Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grim and Grimmer

Greetings good citizen,

Since all money is funny, the world’s credit system ISN’T about to collapse (although there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t, we are, beyond any reasonable doubt, bankrupt in every possible sense of the word!)

With that as a given we once again come full circle to the deeply perplexing question of just who, precisely, is the ‘opposition’?

Mr. Rich gives us a peek in this weeks editorial that shines a spotlight on a new political party called the ‘no label’ movement.

Neither ‘right’ nor ‘left’, the no labelers describe themselves as ‘centrists’, just like Bill Clinton.

Um, Mr. Rich does not point to Mr. Clinton in his editorial as even being involved with this new ‘alternative’ but if Billy Boy had a ‘claim to fame’, being a ‘centrist’ was it.

The ability to map out the mythical ‘middle ground’ between the left and the right (and it was usually farther to the right than most lefties were comfortable with.) was Clinton’s trademark talent. Through political ‘triangulation’ he’d get a Republican dominated Congress to do his bidding.

Although in all fairness, Billy boy has been called the ‘best Republican president this nation has had in many years.’

And once again, his actions speak considerably louder and truer than his ‘lukewarm apologies’ do (because fuck head has had to apologize for 90% of what he did during his two terms as president…but hey, ‘puppets’ commonly find themselves ‘at odds’ with their ‘legacies’.)

Just as Obama will find himself at odds with the train wreck that occurred on his watch.

At least the ‘betrayals’ of the next two years will by justified by the Republican majority in the House.

And I’m here to tell you that this is just ‘window dressing’ too.

The Republicans didn’t win back the House; the (CO) media handed it to them.

Something the multi-national corporate crowd will keep on doing until all of the corporate owned media outlets spontaneously combust.

Don’t laugh; that day is probably closer than you might think!

So good citizen, just ‘who’ is the ‘enemy’? Who is the opponent that can’t be reasoned with? If we were to listen to the CO media, it is BOTH mainstream political parties.

Although logic tells us that the corporate crowd gutted the Left wing by eviscerating the unions that made up their base.

Not that this happened in a vacuum, there were plenty of ‘opportunists’ that were more than willing to sell the unions down the river for what turned out to be ‘short money’.

Real short money to the crowd that prints as much as it wants!

But this still doesn’t provide us with an answer. Who would decimate our economy AND destroy our way of life just to stretch out their control of the global economy?

Let me give you a hint…our entire way of life is predicated (based) on ‘cheap and abundant energy.’ When energy is neither, our entire socio-economic model collapses.

UNDERSTAND that without energy MOST of you literally couldn’t do what you do and the rest can’t keep doing what they do for very long because the places people live in become uninhabitable after a few days of no energy.

With this as a given we really SHOULD be doing everything in our power to convert to a more sustainable way of life but NO! That’s not happening and do you really have to wonder why?

The cocksuckers that have you by the short hairs don’t want to relinquish their control over the rest of us.

It is, sadly, that ‘serve in heaven or rule in hell’ thing again… and you can guess which direction they decided to pursue.

Yeah, they see no reason to stop ‘ruling’ us (even though millions will die!)

You see, the bastards ‘owe it to their kids’…your kids can go fuck themselves!

As long as you don’t figure out who is putting the screws to you, you can’t fight back…and that’s how they want it!

Um, as grim as this is, it is far preferable to the alternative. An alternative that says we as a species are too immature to manage our own affairs and if left to our own devices, we WILL destroy ourselves.

Understand that the immature few that are currently in charge of things BECAUSE of their ‘nominal ownership’ of our energy supply are indeed too infantile to accept the end of their reign over the rest of us.

Does ANYBODY own this planet’s energy supply good citizen?

Sadly, some people THINK that they do and that’s all it takes.

We are currently playing a (deadly serious) ‘game’ of stick ‘em up!

If we fail to neutralize this threat to our species the whole situation could (needlessly) get out of hand.

Left to your own judgment is whether or not my ‘assessment’ of the situation is overblown of if I’ve underestimated the danger.

As I have mentioned before, our ‘worst case scenario’ is one where the government simply dissolves itself and nothing takes its place, leaving us in an effective ‘Wild, Wild West where the ones with the guns make the rules.

And there will be a lot of people with guns in the first few weeks of the power vacuum, so there will be a lot of new (and mostly temporary) ‘rules’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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