Monday, December 13, 2010

Freefall or Dangling?

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Another day, another step closer to the brink…

Our lead story has to do with something that has crossed all of our minds given the headlines for the past couple of years. Should any irony be lost on how the title attempts to paint this phenomenon as an ‘ongoing’ problem?

And this isn’t ‘misleading’, the homeless have flocked to the nation’s more ‘temperate’ regions since the European invasion created homelessness! No irony at all should be lost on the fact that homelessness didn’t exist before the property owning Europeans arrived on the scene!

Phrased this way it makes the ‘colonization’ of the Western Hemisphere sound like a ‘bad thing’, which would lead to accusations of being ‘ungrateful’ for all of the technical advances that are currently threatening to make our species extinct…all so a few could be rich.

Now tell me again how ‘wonderful’ the advancement of civilization has been (and it has been ‘wonderful’…for a few.)

Naturally, the tendency to dismiss such accusations as ‘sour grapes’ sort of pales in the dim light of FUCKING EXTINCTION!

But I digress.

Having shifted the ‘Overton Window’ a few degrees back from its current ‘My way or the Highway’ setting you should now have the proper mindset to ask why situations like this even exist.

Los Angeles Confronts Homelessness Reputation

The article claims there are 50,000 homeless in the Los Angeles area, a metro district that covers 40 square miles.

The first question that pops into your head should be the ‘accuracy’ of that, er, ‘estimate’ considering how ‘inhospitable’ the climate is across the rest of the nation at this time of the year?

If we temper the fact that not everybody who loses their home ends up on the streets, and counter that with the fact that most ‘shelters’ turn people away because they’re full (and then some.) It leaves us to wonder if anyone has a grip, much less a solid understanding of the homeless situation that has plagued CAPITALIST SOCIETY since its inception!

Does the ‘solution’ to this crisis lie in building permanent housing for a fraction of the homeless. (The article proposes to build 12,000 units for 50,000 people.)

No irony should be lost on the fact that there is at least that much vacant housing stock in the greater LA area alone! (Naturally, killing two birds with one stone would never occur to pillagers of public funds, even in the ‘failed state’ of California.)

Perhaps we should count ourselves as fortunate that Halliburton hasn’t been contracted to solve this, er, ‘problem’…

They’d ‘house the homeless’ right quick and they’d do it on the cheap too…which is not to say cheap to the taxpayer. Nope, the taxpayer would still pay dearly but the voiceless homeless would ‘pay’ too!

Which brings us to tonight’s second offering where Mr. Krugman admonishes us to put things in their proper perspective…

Block Those Metaphors

Assuming you don’t want to read the article yourself, he is telling us that the CO media frequently uses ‘improper metaphors’ to describe our economic situation.

Like a system of commerce that is suffering from a dire shortage of paying customers can be ‘jumpstarted’. It ain’t gonna happen no matter how much ‘happy talk’ you use to describe the situation or how often you point to the meaningless Stock Market.

It will take much more than ‘jaw-boning’ to fix what ails this nation.

The ‘bad news’ is the only thing our self-professed ‘betters’ seem prepared to do is ‘talk’.

The road to recovery starts with the arrest and conviction of the criminals responsible for this disaster! (And these two-faced, self-important morons would be only too happy to prosecute the victims of their own ‘deceptive practices’.)

Herein lies the problem of letting the criminals run the Justice System.

Considering the eventual ‘consequences’ of allowing such a situation to continue, you don’t suppose we should do something about it, do you?

That ‘cliff’ I refer to in the opening? It is the leap that leads to ‘Banana Republicdom’.

Again, no irony should be lost on the fact that the last time humanity found itself in ‘bondage’ to its self-professed ‘betters’ it also happened without A.) a choice or B.) a fight.

People thought they were free until they weren’t.

Then the killing started.

Is history about to ‘repeat’ itself? Picky assholes say no but in the end the ‘difference’ between now and then will be like picking fly shit out of pepper.

Worse is this revelation that “Tax Cuts Are Theft”. [Hat tip: Some Assembly Required]

Understand good citizen that much of what is happening today is a direct violation of the longstanding ‘human social contract’.

Those who don’t abide by the rules will have their membership in society ‘revoked’.

A Simple Plan merely re-enforces long standing initiatives that have kept the peace over the centuries. This too is a key factor of any proposal for building a ‘sustainable’ society.

Those how say such a task is impossible want to cheat you!

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