Saturday, December 4, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

It seems the (worthless) stock market managed to drag its ass back into positive territory before yesterday’s closing bell.

What does this mean good citizen? Is the economy actually doing ‘better’ than we ‘think’ it is?

That’s what they’d (the manipulative wealthy) like you to think.

Hell the ONLY evidence we have that the mis-labeled ‘Great Recession’ is over is the (totally nonsensical) run up in stock prices.

Was there any reason at all for stocks to finish in positive territory yesterday?

Short answer: NO!

But they did anyway. Worse, stocks were up some 290 points for the week!

Is this a ‘bad thing’, good citizen?

If you don’t own stocks it didn’t make you richer (and even then, only owning the ‘right stocks’ would benefit your personal bottom line.)

So what about the opposite? The Fed buying up its own bonds and putting you on the hook for it, how does that affect your bottom line?

Remember when a cup of coffee cost 10 cents?

The ‘parallel’ here is the stock market was still under a 1,000 when you could get a cup of coffee for one thin dime.

Understand good citizen you are ‘poorer’ today then you were then. In terms of ‘real purchasing power’ you make only a fraction of what you used to make just a few short years ago…and guess where that ‘buying force’ went?

Yup, the fucking stock market!

In a game that is related to the totally subjective ‘value of a buck’, stocks ‘appreciate’ in value when your money loses value!

What’s the real ‘kick in the balls’ here? The same people who benefit from this cock-eyed situation are the same people who get to decide!

What good is fifty dollars an hour when it only gets you what you used to be able to get for five dollars an hour?
Worse, as your pay doubles, prices quadruple.

Just like the fucking foolish stock markets.

They should be shut down, forcibly if necessary!

Understand good citizen, this is PRECISELY what the government SHOULD BE protecting us from!

The fact that there is absolutely nothing we can (legally) do about this untenable situation is way beyond ‘unacceptable’.

Still, you’d like to think people would come together to fight back BEFORE we start finding children that have starved to death, buried in landfills!

Damn, I honestly don’t set out with the purpose of making these posts as ‘grim’ as I can, it is just how it works!

That said, if you can’t handle ‘grim’ then the future isn’t going to be to your liking.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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