Thursday, December 9, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

I know only too well how difficult it is to frame a debate so there is no mistake about the subject at hand.

In tonight’s first offering we have a reiteration of a point of view that I ‘pontificate’ upon frequently…although I don’t try to pass myself off as a ‘reality based, average guy’.

I provide the excerpt below as a ‘quibbling’ point:

It strikes me that the solutions offered by the Federal Reserve-policies of quantitative easing and of corporate bailouts and "printed" monies for food stamps and unemployment insurance and Medicaid, etc.-that these policies are poorly disguised attempts to let the rest of the world devolve into global austerity-driven conflict, while America uses the extra time bought by such policies to eventually pursue "righteous and just" wars; wars fought on foreign soil, to clean up the mess and to once again come to the rescue and to make the world a better and safer place for humanity.

You’ll get no argument from me that war, when it comes, will be dressed up in ‘wolves’ clothing’. That much is a given. Just like the ‘War on Terra’, we will be admonished to make certain ‘sacrifices’ for the war effort. We’ll probably be asked to go shopping (again.)

But war just ain’t what it used to be, is it?

But there’s a little, er, ‘flaw’ in the logic here because the ‘sides’ in upcoming conflicts are definitely not ‘equal’. Which is to point out the ‘N’ factor, which is ignored here.

Then there’s the alleged/assumed ‘altruism’ at play here, that we’re going to gird ourselves for battle in order to preserve and protect ‘The American Way.’

Given the recent ‘death’ of the American Dream, won’t that be a rather ‘hard sell’?

It will be quite difficult to convince people who have their heads being held in a vise by government supported bankers that they should lay down the lives of their children so the bankers can keep on raping the people of this nation with impunity…don’t you think?

Isn’t this what ‘America’ has become?

Makes you want to march down to the polling place and cast a ballot for ‘none of the above’ (as Joe Bageant proposes) or ‘fuck this bullshit!’ as I propose…

Before we commit the lives of our youth to another, er, ‘foreign adventure’ it is high time we asked them to perform some desperately needed ‘police work’ our own backyard. While it’s always dangerous to go shooting up the neighborhood, some things just can’t be helped.

Pay me now or pay me later but pay you will…(or 'freedom ain't free!)

So yes good citizen, there will be ‘war’ (especially if the ‘empty suits’ propose that we invade yet another defenseless nation for the purpose of ‘fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here!’)

Worse, chances are excellent that our own streets will already be ‘running with blood’ long before we are, er, ‘asked’ (by legislators who don’t listen to us) to defend our (alleged/imagined) ‘freedom’.

Perhaps pursuing policies aimed at "extending and pretending" is in fact better than the alternative. Perhaps continuing on the clearly unsustainable, and I would argue eventually disastrous, path of debt monetization in order to extend unemployment benefits to those without jobs and in order to provide food stamp subsidies to those without any other way to feed their children and in order to fund health care benefits for our nation’s elderly and infirm; perhaps that is the better choice-at least for the near term, in the eyes and hearts of our political leaders, as a way to prepare the nation for the inevitability of the great wars to come.

Perhaps you can see now what ‘stuck in my craw’ regarding certain assumptions made by the above article.

Statements such as “I am a nominal man with a pretty good understanding of how things work in the real world.” Tend to raise ‘red flags’ in my suspicious little mind.

Me? I’m a whack job who readily admits that I see things far differently than the ‘average’ person sees them. I’m neither a ‘Lefty’ nor a ‘Righty’ but tread that mythical ‘middle ground’ that all anarchists walk.

Talk about subjects for another post, it tickle me to no end to see veritable Nazi’s being described in the CO media as ‘centrists’.

Let me assure you good citizen, there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘capitalist centrist’ just as there is no such thing as a communist ‘centrist’.

So where is ‘the center’?

Like I said, that is a topic for a post all by itself.

I (once again) find it ‘interesting’ to see ideas that I put forth for your consideration ‘popping up’ in other places.

Maybe now is a good time to reiterate the notion that I don’t see this ‘ending well’ for anybody that ‘admires’ capitalism…

Finally, in yet another Man bites dog story, we have this offering that belabors the obvious.

How does a government that is dependent on collecting taxes for its survival manage when it fails to prosecute its richest citizens for turning the nation into an economic desert?

Looks like the ‘short answer’ (it doesn’t) is the correct answer once again!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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