Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facts not in evidence...

Greetings good citizen,

Seems as though the stock markets are being ‘juiced’ again for the upcoming elections…left to our imagination is whether or not the artificial high is being created so it can collapse dramatically a month or so before the election…

Although how that will help any of the specific bozo’s running against the incumbent remains a mystery.

Perhaps it isn’t intended to aid a particular candidate but intended to foster an ‘Anybody but him’ environment…

With that lens in our trusty kaleidoscope, let us have a gander at today’s offering

Another Day of Surreality on Wall Street

OK, let's try and put this into terms that a fifth-grader (or even a Wall Street MBA) might understand.

If the economy is recovering -- or even close to doing so -- why is the Federal Reserve maintaining that short-term interest rates will remain "exceptionally low" until late-2014 -- that is, below the levels that prevailed at the beginning (or even the middle) of every single recovery in the post-war era, as well as below their multi-decade median of five percent?

Why are investors piling into stocks and growing increasingly bullish at a time when the Fed has essentially confirmed that their optimistic assumptions about the economy are not in synch with reality?

If, as Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke says, there is still "enormous" negative equity in U.S. housing and, as U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner says, "housing finance is still a mess," why did homebuilding stocks today rally more than twice as much as the overall market, and why have they gained nearly 90 percent since October?

I can repeat ‘our financial system is completely broken’ a billion times but if nobody listens…oh fucking well!

Which begs the opposite question, good citizen…what the (F) would you do if the corporate owned media did announce, without elaboration, that our financial system had ‘collapsed’?

Let’s suppose we went a teensy bit further and added that our money (the US dollar) had been stripped of its ‘reserve currency’ status and had been ‘devalued’ by a factor of a thousand (making every existing dollar worth a tenth of a single cent.)

How ‘fucked’ would you be then?

Which is to ask what would your bank balance look like if you shifted the decimal point four places to the left?

Don’t shake your head in disbelief, they knocked 13 zeroes out of Argentina’s monetary base…and we’re only talking four here!

The part that will gnaw on your ass is you didn’t see any four decimal place jump in your standard of living…how the fuck did they settle on four?

Look no further than the (good for nothing) stock markets!

Or would it be more accurate to say the ‘delusionally priced’ stock market?

It is not a ‘coincidence’ that the nations that are in the deepest financial difficulty also have stock valuations that are totally out of whack with reality.

But this is a ‘contrived’ situation, we’re all being ‘gamed’…(although no one is going to find the end result the least bit amusing. I’m sticking to my guns, the bastards are trying to get the herd to thin itself!)

But repeating “the bastards are trying to kill ‘you’” won’t register any better than belaboring the obvious and reminding you constantly that ‘we’re broke’ does…(or doesn’t as the case may be.)

Um, it is also useless to point out that security at Davos is ‘insane’, reflecting how paranoid the ‘silver spoon toting class’ has become…

Not that this actually matters, I strongly suspect the people responsible for the current ‘brink of collapse’ situation have seldom, if ever, ‘bothered’ with Davos (such pandering is beneath them.)

They’d no sooner ‘beg for their lives’ than they’d spare yours!

Which is to say they will not ask for mercy because they will not show any.

Winner take all, straight up!

The word ‘compromise’ (or ‘surrender’ or ‘lose’ for that matter!) isn’t in their dictionary…how sad is it good citizen that these people also ‘believe’ ‘the law’ is whatever they say it is, at the moment they say it.

Their law is for you, not for them!

But I digress (as usual.)

What I hope to impress upon you is that you are being ‘deceived’ (not that there is much you can actually do about it…legally) and to be/remain ‘on guard’.

While the current ‘uncertainty’ is nerve-wracking, your future survival depends on your ability to ‘shrug’ this sort of nonsense off.

It is also important to stress that those of you who are NOT killed outright in the initial chaos (of collapse) will be enslaved (and die under inhumane conditions imposed on you by your so called ‘protectors’.)

You are better off banding together with your neighbors and pooling your meager resources than reporting to an official ‘Aid Station’.

They will become known as the ‘concentration camps’ of the 21st century.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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