Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Escape!

Greetings good citizen,

There are certain indicators that tell me we are approaching the end of the, er, ‘peaceful transition period’, if you posit, as I do, that the election of Tricky Dick Nixon and the subsequent Reagan Revolution was more than just a major, er, ‘political adjustment’ in this country.

I know I am not alone when I tell you that the Nixon presidency marks the beginning of current ‘the Imperial president’…and what others have termed ‘the American Empire’.

Why bother rehashing history?

Because it is instrumental toward understanding how we got where we are today.

Here’s a snapshot of just where that is

No. 411: December Employment and Unemployment January 6th, 2012

Seasonal-Adjustment Problems Spiked Jobs Growth,
Seasonal-Adjustment Revisions Artificially Lowered Unemployment Rates

December Jobs Reading Remained Well Below Pre-2007 and Pre-2001 Recession Levels

December Unemployment: 8.5% (U.3), 15.2% (U.6), 22.4% (SGS)

Money Supply M3 Annual Growth Tops 3.0% for First Time in 28 Months

FLASH UPDATE: December Payroll Seasonal-Adjustment Problem January 6th, 2012

Seasonal-Adjustment Problem Inflated December’s 200,000 Payroll Gain by 42,000

Certain aspects of ‘the new normal’ have become so universally accepted that people don’t question them…and that is what makes positive change so difficult.

Because certain ‘memes’ appeal to your own sense of greed and thirst for revenge otherwise repellant outcomes become cherished ‘hopes for the future’.

If you ever hit that damn lottery are you ever going to rub their snooty noses in it!

Being the third day of beating this particular drum, I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing what you already knew, that the 200,000 ‘gamed and temporary’ jobs DID NOT ‘save the economy’.

And this is another of the ‘signs’ that tell me the, er, ‘end’ is near.

Which is to point out that the end of life as we once knew it will be marked by a media that is totally divorced from reality. People will start disappearing and the media won’t say anything…even when highly visible people simply, er, ‘vanish’.

Yes good citizen, under a totally corrupt environment, even celebrity is no protection!

And if you don’t have a ‘private army’ at your command, nobody’s going to risk their ass to spring you either.

Yup, mark your calendars good citizen! 2012 will mark the beginning of ‘the end of Western civilization’ although no irony should be lost on the fact that its collapse is due to the exact same factors that have brought down every other, er, ‘empire’ before it.

The ‘wildcard’, good citizen, is how long will the period of ‘barbarism’ (after the collapse) last?

Naturally, that all, er, ‘depends’.

Will the, er, (totally fucking bonkers) usurpers turn our nuclear stock pile on us to, er, ‘ensure’ their flight from justice or will we dodge that bullet?

Depends on how, er, ‘secure’ the ‘fail-safes’ are…

I guess this is where we will see if our founding fathers, er, ‘faith’ in men, ‘both good and true’ was well founded…or not.

I’m predicting a ‘mixed’ result…with the ones who don’t fire being the ones whose targets would yield the least loss of life.

But that is still in the yet to be determined future.

Although, one of the factors we should all find troubling is the total lack of any, er, ‘alternative’ game plan being promoted, even underground.

The now vanished OWS did nothing more than polarize public opinion against the, er, ‘one percent’…(when the top ten percent is just as guilty!)

Of course the leaders of the OWS movement are in fact the children of the top ten percent…and it really wouldn’t do to see mommy and daddy headed for the gallows.

But I digress…

Let us shift mental gears here back to the original topic the monopolization of the global economy

If I were to ‘pick a nit’ with Ilargi it would be over his cumbersome terminology. He waxes poetic about ‘decentralization’ while attempting to sway the reader against the consolidation of market share that is monopolism.

But, you say potato and I say potatoe…same difference (to you or me but the damn Indian English dictionary used by spell check flags it!)

Oh well.

The, er, most pressing problem before us at the moment is how the criminal bankers plan to escape prosecution while keeping as much of their ’loot’ as they can…

We’ll find out soon enough.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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