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Truth be told...

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After a day’s respite you should be eager for more…whatever it is that brings you back to this, er, ‘curious’ place.

It seems the ‘theme’ for this weekend is…’Truth be told.’

We kick off our ‘truth-fest’ with this piercing article which belabors what most of us already know all too well.

Under the ‘toeing the line for the sake of credibility’ dictum you will notice that Mr. Galbraith steers clear of the entire ‘puppet’ issue. Perhaps in some distant future historians will contrast the Bush and the Obama administrations to illustrate the difference between a willing puppet and a spineless one…

Moving on to the topic of economic recovery we have this damning commentary regarding what our eyes see as opposed to what the pundits claim is going on:

Cashing Out: Corporate America is sitting on the largest cash hoard it has had in 50 years, because they can see no profit in building more plants or hiring more workers or making more widgets. If a company cannot justify investing its own money back into its own operation, why should I buy stock in it?

That’s right good citizen, those we permit to gouge a living out of our sweat ‘can’t see the point’ in investing in our crumbling nation. A nation that is crumbling BECAUSE the ‘privileged few’ aren’t interested in investing here. Tell me again why extending the (thus far useless) Bush tax breaks are so critical to conservatives? (So critical that they’re willing to shut down the government until they get their way! And the Dinos are likely ‘STUPID’ enough to go along with them!)

Does ANYBODY see this disaster ending well?

It certainly isn’t hiding in this article! that makes a rather elegant argument that the creators of ‘Dollar Hegemony’ have literally ‘painted themselves into a corner’.

These fiscal deficits will eventually lead the U.S., the purveyor of debt-dollar discipline, into a sovereign debt crisis. Attempts to decrease the national debt have been rendered useless by the financial disciplinary system, as it requires private or public credit growth for economic health. Without the underlying private growth, cuts in public spending will most likely make deficits worse and debt servicing costs greater (the current Euro zone crisis is an ongoing example of this dynamic.)

President Obama's laughable plan to double U.S. exports in five years will not even come close to fruition, because debt-dollar discipline has come at the expense of the country's manufacturing sector, and the ability to suppress the dollar's value as explained earlier. The complex disciplinary system has also rendered the political apparatus inflexible, which is why many Democrats, claiming to be against tax cuts for the rich, and Republicans, claiming to be against public deficits, have both agreed to extend Bush's tax cuts (which will cost taxpayers $5T over ten years [2]). It is truly a predicament, an inherent contradiction of the system itself, and can only be resolved by a wholesale simplification of the structures within global disciplinary society [snip]

“advances in electronic communications technology, and have evolved right alongside them. Now, this technology increasingly serves as a means of communicating outside the panoptic gaze of disciplinary society.

WikiLeaks has released numerous electronic documents given to it by informants within the heart of the system, exposing some inconvenient truths about those directing foreign and domestic policies. [8]. These documents are especially threatening to disciplinarians because they are "raw dumps" of data and communications, at least before they are "vetted" and deceptively reported on by the mainstream corporate media. The leaks provide the disciplined public a rare glimpse into the "dark side" of the modern "democratic" state and its complex power structures. [snip]

As the complex structures supporting this financial discipline deteriorate, consumers will have to confront a profound new reality, one that they previously thought to be outside the realm of possibility. They must not only confront the fact that they have been deceptively enslaved, but simultaneously impoverished as well. Part III of this series will discuss the general ways in which financial power structures and disciplined consumers may react to the new realities faced by global society, introducing the insightful thoughts of Gilles Deleuze on what he ominously termed the "control society".

Can you say ‘Off with their freaking heads’?

It is truly no less than they deserve, the question is whether or not we have the ‘stomach’ for such ‘vengeance’. Understand good citizen, the perps are betting we don’t.

But they are also betting that there will be an outpouring of ‘sympathy’ for these predators who were only doing what came ‘naturally’ to them.

This is the identical ‘defense’ the warped and twisted Libertarians use to defend their unbridled ‘selfishness’. The ‘forwent’ their desire for ‘instant gratification’ and now that they ‘own’ whatever it is that you need, you have to pay whatever they ask, even if it is ridiculous!

So I ask you good citizen, is ‘hooray for me, fuck you’ EVER justified?

Not in a ‘just’ society it isn’t!

If you want to live with ‘bloodsuckers’ then be prepared to set aside any claim you may have to ‘justice’. You’ve already chosen to take whatever comes.

Understand it was the same ‘bloodsuckers’ that have perpetrated The Big Shrink upon our nation, making you a ‘captive audience’ in the process!

Remember, their entire ‘philosophy’ (if that’s what you want to call it) is centered on ‘hooray for me and fuck you!

In a telling sidebar we have this story from the world’s number 2 economy…

China’s Army of Graduates Struggles for Jobs

Geez Louise, I thought only students in the US were suffering from a chronic ‘lack of opportunity’ that conservatives keep confusing with ‘laziness’. Kids should stand up and take the bull by the horns like these ‘enterprising individuals’ did!

No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own

But, alas! This brings us full circle to the reason ‘capitalist utopia’ CAN’T EXIST!

There just isn’t enough ‘market share’ to go around.

Most telling would be a follow up story about how these ambitious youngsters are doing this time next year. Should we take bets on how many of them will be ‘bankrupt’ by then? (Statistically, this figure already stands at 99 out of 100. an overwhelming majority of 'start-ups' DON'T SURVIVE their first year...for precisely the above stated reason, failure to capture sufficient market share!)

It takes a certain ‘ruthlessness’ (of the variety described in ‘The Godfather’) to ‘succeed’ in business.

This is a situation that can only get worse and has already ‘trickled down’ to the ‘Mom & Pop’ level.

The more ruthless this situation becomes the worse your standard of living gets. The ‘blood’ they suck has to come from somewhere and it’s all about ‘capturing’ markets.

Oh, but wait, I’m being ‘unfair’. Wittle capitalists are only trying to make a profit (if you bleed to death in the process, tough! Maybe you should have gotten a better paying job when you had the chance! Yeah, like that opportunity hung around for more than a nanosecond or was even remotely genuine in the first place!)

Because regardless of how things work out, it is ALL your fault! You shouldn’t have let these greedy pricks get away with ripping you off in the first place!

You should have demanded better pay AND lower prices, there should be no such thing as a ‘rich’ person but that assumes we live in a society that is far better 'managed' than the one we have…

Well, it’s never too late to try again…and I’d opine that the sooner we got cracking, the better!

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