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Monday holidays provide us with back to back Sundays, the markets are closed (here in the US.) The markets that are open elsewhere aren’t doing so well…which should surprise no one.

Considering our globalized form of capitalism is based on the ‘consumer society’, much was made recently in the corporate owned media over the ’strength’ of consumer sales over the holiday period.

Most of us scratched our heads, wondering what planet this impressive news was coming from. Most of us knew the ’year over year’ improvements cited by the media were the result of a significantly smaller field of retailers who captured more ’market share’ because their competitors had perished.

As evidenced in the following report:

No. 412: December Retail Sales, November Trade Balance January 13th, 2012
Make-or-Break Month for Retailers Was Flat-to-Minus,
Both Before and Likely After Adjustment for Inflation

Worse-Than-Expected Retail Sales and Trade Data Should Dampen 4th-Quarter GDP Growth Outlook 

What Mr. Williams reports is more in line with the average individual’s everyday experiences. Nobody’s ’bullshit alarm’ goes off when he tells us what we already know, taken as a whole, retail is down because people don’t have the money.

The boss decided to pay himself instead of paying the help, and the world is falling into its own cesspool because of it.

But for some bizarre reason, the corporate owned media doesn’t think you’re interested in learning this…

Or, shall we say, they report this all right but they don’t explain the implications in a way that the average individual will understand what is going on.

How ‘bad’ is this pay yourself first situation becoming?

Ilargi: Obviously, the two groups, those that take out loanshark payday loans to keep a roof over their head, and those that live paycheck to paycheck, overlap each other to a large extent.

Still, what makes it striking is the sheer number of people affected. One million people need emergency loans to keep their families in their homes, while six million households have nothing whatsoever saved for a rainy day.

If we put the average household size at 2.5 people, that means that, out of 60 million living in Britain, 2.5 million are on the verge of losing their homes, and 15 million, or 25% of the population, risk having to cut on their basic needs, food and heating, if they hit even the slightest speedbump.

My head spins somewhat when I try to reconcile this sort of loutish behavior and the admonishment that we must begin to make more concerted efforts in ‘good citizenship’ if we are to turn around the ‘moral decay’ that is destroying our civilization.

Does bonehead think they will stop if we ‘ask then nicely?’ (not Ilargi, some gemoke over on Jesse’s CafĂ© American!)

It staggers the mind to see someone accurately zero in on precisely what is wrong, then propose something totally impractical as a solution!

Nothing is going to change until some necks start getting stretched…and if they start stretching the wrong necks, it will be war.

Which is not to even remotely suggest that the guilty will go ‘quietly’.

But if the public perceives that, er, ‘underlings’ are being thrown under the bus in order to placate them…nobody is going to sit still for an obviously ‘superficial fix’.

Especially when nothing changes after the bloodbath.

And that’s the big danger, good citizen. They make a big production out of rounding up the ‘enemies of the state’, execute them and then claim it’s all over!

Which is to point out that it is a two part process, and the first step is to throw out the old process/system…completely.

Then you hunt down the guilty and bring them to Justice…

It is already obvious to us all that there can be no Justice under the old corrupt system.

So if they decide the round up comes first, watch out!

It’s just the criminals trying to cover their tracks.

And no good can come out of that.

I’m going to guess the Brit’s are not able to ‘live free’ like we Americans do and property laws vary considerably from place to place…because the last thing I’d do is take out a ‘payday loan’ to make the mortgage!

I have heard that throughout the Eurozone, property ownership isn’t as widespread as it is here in the US…so the dynamics of a society of renters would be considerably different than they would be for a society of owners…

Even foggier, it appears the global banking system got in trouble buying ‘collateralized’ US mortgage debt.

The ‘re-fi/heloc’ bonanza was, er, ‘restricted’ to the US housing markets.

Because…as I heard it, real estate is too expensive in Europe. Only a handful of people ‘own’, the rest ‘rent’…

Which would create an entirely different dynamic than we have here in the US.

Although the ‘big picture’ doesn’t change, the collapse of either will lead to the collapse of the whole shebang!

Because money is first and foremost…an ‘idea’.

An idea that most of us DON’T agree about…making the whole situation more than a little tenuous…

That said, thanks for letting me inside your head,


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