. Norris’s musings nor has much of what he offers been, er, ‘mended’.

The trillions in bank bailouts are mere band-aids placed upon wounds that go clean through the victim.

The patient is dying and the doctor is pretending all will be well if we simply close our eyes and wish with all of our might!

“Think happy thoughts”, if you will.

Personally, optimism is over-rated if not downright dangerous.

That said, by now most of you think it is me who doesn’t get it. There are third world hell holes everywhere and the people who live in them just suck it up.

Well Bubba, this ain’t ‘everywhere’, this is the most heavily armed nation on earth. With that many guns in the hands of private citizens something’s gotta give

Which is to say, they’re going to ‘try’ to put us into the Banana Republic slot and there is going to be ‘hell to pay’.

Maybe it is fear of being ‘ridiculed’ by the ‘reality based’ community but anybody who doesn’t see this one coming is hardly ‘reality based’, they’re acting more like an ostrich.

Torches, shotguns and they’ve got to sleep sometime…which is to say the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor.

But, again, this is a bridge to be crossed when we arrive there, which will probably be sooner than you think if the boneheads don’t think better of ‘escalating’ an already senseless position in the Middle East.

Probably no post tomorrow but you expected that,

Hope you all have a safe and pleasant holiday,


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