Friday, December 31, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

It’s that time of year again when we feel compelled to reflect on the past so we may gain some insight into what the future holds…it’s that ancient ‘past as prelude’ thing.

Which is to say the groundwork has to be laid for anything to move forward, even disaster.

That said, some of the, er, ‘preparations’ that have occurred portend for some real dilly’s awaiting on the horizon.

Perhaps the most potent of these are the blatant lies regarding ‘economic recovery’.

We are repeatedly being told that the economy is ‘recovering’ yet the only ‘evidence’ of this alleged recovery is the much manipulated and has nothing to do with nothing Stock Market.

In short, they lie.

As I have pointed out repeatedly, we, as a society, don’t have the luxury of unlimited time for our economy to ‘straighten itself out’.

Let’s call this ‘reality check number one’.

Since there has been no positive forward motion towards the return to economic growth (necessary under capitalism otherwise the system stalls.) there won’t be any.

It’s really that simple. A ‘debt driven’ economy can only expand as long as its members are capable of assuming new debt while successfully discharging their old debt.

Sadly, we have already ‘hit the wall’ because the only variable that can be played with is time…and people are already stretched beyond their productive lifetimes.

Most go to their graves carrying HUGE amounts of debt.

You’d think this would send a signal to the folks managing society that workers needed to be paid more but no! They’re too busy with the global race to the bottom to notice!

More telling is how employers are actually throwing fuel onto this already raging inferno by ‘low-balling’ new hires simple because they can!

Will this be the year we see corporate officers hanging from their own flagpoles?

I’m NOT going to count that as a ‘prediction’, I’m just asking the question.

Did I mention that our society is seriously ‘mismanaged’?

If our myopic ‘betters’ can fuck up this badly, what chance do us ‘lesser beings’ have?

(Understand good citizen that is a ‘rhetorical question’, doing nothing would be a major improvement over the disastrous policies of our so-called ‘leaders’ (which is to say our real leaders ‘sock puppets’.)

Somewhere down the line we lost control of the media (‘de-regulation’ that was intended to prevent the consolidation of media markets is responsible.) and with that, we lost the slender ‘check’ we had on our elected representatives.

This COULD BE turned into a net positive if only because it is not possible to consistently ‘elect’ competent people to public office.

In fact, the current system favors ‘opportunists’ willing to say what the voting public wants to hear then turn around and sell the public’s interest to the highest bidder.

The ‘tried and true’ way to fill a management position is through competition.

But we digress, in many ways ‘A Simple Plan’ is much superior to anything else currently available.

So let’s add reality check number two to the list, we will NOT see A Simple Plan become the law of the land in the next twelve months.

It SHOULD happen tomorrow…but it is HIGHLY unlikely.

If we ignore all of the hand waving the CO media uses to ‘distract’ us, it is easy to see that absolutely nothing has been done to restore vitality to the economy you and I have to live with.

Trillions of, er, ‘our’ tax dollars (basically funny money) has been spent to keep THEIR financial system intact.

And that sums it up Bubba.

The Plan going forward is to let the US drown in its own cesspool while the…er, ‘global investors’ concentrate on opportunities in ‘emerging markets’.

There is nothing to invest in here AND the US market (formerly dumping ground to the world) is no longer ‘important’ to investors and has been, er, ‘abandoned’.

You’d think the weasels would be smart enough to depart these shores before they let the septic system back up but no, it is already well established that money has zero correlation to intelligence.

Which is to belabor the obvious, these people are fucking stupid!
The really sad part is they think you’re even stupider than they are!

It’s time to prove them wrong.

(Which is to say the ones who AREN’T stupider than rocks need to prove the elitists wrong. The rich and vain aren’t 100% wrong, some of them are smarter than some of us.)

So, lets get to the predicting part, shall we?

Since we have gotten this far on ‘stimulus funds’ that are about to dry up, what do you suppose is next on the horizon?

Have we not just witnessed the unplowed streets of New York City as evidence that some municipalities are broke?

Wasn’t there a nationally televised funeral on TV today of a slain police officer and the swirl of controversy over the recently paroled felon who killed him?

And didn’t dipstick just agree to extend the Bush tax cuts for another two years?

How hard do you think the Republicans are going to beat him with that stick?

(Regardless of the fact it was they who forced the issue that caused these funding shortages that lead to the early release of dangerous felons!)

Yup, the Corporate Owned media really did us a favor by putting the Republicans back in control of the House!

The resultant ‘gridlock’ will provide the necessary political friction that the oligarchs need to ‘dissolve’ the current government.

That one we just might see in the next twelve months!

The interesting part will be the ‘series’ of changes introduced in an effort to ‘restore’ an effective government to the soon to be defunct nation.

They have no intention of restoring a government that’s first act would be to execute them all for treason. That ain’t gonna happen…although ironically, the ‘collapse’ of the current government will drive ‘some’ of the people responsible for this fiasco into the spotlight.

Oh, as we have all become well aware of, under the doctrine of ‘Disaster Capitalism’, the US will be nuked by some ‘concerned nation’ (probably China or Russia) and there will NOT be a ‘retaliatory strike’.

Yes, good citizen, these assholes ARE INDEED sick enough to murder hundreds of thousands of people to ‘distract us’ from their real crimes.

We need look no further than our own elite for the ‘true’ terrorists.

How unfortunate is it for the rest of us that these are the same people who are giving our military their marching orders?

There is no greater danger to a nation than ‘entrenched wealth’, this year we shall reap that bitter harvest when the nation we love dies.

Do we have what it takes to restore order and to throw off the yoke of tyranny that money has saddled us with?

This year will be the opening chapter in that epic battle which is to come…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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