Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Hope...

Greetings good citizen,

The quicker people accept the inevitable the quicker we can move on to the next phase of, er, civilization.

How unfortunate is it that the ‘one trick ponies’ currently in charge of this train wreck have no ‘plan B’?

Their solution, such as it is good citizen?

Start over from scratch. The only thing they have to offer is the exact same thing that just failed spectacularly!

Only the next time will be ‘different’.

Let’s paint a picture for you.

How likely do you think it will be for them to even be able to ‘start fresh’?

Which is to ask how much of the old system will be ‘torn down’?

(Even if it is only ‘eyewash’…)

Will we get a ‘new’ electoral system?


Will we even be ‘represented’ in a new government?

Unlikely (re-establishing monarchy or a monarchy like regime doesn’t leave a lot of room for ‘participation’, ‘fealty’ is a whole different subject. Note: insufficient fealty is often fatal.)

Not that I personally would be around to see such an unseemly, er, ‘return to the past.’

I will opine that ANYONE that even SUGGESTS we’d be ‘better off’ under monarchy should be ‘put to death.’

But I think the same applies to those who support ‘republicanism’ that only provides the ‘illusion of participation’ that so many seem to love (despite having suffered for their foolishness all of their lives.)

But I digress, there is a lot of distance between the collapse of the old and, er, ‘deciding’ what comes next, (which, if you’re not careful, you will lose out on too.)

In fact I can tell you right here and now that the plan, as it stands, is for you to have absolutely zero say in ‘what comes next’. Your choices will be ‘obey or die’.

Kinda like now.

The point Mr. Panzer is trying to make is one I have stated repeatedly.

“There NO WAY we can use the system we have to repair the current system. The necessary tools don’t exist.”

Worse (and it’s always ‘worse’ with me, isn’t it?) The very nature of capitalism and the entire concept of ‘ownership equals freedom’ is so divorced from reality as to be insane!

‘Either you own or you don’t belong here’…well, I hate to tell you bud but your concept is flawed, them that ‘don’t belong’ don’t have anywhere else to be.

Not your problem says you?

Bad news bubba, there’s 10 of ‘them’ for every one of you.

And they’ve got nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem with the ‘indefinite future’, it’s not here yet so there’s nothing concrete to rail against.

Much of my ranting is aimed at ‘probable’ outcomes.

But let us return to what will most likely be billed as a ‘re-boot’.

How much of what currently exists will have to be wiped out to convince the public that the changes are ‘genuine’?

As I mention above, I am not the only ‘whackjob’ pondering this problem. Somebody is already implementing, or should we say ‘paving the way’ for the next ‘generation’ of government.

Which brings us to the question ‘is globalization sufficiently advanced to, er, ‘justify’ a global government?

It’s a debate that is as old as civilization itself. One world government would ‘theoretically’ eliminate war.

The obvious problem is one of ‘responsiveness’, we can’t get local government to ‘respond’ to our needs/actual conditions on the ground, how can we, er, ‘trust’ a global government to manage our affairs?

Worse will be the farce of ‘electing’ representatives to a global government. Who the hell is qualified and if they ‘mis-represent’ the will of the people, then what?

Neither question has a good answer. Imagine what a campaign for global office would cost. Who do you suppose would have the ear of the titular ‘global overseer’?

You don’t suppose it would be the ‘multi-nationals’ who already dominate national politics around the globe?

Let’s return to the initial question of how much of the current set-up would have to be, er, ‘swept away’ in order to convince you that ‘something better’ was in the works (so you would restrain yourself and others from burning the current commerce network to the ground?)

As you can see, moves to ‘muzzle’ the Internet have begun in earnest.

What’s at stake here is precisely what I point out above (a general uprising) caused by someone like myself pointing to the proposed changes and exclaiming ‘Are you fucking shitting me?’

Did I mention your choices would be limited to ‘obey or die’?

Well, there is a third choice good citizen, there always is, especially when the alternative is ‘you’d be better off dead’.

You can (and most likely will) fight.

Doesn’t matter if you can ‘handle a gun’. Most of what needs doing can be accomplished with a simple book of matches.

Consider yourself ‘armed and dangerous!’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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