Sunday, January 1, 2012

Me First!

Happy New Years, good citizen!

Does it piss you off that the crooked bastards running this recycled manure operation are already pretending that the ‘turning of the page’ is all it’s going to take to put everything right?

How disturbing is it good citizen that that nothing (of substance) has changed?


A Year of Me-Firsts, and of Lessons Relearned


Published: December 31, 2011

LIVE and learn. And well we should, given that 2011 was packed with teachable moments.

Some of this stuff we already knew. Like the fact that banks love the perks that come with being too big to fail. They will lobby shamelessly to hang on to their riskiest businesses and stay perilously large. No surprise, really. A heads-we-win, tails-the-taxpayers-lose model has a lot going for it, at least for executives atop these institutions.

Here’s another lesson we didn’t need to relearn: Penalties levied on corporate miscreants, and the legal bills they rack up defending themselves, never come out of their own pockets. Insurance policies and shareholders wind up paying.

Another win for the me-firsters.

While Ms. Morgenson’s first shot lands smack between their eyes, her remaining shots also hit their mark…leaving one that much more galled over our collective inability to do anything about it.

If it’s this easy to dig up the evidence, then why is nobody being prosecuted?

Understand good citizen, as far as the one percent is concerned, we’re all ‘slackers’.

‘Overzealous’ law enforcement is a two-edged sword. The tendency is for it to catch the honest players in the gray areas so that the process is halted…er, ‘prematurely’.

But we aren’t talking ‘one time’ offenders here…and it is these ‘serial criminals’ who are behind throwing the prosecutors under the bus!

Weird how the guilty escape prosecution by calling the search for justice a ‘witch hunt’.

This is why it is imperative that we alter the game itself so the guilty get theirs regardless.

Like the outlaws all know, there are some things ‘worse than death.’

Take watching your hard won spoils literally ‘evaporate’ before your eyes and being powerless to stop it for example!

Who said the payback ain’t a bitch!

Let ‘em call their high priced political operatives; they’re all ‘unemployed’ (and likely facing the gallows to boot!) Let’ em call the (now defunct) law firms (who engineered this whole fiasco)…the silence will be deafening!

Which is to admit right up front that it is indeed ‘unlikely’ we will succeed in prosecuting all of the guilty parties involved…but we can say with a high degree of confidence that they will ALL be put ‘out of business’!

AND, we can also say with an equally high degree of confidence that those who slipped the hangman’s noose WILL find themselves EXILED in short order.

They’re obsessive compulsive, they literally can’t help themselves…but, ironically, society’s new reply to this is lifted directly from the Capitalist playbook…

“If you can’t play by the rules it’s not our problem, it’s YOURS!

How close are we to righteous retribution? good citizen?

Er, this COULD BE a ‘massive coincidence’…but the timing was ‘impeccable’!

January 01, 2012 — PERU, Ill. (AP) — A large fire broke out at a massive former Peru clock factory as revelers were ringing in the new year, drawing firefighters from surrounding northern Illinois communities to help out and leading to the mandatory evacuation of residents from nearby homes early Sunday.

The fire at the former Westclox clock complex, a city landmark that covers a two-by-four-block stretch of downtown Peru and encompasses several buildings, including some converted into working shops and businesses, began around the time people began counting down the seconds to 2012, Gary Eccles, an engineer with the city's fire department, told The Associated Press. [snip]

The National Park Service in 2007 deemed the building eligible for the National Registry of Historic Places "because of its significant contributions to the social and economic development of Peru and the nation," the newspaper reported.

Um, one can only wonder about the ‘effectiveness’ of burning down facilities in the middle of the economic desert that nobody gives a shit about.

But it does produce a ‘headache’ for an insurance company somewhere…and if they keep burning (and I’m predicting they will, just as the ‘car fires’ across Los Angeles will, er, ‘graduate’ to more ‘property damage intensive’ items.)

And I’m clear on the other side of the country…just saying, ya know?

Of course, there’s a rather fine line between ‘predicting’ and ‘enciting’

What I’m calling predicting is someone else’s idea of ‘advocating’…thus are we once again bitten by that gnarly beast known as ‘the imprecision of human speech.’

That said, I’ll shut up and wish you success in the New Year, regardless of what ‘yardstick’ you use to measure it!

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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