Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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What a day, my ‘homepage’ is crowing about how stocks are experiencing their best January ever…but apparently they aren’t talking about today, specifically.

Because today stocks are where they were yesterday, in the dumper.

But that’s not the half of it according to Mr. Williams:

No. 414: Hyperinflation Special Report 2012 January 25th, 2012

U.S. Hyperinflationary Great Depression Moves Ever Closer

U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve Effectively Have Destroyed Global Confidence in the U.S. Dollar

Systemic-Solvency and Economic Crises Have Not Abated

Precursors to Ultimate Dollar Disaster Are in Place;

2014 Remains the Outside Timing for Same MORE… 

Makes you want to subscribe, don’t it?

Isn’t that paragraph dire enough? What is Mr. Williams suggesting by adding ‘more’ to the end of that?

With every (Libertarian Idiot) out there screaming about ‘deflation’ why is the righteous Mr. Williams still calling for ‘hyper-inflation’?

The answer to that question rests with the question of how do you ‘keep the peace’ after you’ve irreparably broken the economy?

And that answer is ‘print baby, print!’

And not just greenbacks! We’re talking the whole shebang here, food stamps, unemployment checks and operating expenses for the national educational system.

‘Drop’ any one of those balls and the very next day you will have BLOOD IN THE STREETS!

You’ll KNOW things have gone to hell when there’s a tank idling in your driveway…but not to worry, Punky won’t be there long once he figures out nobody is protecting HIS wife and kids and she’s panicking because there’s a riot going on in front of their house! (and the cops aren’t responding…because their paychecks bounced, you know the rest.)

Punky already knows what his ‘weekend warrior’ CO will tell him if he requests permission to go home and save his wife and kids…so he has to make an ‘executive decision’ on his own…and what the hell, they gave him a tank to baby sit…come in right handy during a riot, wouldn’t it?

Of course, no self-respecting commander would permit his troops to have personal cell phones in their possession during such a critical deployment, that’s why you know what’s going on, Punky used YOUR phone to call home!

He may or may not have hung up when he found out what was going on ‘back at the ranch’…

Probably not, just beat feet out the door, gunned the engine on the tank and tore up your front lawn as he headed down your street towards his house (in another part of the state!)

If not another state altogether, opinions vary as to how ‘smart’ the people leading such an event would be…the consensus is ‘not particularly’.

Unless they laid it out ahead of time, starving certain states while ‘feeding others’ so the local guard could be called up to assist a neighboring state before that state was flushed down the toilet.

Least that’s how I’d do it if I was presented with the task…After half of the states were secure under martial law you could seize the rest without too much force/fight.

California and, ironically (Super Bowl host) Illinois are both riding the razor’s edge of insolvency, both having had their tax bases gutted by thirty years of Republican/ Libertarian rule.

(Which would be to suggest that both states have already been ‘targeted’ for what my be best described as a ‘controlled collapse’.)

But, I digress…

The critical thing Mr. Williams points out is “Precursors to Ultimate Dollar Disaster Are in Place” which is to say the ‘groundwork has already been laid’.

If that doesn’t spell ‘deliberate’ then I don’t know what does!

Have I mentioned that our society is/has been extremely ‘mismanaged’?

Only once or twice, eh? I think you need to catch up on your reading!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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