Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama's Hostages...

Greetings good citizen,

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how some people will continue ‘make excuses’ for the nominal leadership of their political party.

This only serves to re-enforce my belief that the whole ‘party’ thing is wrong, especially when it disintegrates into and US vs. Them ‘pissing contest’ that prevents the common interest from being acted upon.

But as we know, the ‘common interest’ conflicts directly with the interests of our self-professed ‘betters’.

(And you KNOW they are our ‘betters’ because they can tie us up in knots while we still don’t have a clear idea about precisely ‘who’ they are…)

Then again, we can probably ‘attribute’ Mr. Krugman’s tenacious defense of ‘Bush’s third term’ to the ultimatum that many journalists now face, “either you do it or we’ll find somebody who will!”

Better to have a piece of a bully pulpit than to ‘grumble in obscurity’ as I do here.

That said, I tip my hat to you, good citizen. If not for you I’d be completely invisible.

Moving along, one of my other ‘favorite’ sources of economic information has this to report:

No. 338: October Trade Deficit, Tax Games
Subscription required December 10th, 2010
• Narrower October Trade Deficit Is Positive Indication for Fourth-Quarter GDP
• Proposed Tax Deal Would Not Forestall the Double-Dip
• Federal Government's Fiscal Woes Would Be Exacerbated

That’s what I like! No bullshit, no acting or pretending that everything is going to be all right. There’s the ‘straight dope’, no quibbling!

Extend the ‘making it worse’ tax cuts and you’re going to cement this nation into permanent ‘Banana Republicdom’.

It’s what each and every one of us understands. There’s nothing to ‘invest in’ and that moisture you feel on your head? That’s not ‘trickle’, it’s tinkle!

First clue? Money isn’t wet!

The part I keep trying to impress upon you good citizen is it’s impossible to ‘bankrupt’ a nation (because money itself is IMAGINARY…although it is conceivable that a nation’s economic viability can be ‘vaporized’ with nuclear weapons.)

That’s the only kind of ‘bankruptcy’ possible. As long as an area is capable of supporting life, it’s not ‘bankrupt’.

So what we’re really being threatened with is actually a ‘mindfuck’. Your access to sustenance is slowly being cut off via their ‘control’ of the money supply.

As we see evidenced in this article

Next time you pass the kettle, remember that Obama and the GOP are wrapping up bundles of $100 bills for the nation's billionaires while one in seven Americans is trying to stretch his food stamps to the end of the month.

One in seven, one in five…it’s all the same. Evidence of ‘gross mismanagement’, justified by claims that ‘we don’t have the money’…like that has ANYTHING to do with it!

The mind is a funny thing. I just had a ‘flash’ concerning the sudden proliferation of ‘zombie’ movies on the airwaves.

The striking part was the resemblance the zombies have to what a (living, albeit starving) person would look like.

Are the assholes attempting to ‘condition’ people to react (violently) to the victims of their mismanagement?

Sadly, there are a bunch of ‘not too bright’ people among us so it’s only a matter of time until we are confronted with the ‘zombie defense’ being raised in a homicide case.

That aside, one can’t help but ponder the state of US politics (nevermind the ‘validity’ of the recent mid-term elections) considering the public’s general revulsion to the ‘December compromise’.

Didn’t I say a couple of weeks ago we’d witness an event that would ‘open our eyes’ to the truth about our situation?

Nothing says ‘Puppet Government’ quite like this unseemly December Compromise does!

W. is famous for publicly admitting that the ‘super-rich’ were his constituency…what’s up with O, our alleged 'man of the people'?

Is this a case of ‘me too!’ or is it worse than it appears?

I leave that for you to decide good citizen.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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