Sunday, December 26, 2010

Liberty deficit?

Greetings good citizen,

Just finished my last minute preparations for the oncoming storm…and there are more than a few things I’m just gonna have to live with.

But enough about me, it’s all about YOU (and the sooner everybody else catches on, the smoother these things will go!)

I trust YOU had a splendid Christmas (for those of you who celebrate such things. Ironically, if you’re a capitalist, Christmas is sort of forced upon you whether you want it or not since the majority of the capitalist world is Christian. [There’s something inherently contradictory about calling the communist Chinese ‘capitalists’ although their leaders seem to wear the label comfortably!])

How much irony is there in the fact that the ‘free world’ is undergoing a decidedly ‘radical transformation’ in the opposite direction?

Thus says this article from Alternet regarding Obama’s Liberty Problem

Constant reader already knows about my belief that the ‘ballot box of freedom’ is useless once it becomes obvious that no matter who ‘wins’ election they take their marching orders from the same inbred clique…

How else do we reconcile the stunning ‘sameness’ of two supposedly polar opposite political parties? One that made no bones about openly declaring the ‘super rich’ as his constituency while the other promised ‘change you could believe in’ and yet he has changed nothing!

The part one marvels at is how both, um, leaders have molded themselves perfectly into the profile of ‘candidate for assassination’ but neither one has had so much as a single failed attempt on their lives!

Is this super efficient security or the realization that there is a whole closet full of puppets standing ready to take either of these clown’s places?

So why bother?

Not for nothing good citizen, what we have here is a perfect illustration of just how ‘precarious’ our position is.

The individuals cease to matter, in deference to the current president, he may not go along with ANY of the bewildering crimes that are being attributed to him, but he’s in NO POSITION to stop what is happening.

HE does not control the media, those who OWN the media control what we all see and hear…and by extension, what we believe.

I am of the rabid belief that there are certain things that NOBODY should ‘own’ and the media is one of them.

There is nothing more crippling to a society than a ‘for profit’ media because the ‘truth’ becomes secondary to solvency.

What good is a ‘watchdog’ that fails to bark because the thief is holding a bowl of food?

This is the sort of thing the rabid capitalist calls ‘nitpicking’ (until his freedom is endangered, then it’s a ‘liberal scandal!’)

Leaving us with what has become an increasingly interesting question, who the fuck are you gonna vote for come 2012?

The Republicans caused this mess and the Demo-rats have twiddled their thumbs idly as the criminals have laughed all the way to the bank!

What about ‘justice’?

It is rapidly becoming apparent that ‘justice’, like freedom and liberty have become just another word, a ‘relative’ term at best.

How does one demand justice when no crime has been committed?

Short answer, you don’t.

Which leaves you where, exactly?

Your guess is as good as mine and I ain’t going there…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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