Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Talk (again!)

Greetings good citizen,

Are you ready for another peek as to how close we’re getting to the proverbial drain we’ve been circling?

In as much as we can appreciate how ‘employees’ are required to do what the person cutting their paycheck demands of them, at what point do those demands become ‘unreasonable’?

Is this where we should draw the line? Tax Breaks Bring Hope for Hiring

Isn’t this ‘identical’ to the billions of dollars worth of tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration that resulted in a net loss in the size of the overall workforce?

Talk about ‘Happy Talk’, the article enumerates a grand total of five jobs this ‘tax break’ will allegedly ‘create’ and the word ‘temp’ keeps popping into my consciousness for some ‘déjà vu’ type reason…

Isn’t insanity DEFINED as doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different outcome?

Let’s not pull any punches here as we ask ‘is Barrack Obama insane?’

I’d opine no BUT I’d qualify that with by adding that I fear the people he listens to are a few cards shy of a full deck…if you know what I mean.

‘Tis the Season to contemplate how this ‘rich man, poor man’ bullshit has overtaken the ‘purpose’ of civilization.

The purpose of civilization is not far removed from the (true) purpose of commerce.

Civilization exists not to protect those who lay claim to all that they see but to protect the interests of the species and provide for their well-being, not just for the few but for ALL.

Treason starts with ‘I cut your paycheck so you have to do what I say’.

The moment this kind of thinking enters the civic arena, civilization becomes a ‘Bum Deal’.

It’s the ‘deal changer’ that re-purposes the focus of society from what’s good for all to ‘what’s good for me’.

As you can see, when the focus shifts, things start to fall apart.

What must puzzle some of you greatly is why nobody in a position of power seems to grasp a simple thing like economics.

They protest that it’s ‘complicated’ but that’s what anybody putting the screws to you always says.

You do what needs doing whether you get paid to do it or not, that is ‘fundamental truth’ number one.

Why do you get paid to do some things and not others?

Sadly, the answer here is too straight-forward, because nobody can figure out how to make a buck off of it. (The number of people willing to pay you to do what they can easily do for themselves isn’t large enough to justify the effort.)

This brings us to fundamental truth number two, there aren’t enough hours in the day for everybody to do everything that needs doing personally…this is where money comes in.

This marvelous little invention makes it possible to buy the things you don’t have the time or the talent to do/make for yourself.

This also creates a different problem. How much should you give up doing yourself and how much should you buy?

‘Ideally’ you’d buy everything, it’s what ‘rich’ people do!

Sadly, without a reliable ‘income stream’ it is not possible to buy all that we need…and worse, there aren’t enough income streams out there so everybody can have their own.

You can neither buy (nor sell) from an empty cart.

Here’s a bit of ‘economics 101’ that most of us are left to figure out on our own. It’s better to be the ‘employer’ than the ‘employee’ but this brings us full circle to that other part of the puzzle, the one where there aren’t enough ‘income streams’ to go around.

To make matters worse, who decides how much money is introduced into the economy at any given time?

You’d think the ‘all knowing’ central bank would have a handle on this but the answer is no, the bankers themselves just make this shit up as they go along!

That’s how the global economy got up to a quadrillion dollars and nobody knew it until it started to fall apart!

This, ironically brings us to ‘fundamental truth number 3’ ‘ALL ECONOMIES ARE LOCAL’.

If your local economy isn’t ‘robust’ enough to support the population it WILL collapse!

Why, in this vast economic wasteland, are some areas doing ‘okay’ while others have been decimated?

Again, the answer lies with the ‘moronic’ banking system.

Money (as I have told you countless of times now) is FAKE! IT IS A ‘MARKER’ OF NO REAL VALUE EXCEPT TO REGULATE ACCESS.

So why is there money here and no money there? Because the moronic bankers put the money there!

For some bizarre reason nobody thinks it is peculiar that South Dakota, the ‘usury capital of the US’ (thanks to W.) is thriving while the rest of the nation watches in horror.

Yep, the most ‘under reported’ phenomenon not heard in the media today is precisely when this nation became a bank.

To listen to the pundits tell it, this occurred back when the Bretton Woods treaty was ratified.

Funny how we simultaneously saved the world from fascism by handing over the global economic system to fascists!

And look what they’ve done with the place since!

Ignorance, suffering and poverty abound everywhere you look, even right here in the ‘mighty’ USA…better known as (Yo)U Stupid Ass!

Money isn’t the problem, it’s never been the problem because, as you can now see, they can print up as much as they want, whenever they want to and its value is capable of defying ‘gravity’ (which should give you an idea about both Zimbabwe and Wiemar Germany. Money only goes ‘bad’ when the idiots want it to go bad because the rest of you are fucking clueless!)

It’s a damn dangerous game and when the plug gets pulled, no one wins.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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