Monday, January 2, 2012

Cyanamid Rain

Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to ‘the beginning of the end’ if you make any connection to the Mayan calendar thingy…

I’m probably being ‘picky’ when I note that our solar system’s ‘orbit’ around the Milky Way takes roughly a quarter of a million* years so their 5,000 year start to finish appears to be a bit ‘off’.

I appreciate much of the data was destroyed before it could be studied, there may be another reason why the Mayan’s believe you won’t need the last fortnight of this years calendar.


While definitely not being a member of the ‘serious people’s club’ (better known as the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind club!) we have , er, bigger problems to contend with.

Once again, today’s offering only touches the edge of today’s topic

When those at the top of the corporate pyramid are this tone-deaf and lacking in any sense of public responsibility, we are in treacherous waters.

“The biggest danger to America is that the people in the financial sector and corporate leadership convey no awareness of what is needed to create a coherent and prosperous society,” economist Rob Johnson, head of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, told AlterNet. “Leadership is not simply about how much money one makes.”

Many dollars. Very little sense. Ultimately, hoarding everything at the top is not sustainable, and bankers like Dimon will end up destroying the very society that makes their enormous wealth possible. If we let them.

To-wit: The Masters of the Universe know we are powerless to stop them from, er, ‘robbing us back to the stone age’…nobody is debating this…WHOEVER, they depend upon the existence/enforcement of certain, er, ‘standards of behavior’ as much as we do.

So why are these retards ‘pretending’ that their double standard will hold?

They KNOW it won’t!

Um, and it is foolish to think that they ‘don’t care’. Stealing as much as they have stolen is completely pointless if they end up incapable of holding onto it!

Thus do I keep encountering rather disturbing theories about what they’re up to and why…

I am still of the opinion that (in the US) the current form of government will, er, ‘collapse’ (the ‘pressure’ to bring criminals to justice will become too intense and the corruption is so pervasive that there will be a defacto ‘coup’ [likely military] to, er, ‘maintain order’.)

No one will be surprised to see that the key figures will remain unchanged…(and predominantly conservative…which will make beaucoup trouble for their, er, ‘supporters’.)

It remains to be seen if this coup is pulled off by the military acting, er, ‘independently’ or if it will be a ‘reaction’ to a Conservative ‘walk-out’.

And as we have seen recently, I highly doubt the military will assume control to, er, ‘uphold’ the Constitution’.

(Most conservatives would like to use the Constitution for toilet paper!)

But I digress!

I am not saying we will see this during the course of this year (but it wouldn’t surprise me.) I bring it up because that is the direction things seem to be going in…and the traitors among us are suddenly anxious to, er, ‘cover their asses’.

If they don’t pull off a major shift in the status quo they WILL be prosecuted for their crimes…and, as irrational as it may sound, some have been ‘promised’ that they will not stand trial.

Now who could/would promise anyone (in a free society) ‘exemption from prosecution’?

Wouldn’t that person have to be ‘king’ to pull that one off?

Which is to opine that the, er, ‘game’ these assholes are playing has been carried more than a bit too far!

Oh well, the damage is done.

All that remains will be implementing a system that will prevent this sort of thing from happening again in 50 years!

This is why I favor the ‘elimination’ of legislators. The ability to alter (never mind make up as you go along) the nation’s laws is more dangerous to the individual’s freedom than Cyanamid rain (otherwise known as superglue.)

You are instantly ‘stuck’ with whatever the despot dreams up, despite their, er, ‘good intentions’.

(I never said I was any good at whipping up analogies on a moments notice…good thing part of my, er, ‘purpose’ here is to provide the occasional grin or two!)

Even if my sense of humor is somewhat twisted…

So, it’s the ‘beginning of the end’ (even if you aren’t a Mayan!)

I don’t expect it to be a ‘Happy’ New Year in the traditional sense by any stretch of the imagination…although we can ‘take heart’ once the death spiral has been arrested!

But we’re still left with the question of ‘when’?

Until that answer makes itself apparent…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Under the ever so awkward 'this is embarrassing' category I had previously misstated the time it takes the solar system to orbit the galactic center by an order of magnitude.

How ironic that on the very day I misstate such a thing the actual number is broadcast on the Science channel that very same night!

Unfortunately for us all my staff is too lazy to fact check what it thinks it already knows...I stand abashed.

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