Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thought Experiment

Greetings good citizen,

I have finally solved my ‘personal transportation crisis’ and can resume posting. (Yes, the past couple of days have been crazy, made that much crazier by the necessity of borrowing a small sum of money with a tiny personal income. A feat I pulled off, I might add.)

As usual, a couple of day’s silence leads to a backlog of stories I would have liked to bring to your attention. Some of these were too good to pass up so I’m including them in tonight’s offering.

This particular link leads to a thought experiment reminiscent of the homily ‘be careful what you wish for’ (You just might get it!)

And naturally enough, the wish in question here good citizen is nothing less than ‘Conservative Utopia’ where all of the ‘Red States’ to secede from the Union and start their own nation.

The million marble question is how long would it be before ‘Conservative Utopia’ bore a striking resemblance to that other ‘capitalist paradise’…Somalia?

With that as a given good citizen we are left to ponder just how the ‘one in fives’ regained control of the nation’s purse strings…again?

Worse, it’s looking like ‘Bush’s third term’ is conspiring to hand the White House back to the ‘party of no’ in what should be considered record time…

Last time the Republicans screwed up the nation’s economy they lost control of both houses of congress for forty years, this time they were back in charge in two!

Who do we have to ‘thank’ for this impossibility? The ‘corporate owned’ media, who lies through their teeth every time one of them opens their mouth.

But I belabor the obvious…

Moving along we have this Government Report: Rich White Men Are Most Likely to Survive Nuclear Blast well written article.

The ‘frightening’ part about this story is the release date, it was put out by Obama’s people! We’re almost 70 years into the so-called ‘Cold War’ and they are still getting it wrong!

But that should surprise no one, what do you suppose is wrong with this picture? New York Struggles as Blizzard’s Impact Chastens Bloomberg

Okay, the recent ‘blizzard’ was a pretty big storm…but we’ve had bigger and it didn’t tie things up for days on end. Worse, this isn’t pointing to a labor problem as much as it is pointing to a budget problem.

They have the people to do the job but they obviously don’t want to pay them to get the job done in a timely fashion.

Most ‘snow removal’ is done by ‘contractors’…if you can’t pay the contractors, you can’t hire them…and boy are they mad that they spent all of that money getting their fleets ready for winter!

So next year will be a real snafu!

Did I mention ‘mismanagement’? the whole fucking society is mismanaged but that’s kinda besides the point!

And if that’s not disturbing enough, try this on for size… or this one

Naturally this is why I predict that everyone will be, er, ‘shocked’ by both the scale and the intensity of the violence, once it erupts.

As we approach the New Year we see the clock running out for a large portion of our former society.

What remains to be seen is what the weasels who are responsible for this fiasco intend to do about it…and ‘nothing’ will be a non-starter.

They will be unable to ‘ignore’ the social earthquake of massive human suffering brought on by the combination of their arrogance and their deliberate mismanagement.

The links in tonight’s offering are all ‘signposts’ for those with eyes to see and the wisdom to comprehend what these portents foretell.

Once gain, my time has run out.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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