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Greetings good citizen,

You don’t suppose there was any reason for the opening of the Davos conference yesterday ‘coinciding’ with last night’s performance of ‘Barack in Wonderland’ , do you?

Okay, it’s an election year but the fact remains he would have scored a lot more points with the electorate by telling it like it is than he did by simply regurgitating the bullshit the oligarchs have the corporate owned media spew!

But naturally, I expect too much! Reality dictates that the only ‘truth’ discussed last night was the ‘official’ truth, as it is handed down to us by our lords and masters.

Even the ‘Progressive’ take on last night’s speech is more than a little disturbing:

In the final State of the Union message President Barack Obama will deliver this term, he came out swinging against the obstructionism of Republicans in Congress, and spoke to the growing gap between America's rich and poor.

With a delivery that often sounded like he was imploring America to believe in itself again, Obama gave an address that may not have been his most inspirational, but got the job done. He laid out a strong case for his programs and his administration’s efforts to revive the economy, and made the GOP look small and petty at the expense of everyday people.

As any of you who watched last night know, there were two ‘shows’ in progress, one of words and the other of actions…along with many ‘curious’ (as well as telling) facial expressions.

If the Republicans were ‘embarrassed’ by any of the president’s accusations they did a mighty good job of covering it up!

They also demonstrated for the nation their ‘hive mentality’ by rising and (most conspicuously) NOT rising ‘in lock step’ throughout last night’s speech. They did this with such ‘perfect precision’ that they had to have been told ahead of time which individual they were to mimic! (I’m guessing it was Beaner-Boy!)

I mean seriously good citizen, it was exactly like watching the Borg in action!

Okay, we covered the ‘robotic action’ but did you ever see such a collection of people that ALL looked like ‘deer in the headlights’?

And I’m sure we’d all like to know what was going on in Hillary’s head, given her sour puss through most of last night’s speech!

Moving on:

Hearing the Base
The president, it seems, has heard the hew and cry from his base, coming out strong against the banks, and laying the economic devastation he inherited at the feet of his predecessor.

Now how ironic is it, good citizen, that the very same publication this came from announced yesterday that the President was a Democrat with ‘conservative values’?

That his base was not ‘liberal democrats’ but ‘conservative independents’!

Which brings us full circle to the question of just who the fuck are these ‘progressives’ and what, specifically, are they selling?

(Because it is suddenly obvious that there is no such thing as a [genuine] Democrat OR a ‘liberal’ in politics these days!)

The Democrats of FDR era are history good citizen…and they were forced out of politics entirely by the same ‘big money’ that brought us Citizens United!

The broom of the (capitalist) ‘Reagan Revolution’ has swept very clean indeed!

And THIS is what it left behind:

Republicans Bearish on America

It is customary for any president, in delivering this annual speech to a joint session of Congress, to say, somewhere near the top, "the state of our union is strong." Obama held a variation of that line until the end, starting instead with the more tentative, "the state of our union is getting stronger." However, when compared with the GOP response, delivered by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, that was outright cheerleading. Daniels called the state of the union "grave." Not even Herman Cain (you thought he was gone?) went that far in his Tea Party Express response to the state of the union. (Cain simply said the state of the union was "not good.")

How disturbing is it good citizen that these virtual robots have been, er, ‘handed’ the high ground of stating the truth about the economy that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DESTROYING?

Well, that was the, er, ‘Progressive’ take on last night’s SOTU address, here’s what the so-called ‘liberal media’ had to say:

Declaring that “we’ve come too far to turn back now,” the president used his final State of the Union address before he faces the voters to showcase the extent to which he will try to contrast his core economic principles with those of his Republican rivals in a time of deep economic uncertainty. While many Americans remain disappointed with the state of the economy and the president’s handling of it, Mr. Obama nonetheless tried to bring into relief the difference between where the country was when he took over and where it is now.

“The state of our union is getting stronger,” he declared in time-honored tradition. “In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs.” He pointed to renewed hiring by American manufacturers and — borrowing the “built to last” phrase from the auto industry he helped save — he sketched out, albeit vaguely, what he called a blueprint for economic growth in which the wealthy play by the same rules as ordinary Americans.

Republicans challenged Mr. Obama’s assessment of the economy, and asserted that his policies had made the situation worse. But with their own poll numbers diving, Congressional Republicans were subdued in their response to the speech, careful not to boo or seem disrespectful. And the president disputed their claim that he was practicing the politics of division.

You mean last night’s performance could have been worse?

It’s one thing to have yahoo partisans disrupting public events but everyone at last night’s event was there by invitation…and simple logic dictates you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself or your party on NATIONAL television with childish behavior!

Although it is hard to say which would be more disturbing, their unnatural ‘acting in unison ’ routine or booing and cat-calling ‘on cue’?

I, personally, was freaked out by the robot act, it’s one thing to be bat-shit crazy and quite another be bat-shit crazy AND a mindless robot!

It really makes you wonder just who is on the other end of the remote controls?

Looks like we’re headed into ‘overtime’ good citizen, please accept my apology in advance.

I’d like to begin by pointing out the obvious, that these sons of bitches are purposefully ‘tap dancing on a land mine’.

The global banking system is broken beyond repair…which is why NOTHING has been done about it for almost five years.

This is a ‘ticklish’ issue for someone like me who preaches that money is essentially meaningless.

How can the global banking system be ‘broken’ if all money is ‘funny’?

Here’s a topic I seldom touch upon as it is the ’lynch pin’ of all monetary theory, it is a given that everyone ‘understands’ this…

All money is ‘faith based’, it is your ‘belief’ that it is worth something that gives money its value!

This is why ‘counterfeiting’ is illegal.

If everybody could just ’print what they needed, when they needed it‘, nobody would do squat beyond whatever effort it took to print more money…and in jig time, there wouldn’t be anything left to buy!

Nobody calls these ‘synthetic forms of credit’ money because to admit they were money would be to admit they were counterfeit…and void the whole pile of em at once!

Instead of ‘voiding’ the whole mess (like they should have back in 2008) they let the banks, er, ‘unload’ them on the public via the multiple ‘rescue mechanisms’ establish by the world’s central banks to ‘rescue’ the banks/insurance companies/retirement funds of millions of workers.

And yes, good citizen, this was/is fraud on a massive scale.

There ‘should have been’ (and likely will be) hangings over this…but the ‘rot’ goes all the way up to the top…(how sad is it good citizen that none of us knows where that ‘top’ is anymore?)

So to ‘say’ the economy is recovering is, as we all know, a boldface lie!

Even more fantastic (given the whole OWS movement) was the claim that ‘more education’ could turn an already bankrupt dynamic around!

They have been preaching that exact same LIE since I WAS A KID!

If education was the solution they’ve had more than fifty years to prove it works…and today we’re witnessing the ‘end result’.

Worse, they cried last night because kids these days aren’t pursuing careers in engineering (and they haven’t been for years…because there ARE NO JOBS!)

Why the fuck would you waste your time and accumulate debt you can’t possibly repay (doing the minimum wage job you will eventually sell your soul to get?)

Because some clueless politician told you it was the ‘right thing to do’?

You will do your children a far greater service good citizen if you teach them how to lay traps and more importantly, how to spot them!

The future belongs to the prepared…and increasingly it is looking like the future will belong to the ‘scavenger’ who can outwit the technically advanced but otherwise dim- witted robot.

Which is to say that I found last night’s speech to be ‘disturbing’ on oh so many levels.

We aren’t out of the woods yet good citizen…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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